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  1. boer

    Biltong Imports

    Here is a good video if you would like to make Biltong and build your own biltong case. http://www.thezashow.com/?p=213
  2. When: Friday, 22nd September 2006 - arrive around 6:30 pm - 7:00 pm Where: Serenity Garden Teahouse - 316 Valette Way, West Palm Beach, Florida Dress: Smart-Casual RSVP: By 9/18/06 please! by replying to this email (boerdogter[at]boerseun.com) or by calling Veronica at 561-317-3934 Menu (more details later), but be sure there will be some SA themed food. Will consist of an appetizer, dinner, glass of wine and dessert. Price: $22.95 per person (excl. tax & tip) Slegs 50 plekke beskikbaar / Only 50 seats available.
  3. I lived in Secunda for about 20 years... not much to do. - We used to go to Badplaas. About 2 hours from Secunda, or Pretoria. - The last time I was there they had a bowling alley, indoor cricket and some nice restaurants next to the stadium. - The Graceland place is the average hometown casino, with go carts and gambling of course, and a nice golf course. I think the main nightly activities are visitinig friends, drinking and stront praat. :-)
  4. boer


    There is always pregnancy or adoption? :-)
  5. boer


    We are the same Cazz, when we visit a place, we are thinking of how we can move there. :-) The last being Napa Valley, CA. I see what you are saying Vlakvark. You are correct, there is more stuff to do in Key West like the scooters and stuff. You see, when we go to the Keys, we go to relax and enjoy nature. Snorkel, boating etc, so we are looking for the relaxing experience. We go to Key West to go have some fun, but then go back to relax whereever we stay. If you are looking for stuff to do though, then Key West is the place to go in they Keys. I must also say that the last time we were in Key West was during Fantacy Fest... a mini Mardi Gras, so maybe that is why I compare it to New Orleans. It was also all the number of homeless people haning around perhaps, but it is still a "lekker kuierplek".
  6. boer


    Hey Vlakvark, Where else did you go in the Keys? We ussually stay around Marathon, and drive down to Key West. Key West reminds me of New Orleans. Dirty and touristy, where if you stay in the rest of the keys you get a feeling of being in the "Islands". Do you know where the Party place called "Holliday Isles" are? Well, they are going to close it and build Condos. That seems to be the trend all over Florida. It is a shame, because the Keys are really the only place you can still find "old South Florida", and now it's also disapearing. Are you still in Florida? Here are two Photo Albums of the keys: http://www.boerseun.com/coppermine/thumbnails.php?album=21 and http://www.boerseun.com/coppermine/thumbnails.php?album=34
  7. boer


    We are in West Palm Beach, but I've been to the "Pan handle" as they call that part of florida, and you are absolutely right, it is gorgeous. The sand is so white, and there are less tourists and snowbirds than down here in South Florida. Have you been down to the Florida Keys? You will love it down there, just don't go for the hype that you have to stay in Key West. That is the touristy part of the Keys.
  8. boer

    Radio Stations

    Hi Bev. I don't know about Sarie, but I am listening to Raymond now Live on the uitsaaines. Try than one. Put this in your Windows player:
  9. boer

    Radio Stations

    Hi daar JustGekko. Ons sal bietjie vanaand luister.
  10. boer

    Interest rates

    Johan, my wife and I are both Realtors and I am also a Mortgage Broker. If you want to contact me with specific questions, I might be able to answer it for you. You can also check out our website at http://www.TeamBeukes.com My email: Johann[at]TeamBeukes.com
  11. If you don't know what a Podcast is, Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Podcast) have great information on it. Now if you have an MP3 player, or computer, you can listen to Afrikaans Podcast. You can find a list at http://www.Potgooi.net. If you want make your own, there is also a good website with a Afrikaans Potgooi series taking you step by step through the process. You can find it here: http://www.Potgooi.org There are also some other good ones I enjoy: This week in Tech, Security Now, Floss (Open source stuff) and more. Check out: http://www.TWIT.TV
  12. We've made this an yearly event, and it is a lot of fun for the kids and adults. Check out the website here: http://www.americangermanclub.org/ This year it is October 13, 14, 15 and 20, 21, 22. This "Original" Oktoberfest is one of the largest in the country! Held on ten acres of ground, under a new pavilion and massive tent. Bands from Germany, ethnic entertainment, authentic German food and imported German beer and wine along with arts and crafts, souvenirs and a carnival for kids and adults welcome 30.000 guests over two weekends.
  13. Number one: When we came to the USA (1996), the first thing we did was to get a secured credit card from a bank. Fortunately our bank did not have a problem back then giving us a credit card, but from what I've heard some banks will not longer issue credit cards, even secured if you don't have a green card. Anyway, we got the secured credit card and deposited $500 into an account with the bank in order to use $500 on the credit card. After paying off what we used every three months (that is the secret, not to pay it all off every month), we requested they gave us the $500 back which we had in deposit. They gave us $300 back and within about 12 months, we had nothing in security with the bank, and a $1500 limit on the card. Number two: After the first year, we went to the same bank and I spoke to the manager, who I've come to know well over the previous couple of months. I asked for a $1500 loan. She revied my income, payment history on my credit card and gave me the loan. I then took the $1500 and put it into a savings account at a different bank, making very little interest, and paying more interest on the loan that what I made... but that was not the goal. I established good credit with two banks now, and used the savings account money to pay the loan off every month on time. Again, the secret is to pay according to the terms of the loan so that they can report it to the credit unions. Number three: Buy property... I know, this requires some money, but once you have a year or two worth of credit, you will most likely qualify for a mortgage loan to buy land. There are cheap land all over the country, even here in Florida. Buy land, or if you can, buy a home. This is probably the number one way to build your credit. Things which will not help your credit. - Too many credit cards. - Paying off accounts too fast. Most of the time, credit over 6 months are considered by the agencies. - Cars and other items which depreciate in value. - Closing too many accounts. - Paying late of course, on anything Check out: http://www.TeamBeukes.com. There is information specific to Real Estate and Mortgages.
  14. boer

    How did you find us ?

    I actualy found the Australian Forum first and came here from there. What send me to the Australian forum was Phil Massyn from http://www.afrikaansinsydney.com on his Afrikaans Podcast (Potgooi) talking about the Australian Forum [at] http://www.saaustralia.org/
  15. boer

    Radio Stations

    Daar is ook Afrikaanse Internet Radio. Dins en Dond aande 8-9 EST vanaf Florida. Dit is 24 uur musiek, maar het verskillende tye lewendige uitsendings ook. Julle kan gaan kyk by www.Uitsaaines.com en die radio stroom is hier:
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