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  1. larryG


    Hi Erebus and welcome, I live in Decatur, it is about an hours drive North of Birmingham. There are a few of us in North Alabama and most live in Huntsville. So you are not alone in Alabama. So how about a braai? Larryg
  2. Of course, someone has to blame it on rightwingers linked to the former apartheid government safrica_violence_dc_29
  3. do you think these attacks will start happening to tourists and not just to the immigrants?
  4. I hope it goes well for all of you! Good Luck
  5. Do you have any photo's?
  6. I am looking for a spit Braai large enough to do a whole sheep. I prefer it to be gas, but charcoal will work. Does anyone know where i can find this in the USA? I have seen one here before but i never enquired about it. I know that I could get one from South Africa, but I really dont want to pay that much shipping. Can anyone help me? Thanks much!
  7. The process is 100% over. I recieved my U.S passport in the mail yesterday!
  8. I called the SA consulate in Washington DC this morning and I was told the following; Since I did not apply for dual citizenship through SA prior to becoming an American Citizen then I do not qualify for dual citizenship at this time. Since I was born in South Africa they cannot take my citizenship away, however my status has been changed to a "permanent resident green card holder". The only way to gain my SA citizenship is to move permanently back to SA and be naturalized there. I also do not qualify to renew my SA passport, or so they say (this doesn’t bother me anyway). I was advised by the consulate to travel to SA on my US passport and when I am questioned at customs I am to tell them that I had denounced my citizenship to SA when i became an American. The information i found out from the consulate conflicts with some of the information on the internet concerning this matter. So I guess they are just as confused as i am!? I hope this info helps someone else as well Cheers
  9. Now that I am an American citizen, should I travel to South Africa on my American passport? I really don’t want to renew my South African passport before I go back on holiday. Are there any repercussions from using my American passport? I am going to South Africa as an American tourist, not as a South African Citizen. Any recommendations or guidance?
  10. Thanks Jersey girl! and Congratulations!!!!!!! I am really happy for you and your family, its a wonderful feeling. I applied for my passport about 2 weeks ago and they told me that it would take between 4 and 6 weeks. I guess it varies from state to state. I am also looking forward to voting, the last time i voted was in 1998 back in RSA.
  11. larryG

    Citizen Larry

    Yes I am!!!!!!!! I have a whole new view of the world today. I have been an American for 24 hours and it is a great feeling! I appreciate all the congratulations that everyone has been giving me thus far. I wish everyone else the best of luck that is trying to get their citizenship! It was well worth it! P.S. It is snowing in North Alabama! LarryG
  12. I am a citizen! I went for my interview and test this morning not knowing that I can get sworn in on the same day. So after my interview she asked if I wanted to be sworn in later today and I said "oh yeah!!" I went to lunch with my wife and bought a camera (not knowing that we should've brought ours) and went back at 2. The ceremony was about an hour long and I was the only one there from SA. Glad it's all over!!! No more paper work or sending in crazy amonuts of $$. Finally, I'm American!!!!
  13. I got carried away and forgot to put down the most important day of all. Interview date: January 15 in Atlanta
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