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  1. From Katy area it's about a 2 hour 40 minute drive.
  2. Durbs


    I think it's fair to say that we live in a society that is extremely preoccupied with the concept of "success." We strive for success, we dream of success, we read books that promise surefire formulas for success. We praise, admire, and sometimes even fawn over the success of others. Sometimes we secretly, or not so secretly, envy and begrudge it as well. We seem to believe that success necessarily implies happiness and fulfillment, and that lack of success can only breed frustration and gloom. But here's a question: For all our preoccupation with "success," how clear are we as to what we mean by the word? In my own view, "success" should be defined with reference to the substance of a person's achievement. What is someone actually accomplishing? Is she helping others? Is he living up to his own unique potential? Is there passion and originality in her approach to life and work? Is there fundamental value in what he's trying to achieve? Sadly, however, my impression is that substance has little to do with our concept of success these days. Rather than focusing on the essence of an enterprise or a career, we focus only on the reward it brings—generally as measured in dollars. To put it another way, we seem to focus on the payoff rather than the process; and this misplacement of emphasis devalues the whole notion of what "success" really means. As it is commonly used, in fact, the word "successful" has become little more than a coded synonym for "well-paid." Think about it. In many social situations, it would be considered crass to speak of someone as "a surgeon who makes a lot of money" or "an executive who's paid a ton of dough." Generally speaking, though, when people refer to someone as "successful," isn't that what they're really saying? Now, far be it from me to say that there's anything wrong with making money; that's not my point here at all. What I am saying, however, is that money should be seen as a spin-off of success, a side effect, and not the measure of success itself. True success comes from within. It is a function of who we are and what we do. It emerges from the mysterious chemistry of our abilities and passion and hard work and commitment. True success is something we earn privately and whose value we determine for ourselves. The outside world can reward us with money, but it cannot anoint us with this deeper and more personal kind of success. On the other hand, neither can the outside world take away the success that we've earned in our inmost hearts. And this has enormous implications of a very practical kind. Anyone who's had his eyes open in recent years will have noticed that our economic system can be fickle, to say the least. A career that is rewarded one month is punished the next. An investment banker is showered with bonuses one year, then suddenly unemployed. An executive is seen as being on a fast track . . . until her firm goes belly-up. What happens to the "success" those people enjoyed when things were going better? Does the success vanish as soon as the money spigot is turned off? If it can be undone so abruptly, how solid could it have been in the first place? Is it possible that maybe it was illusory all along? If we were only talking about money here, these questions would not be so important. But in fact we're talking about the much more intimate and crucial things that are tied in with our definitions of success—things like self-respect and confidence and peace of mind. If someone's self-respect is proportional to the size of her paycheck, what does she think of herself if the paycheck shrinks or disappears? If someone's confidence is based on the next raise or the next promotion, how does he feel when his progress is stymied? And why should any of us entrust the outside world, fickle and uncontrollable as it is, to tell us not just what our income will be, but what we are actually worth? The bottom line, I believe, is that the blind acceptance of a money-based definition of success is just way too risky a proposition. Even leaving aside the intellectual and spiritual imperatives to find a more robust and personal definition of success and meaning, simple prudence should steer us away from measuring our worth by what others will pay us. It is both lazy and dangerous to leave it to our bank statement to tell us how we're doing in our lives.
  3. 77079 is Katy area outside of Beltway 8, a very congested area and a night mare with traffic although the I-10 has been upgraded to about a 16 lane highway there is a huge amount of people living in this area. Also called the Energy corridor of the oil industry in Houston. Cinco Ranch is a little further out and worth a look at, Memorial drive runs through this area and is expensive (housing). Leibman's Fine Wines and Food (SA owned deli) is on Memorial drive. The Texas Potjie Festival is held every Labor Day (1st weekend in September) in Rusk Texas, attended by 700 plus South Africans check out there web-site for more info Texas Potjie Festival Out in the 77379 area off of Louetta Road is a South African/America restaurant called Peli Peli, worth a visit.
  4. I am the shadow of the smoke in your eyes, I'm the ghost that comes in the night.

