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  1. As from 28 November 2018 there has been some changes on arrival with SA Customs. After you have collected your luggage from the carousel you then proceed to customs. When going through Customs all suitcases go through a X-Ray machine . This is causing in some instances long delays. Passengers are missing their connecting flights to other centers. On Friday last week there were a lot of disgruntled passengers trying to get through the process. also make sure you read the new information booklet from SARS : http://www.sars.gov.za/ClientSegments/Customs-Excise/Travellers/Pages/Arrival-in-SA.aspx http://www.sars.gov.za/AllDocs/OpsDocs/Guides/Customs-G001 - Travellers Guide new - External Guide.pdf although they say only some bags may be X-rayed they were making all passengers go through the X- ray process. With this new procedure, it appears when planning connecting flights from Johannesburg allow for extra time or take a later flight. The current 45 minute to 1 hour window period between flights looks like its going to be a challenge.
  2. oscar

    Passport Renewal

    Don't you guys have US Passports yet ? then you can do Europe without any problem.
  3. oscar

    Passport Renewal

    Well if you have a lot of $$$ take a quick 15 day trip to Cape Town and you can get it issued in two weeks. .... otherwise its a very long and painful wait. I'm speculating and hoping it arrives in January !
  4. oscar

    Passport Renewal

    Still waiting! application was submitted on September 1, 2018 it takes six months, so will probably receive it around March 2019
  5. oscar

    Passport Renewal

    Just an update on my passport renewal and application for a new computerized unabridged birth certificate. The Consulate called to say that my unabridged birth certificate has arrived - the process took 12 weeks, but that was expected. Still waiting for the passport to arrive possibly in January or February 2019. I was impressed that the SA Consulate had called to let me know about the unabridged Birth Certificate had arrived. Thank you guys!
  6. oscar

    California Road Trip

    When visiting Napa Valley you may want to consider staying in Calistoga is a small town outside Napa. There is also an APP you can get for your iPhone called "Napa Valley" to give you some ideas.
  7. oscar

    California Road Trip

    Napa Valley is a touch too far for a day trip you could do it from San Ramon but it will be tight. Its best to do it more leisurely and spend a night in the Napa area.
  8. oscar

    California Road Trip

    I just came back from a vacation to Vancouver, Seattle and Portland... Marijuana whiffs everywhere. Our friends in Portland actually have three big healthy marijuana plants growing in their garden. Legally they are allowed to grow 3-4 plants. Seattle has bad traffic as well. interestingly if you live in Washington state you only pay Federal tax but no state tax. Sales tax is 10% but a lot of People drive to Portland for monthly shopping to save on the sales tax
  9. oscar

    California Road Trip

    The hotel is close to a metro station it may not be the Bart train but there is train service to the city. Traffic to SF appears to always be congested especially peak hours.
  10. oscar

    California Road Trip

    Correction the Hotel is Hyatt House San Ramon , you get a room with double bed and a pull out sleeper couch. The room comes with a kitchen area, stove, fridge, microwave, cutlery pots and pans for a family of four. Also has a dishwasher. HYATT house San Ramon 2323 San Ramon Valley Blvd, San Ramon, CA 94583 US ReservationCounter.com: 844-372-5802
  11. oscar

    California Road Trip

    Walking across the Golden Gate Bridge is a fun activity, done it t four times. Suggest driving across the bridge and parking on the other side. There is a fairly large parking area and toilets. There is a few toll to be paid around that area cost around $30.00 car hire companies rub the charges in and there is no option of paying the toll in cash at the bridge. Hotels around Union Square can be expensive. Stayed at the Hilton using points had vey nice views of the City on the 39th floor some of rooms have balconies. We had marijuana aroma from a room below, so you cannot escape the marijuana fumes weather you are on fisherman's wharf or in your hotel room up in the clouds. Napa Valley ( wine route) is about 2.5 hours north of San Francisco is also an option, if you want to be adventurous. I have been to San Ramon for work a couple of times. The Hilton in San Ramon is often fully booked as people stay there and commute to San Francisco by car or Bart Metro. The metro is quicker as the 1.5 hour drive to SF can be very congested on weekends. In the summer the roads are very congested in and around the city and the roads to the beaches are a slow crawl on Sunday afternoons. Take a windbreaker it can suddenly get foggy and cold on the beach. Visit a marijuana shop just for the fun of it, you don't have to buy anything. All you need is a positive form of ID before they let you in the shop. There are all kinds of marijuana extract candy and balms / creams for arthritis and sleep, not to mention getting any type of Marijuana, Bubba Kush or any other variety is available from about $20.00 the candies are around $35.00. Just a word of caution don't take out of the state you are visiting. MJ is available in California, Washington and Oregon. Canada is going to legalize recreational MJ in the next few months. They only take cash an do not accept credit cards. I was amazed how busy these shops are and you may find yourself in a line of 15 people to get to the cash register.
  12. oscar

    Passport Renewal

    Did the passport renewal yesterday at the Consulate. it will take about six months to process. Interestingly speaking to the Consular officials they don't know why it takes so long as the diplomatic bag is sent to Pretoria every two weeks. Home Affairs is problem. Interestingly this affects our professional golf players and other sports professionals equally there is no way to speed up the process everyone is stuck in limbo.
  13. oscar

    Passport Renewal

    Thanks Malamute and RubyShoes, its such a slow process.
  14. oscar

    Passport Renewal

    Has anyone renewed their South African Passport Recently. I was advised by the SA Consulate that it takes six months to get a new one. They also sent me a Passport application as well as a new ID application which requires you to get all your fingerprints. They also require a copy of the letter you received when you applied for Dual Citizenship. its the Certificate of Exemption in terms of Section 6 (2) of the South African Citizen Act. The only problem is getting the forms fingerprinted and notarized. I called the police and they refuse to take your fingerprints, I also called a few places advertising that they do fingerprinting but its only electronic digital fingerprinting that cannot be transferred to the ID document and the passport application. So it looks like the only way to get this done is go to the SA Consulate. Has anyone had similar experience in getting fingerprinted and how long did the process take ?
  15. oscar

    Immigration Reform

    So far four immigration plans have fallen flat in Senate votes. The house is deeply divided on immigration on providing the dreamers with a path to citizenship.