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  1. oscar

    Cape Town online

    Here is a link to a Cape Town online newspaper. The good news its Free. https://www.capetownetc.com/
  2. You live in a very blue state, so your vote wont make a difference. If you don't like the change you can always consider moving back to Orania
  3. South African Airways creditors have approved a restructuring plan today. At least with the rampant pandemic it will give them a few months to develop some new strategies. I hope this works for SAA! https://www.nasdaq.com/articles/south-african-airways-creditors-approve-restructuring-plan-2020-07-14
  4. Trump vowed yesterday to issue a new executive order on immigration. Appears this will deal with DACA (Dreamers) -Road to Citizenship - Ted Cruz has already said that Trump does not have the power to do this. Appears he also wants to tinker with some other issues. like the Diversity lottery and certain visa categories. Trump has largely shut down the issuance of green card visas and new work visas until January 2021 due to Covid -19 pandemic. The HIB visa program will also be restructured. As we are a few months away from the election in November, its all about winning votes. Lets see what happens in the next three to four weeks.
  5. Here is a update for American Jobless filings 49.8 Million Americans filed jobless claims in sixteen weeks. The airline industry is planning a major round of Layoffs and Furloughs at United Airlines, as they plan om laying off 45 % of their staff. This is only the start as other airlines are also planning job cuts from October 1
  6. United Airlines to lay off 45% of its staff (Approximately 36,000) after October 1, 2020. If business does not pick up drastically, as it hangs on to all time low amount of passengers, last year it was 75 % higher. So! not sure if this will affect their International Operations or the new direct flight to Cape Town. They are currently burning $40 million a day and only making around $14 million.
  7. Covid -19 Hospitalizations rise as the virus rebounds, the spread in the Southern states and West seems uncontrolled. More layoffs Likely as states see a spike in Covid 19 infections. 15 million jobs are still missing, and it's becoming clearer that some of what people had hoped were temporary lay offs have now turning into permanent Layoffs. The Washington Times estimate that it will take 10 years for the economy to recover. lets just hope that July 4 does not become another virus super spreader weekend!
  8. My sister went to the post office in South Africa to mail me a card. The response from the SA Post office is that they are not accepting any international mail. They will only be processing mail within South Africa.
  9. Australian borders may be closed until mid 2021 due to the Covid Pandemic.
  10. Covid -19 continues to ravage the economy. There has been 47.1 million jobless claims in the past 14 weeks. There was a staggering amount of new case reported yesterday. - 41 ,000 New cases of Covid- 19 reported yesterday, The highest numbers ever. Mostly affecting people under age 45. I see in Australia there is a run on the Supermarkets for toilet paper and paper towels again.... the shelves look ransacked. Finally here in New York cases have dropped off and more stores are opening.
  11. Dr. Fouche said on CCN yesterday that South Africa will be one of the countries to test the new covid -19 vaccine. https://news.yahoo.com/africa-start-africas-first-coronavirus-vaccine-pilot-134917634.html
  12. Hopefully we get a new President in January!
  13. All performances at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC and at the National Theater in DC have been cancelled until the spring of 2021 due to Covid 19
  14. Latest news on SAA'S bailout: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/south-african-airways-bailout-plans-emerge-from-private-investors/ar-BB15RO8F?ocid=msedgdhp
  15. Here is a link to a article on how one of the was Covid-19 got to California. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/airline-passengers-brought-covid-19-into-lax-in-march-and-no-one-warned-the-public/ar-BB15sAgT?ocid=msedgdhp Here in New York they have established through Contact tracing of Covid -19 patients, Most of the spread was caused by people riding on the underground Metro. In Beijing China there has been another flare up in a fish market, they found Covid- 19 on a Salmon chopping block in the fish market. So they have sent in the Army to close of a section of the city, and testing everyone.
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