  5. I have no inclination of going back, there is no way that you can convince me that there are more job opportunities in SA compared to the USA. Last year 2010 was the best financial year I have had since arriving here in 1996 and this year has started off even better. I have already qualified for my elite status with Continental airlines, visited Brazil, purchased a new vehicle, have a planned vacation in August, another vacation next year in Indonesia paid for and starting renovations to the back of my house next weekend. Why the hell would I want to return to SA that I know is different to the one I left in 1996? The job market has improved drastically and stocks have recovered the losses and moved into a field that previously I had not entered. Those who think of the past live in the past. Yes I still have family in SA and kept abreast of the daily on goings, another point the concerts here can not be matched in SA. Oh and Houston has the Potjie festival, the best gathering of Saffer's outside of SA.
  6. Bobby Naidoo, from Durbs, applies for a job as a salesman in a hyper store in Vrede in the Vrystaat. The manager says: "Do you have any sales experience?" Bobby says: "S'true my larnie, I was a salesman back in Grey Street , Durban 'n all." Well, the boss liked this Indian boytjie so he gave him the job. "You start tomorrow. I'll come down after we close and see how you did." His first day on the job was rough but he got through it. After the store was locked up, the boss came down. "How many sales did you make today?" Bobby says: "Larnie, Just ONE sale 'n all." The boss says: "Just one? No! No! No! You see here our sales people average 20 or 30 sales a day. If you want to keep this job, you'll have to do better than just one sale. By the way, how much was the sale for?" Bobby says: " R1,401,237.64" Boss says: "Bliksem..........R1,401,237.64?, what the hell did you sell him?" Bobby stutters: "Sir, Larnie, Boss man, first I sell him the small fishhook. Then I sell him the medium fish hook. Then I sell him the large fish hook. Then I sell him a new fishing rod and some fishing gear n'all. Then I ask him where he's going fishing and he tunes down on the coast, so I'm tuning him he'll be needing a boat n'all in the Indian Ocean cause I'm Indian and I'm knowing this, so we trapped down to the boating department and I sell him a twin-engine, ocean-going craft. Then he said he didn't think his Ford Bantam would pull it and I'm saying true n'all, so I took him down to our jammy automotive department and sell him that 4X4 Hilux double-cab with a canopy n'all, mylLarnie. I then ask him where he'll be staying n'all, and since he has no possi to kip, I took him to camping department and sell him one of those new igloo 6 sleeper camper tents. Then the guy said, while we're at it, I should throw in about a R1000 worth of groceries and two cases of beer and I'm scheming that's lekka n'all and I gave him discount................" The boss says: "You're not serious? A guy came in here to buy a fish hook and you sold him a boat, a 4X4 truck and a tent?" Bobby tunes: "Nooit larnie, actually he came in to buy a box of Tampon's for his wife, and I'm tuning him: "Well, since your weekends ruined n'all, you might just as well go fishing!"
  7. Chicken? Who's chicken? John how about switching things up a bit and making the Main Category more challenging like pumpkin or fish? Perhaps not as tasty as Ox-tail or Lamb but people will have to come up with some creative receipts to cook pumpkin or fish in a traditional potjie. I'm aware that there's an Open category but lets make the Main category challenging and let the cream rise to the top. I would like to see Nando's sponsor a separate category using there sauces with a handsome Nando's prize to the winner. Just some suggestions.
  8. Durbs

    Cricket Wc 2011

    South Africa v West Indies South Africa win by seven wickets: Very, very impressive victory for South Africa who have shown they are major contenders for this title. Tahir was superb with the ball, De Villiers magnificent with the bat and with plenty of others playing handy support roles. 223/3 after 42.5 - South Africa Toss: South Africa won the toss and opted to bowl first Venue: Feroz Shah Kotla - Delhi World Cup, Group B South Africa - 1st Innings Batting Batsman How Out Runs Balls Hashim Amla c Thomas b Roach 14 15 Graeme Smith b Pollard 45 78 Jacques Kallis c Sammy b Benn 4 7 AB de Villiers not out 107 105 JP Duminy not out 42 53 Extras 10lb 1nb Total (42.5 overs) 223/3 West Indies Bowling Overs Mdns Runs Wkts Sulieman Benn 10 0 51 1 Kemar Roach 8 0 42 1 Dwayne Bravo 2.1 0 12 0 Darren Sammy 8 0 40 0 Kieron Pollard 7.5 0 37 1 Chris Gayle 6 0 26 0 Devon Smith 0.5 0 5 0 FOW: 15/1 (Amla), 20/2 (Kallis), 139/3 (Smith), West Indies - 1st Innings Batting Batsman How Out Runs Balls Chris Gayle c Kallis b Botha 2 2 Devon Smith c and b Tahir 36 57 Darren Bravo lbw Botha 74 82 Ramnaresh Sarwan lbw Tahir 2 10 Shivnarine Chanderpaul c Peterson b Tahir 31 51 Dwayne Bravo run out M Morkel 40 37 Devon Thomas c Duminy b Tahir 15 26 Kieron Pollard lbw Steyn 0 1 Darren Sammy lbw Steyn 0 4 Sulieman Benn c M Morkel b Steyn 6 8 Kemar Roach not out 2 6 Extras 11wd 3lb 1b Total (47.3 overs) 222 all out South Africa Bowling Overs Mdns Runs Wkts Johan Botha 9 0 48 2 Dale Steyn 7.3 1 24 3 Morne Morkel 8 0 35 0 Jacques Kallis 3 0 21 0 Imran Tahir 10 1 41 4 Robin Peterson 10 0 49 0
  9. Yeah I was looking forward to braaing again; nothing beats a boerie sizzling on the braai. I'm hoping to be at next years potjie, plans at the moment are to be in Indonesia during the latter part of August 2012 which I'm afraid is to close to the Potjie date, we will see.
  10. Unfortunately I will not attend this years Potjie, an event that we look forward to every year, I will on vacation at the time soaking up the sun in sunny Florida. Bubba I was looking forward to you tasting my boeroworse, prehaps next year, however I hope you still make it to the Potjie this year, you will not be sorry.
  11. As C185 mentioned above, it a computer or written test of your choice, followed by a 10 minute practical test. Parallel parking is what catches most as in the USA there is not much parallel parking needed. Check this site out TX_DPS
  12. No. 5: Sacramento, Calif. No state taxes $50,000 of income like California, with a rate of 9.55% for that middle-class tax bracket. Sacramento is a one-team sports town, and that team has been awful in recent years. The NBA's Kings have won just 26% of their games the past two-plus seasons. No. 4: Modesto, Calif. The median home was valued at $275,000 in 2006; today it is $95,000. And don't leave your car on the street in Modesto, where 3,712 vehicles were stolen in 2009, making for the second-highest auto theft rate in the country. It ranked first in four of the previous five years. No. 3: Merced, Calif. The economic downturn and busted housing market hit Merced harder than any other area in the country. Average unemployment of 16.2% since 2008 is the highest in the U.S., as is the city's 64% drop in median home prices. No. 2: Miami, Fla. The sun and lack of a state income tax are the only things keeping Miami out of the top spot. Foreclosures hit one in 14 homes last year. Corruption is also off the charts, with 404 government officials convicted of crimes this decade in South Florida. No. 1: Stockton, Calif. Unemployment has averaged 14.3% the past three years, which is third worst in the country among the 200 largest metro areas. The housing market collapsed as well, with home prices down 58% over the same time. All the California cities on the list are struggling with the inherent problems the state is facing, including high sales and income taxes and service cuts to help close massive budget shortfalls.
  13. Durbs

    Food From Sa

    What does FTW mean? The acronym FTW became famous primarily because of the bike and motorcycle forums. In a number of on-line gaming forums, you will notice that this acronym is used quite frequently. Well! FTW now stands for "FOR THE WIN". It is an Internet way of expressing enthusiasm. FTW is often used as a rallying cry while playing on-line computer games, such as, ‘World of Warcraft’. Previously, FTW had an obscene meaning, however, the internet era gives a new meaning the the word. FTW implies the same as ‘This is the best’, ‘It cannot get better than this’, ‘This item will make a big difference, I recommend using it’. However, the FTW acronym is now used widely in almost all areas, including food and diet. An example of it would be ‘low card diet, FTW’. FTW also provides applause for a process which was completed in a successful manner. FTW in modern times originated from Hollywood game show ‘Squares’. In this TV game show, the result of a player's response is expected to win the game. What FTW meant Previously? The FTW meaning in olden days had a negative and obscene context to it. It was often used by rebels, anti-authoritarians and anarchists to express their frustration about the system. However, now the acronym FTW, stands for 'For the Win' and the previous connotation has totally faded almost into oblivion. What Else Can FTW Mean? Now comes the question, what does FTW stand for other than For the Win? Here is the list of what FTW can stand for. •Family Tree Maker data files have the extension FTW. •F.T.W, this was a name of a film released in 1994, about an ex-con, who was a rodeo rider. •Fort Wayne, this is a city located in northeastern Indiana. •The IATA code for the Fort Worth Meacham International Airport is FTW. I hope with this article the question ‘what does FTW mean’ has been answered. Hey, just before I close the antonym of FTW is FTL. FTL stands for opposite of what FTW means. I am just playing with words. FTL stands for 'For the Loss'.
  14. Well there's 8 months to start preparing, I promise you this is an event not to be missed. Basically all you need is a tent and sleeping equipment.
  15. Get your camping gear ready and we will finalize plans closer to the time.
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