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  1. Thanks Brit Simon! Interesting changes for DV lottery. Suggest anyone planning on entering this year apply for your SA passport as soon as possible. DV 2021 entry period is from the first week of October 2019 to the first week of November 2019.
  2. oscar


    Thanks, Adventurer, SJ272 and Malamute, We went up to Mystic CT for a overnight getaway. Mystic is an interesting town on the coast, lots of little shops and restaurants. Its where the movie Mystic Pizza was filmed. The traffic was heavy all the way. New York has a lot to see and do. We enjoyed hiring a boat in Central Park and rowing around in the lake. Management took us to Daniels Restaurant this was a really expensive place Dinner ran over $300.00 a person. Here is a link if you have a chunk of change to spare. https://www.danielnyc.com/about Interestingly we found out that most pharmacies do home deliveries in Manhattan unlike other states.
  3. oscar


    I got a nice promotion at work so we had to move to be in the Head Office in NYC. This also works out well with the kids going to College in the fall. We have a nice condo on the 15th floor .With pool and garden on 30th floor. Been here for three weeks, and becoming a real city slicker commuting on the bus and metro. The car is in the basement gathering dust.
  4. oscar


    You can get biltong, wors and even boerewors from https://www.ayoba-yo.com/ Their biltong is available in some whole foods stores and also on Amazon
  5. oscar


    Good luck with all the planning and packing, Just remember to Disclose rental income on your IRS Tax return. From the date of arrival in the US. Once you become a green card holder or US citizen all income received from anywhere in the world is taxable.
  6. oscar


    Congratulations Heidi waiting for the approval is the most exciting part of the process! This brought back memories from 14 years ago, nothing has really changed.
  7. oscar


    Yes that why a Residential address is so important it determines what school you can take your kids to school, Some people use the address of a relative or a rental property just to qualify for a better school. The only glitch is that the school will send all correspondence to that address including report cards.
  8. oscar


    It just depends where you happen to live. My friends are in Rockville, Maryland and they are considering home schooling as their son was being attacked in the Kindergarten. They are planning on selling their house so they can move to another area with different schools.
  9. oscar


    Day Care is expensive. https://www.care.com/c/stories/2423/how-much-does-child-care-cost/ Quite a few people I know send their kids to private schools and day care due to the bullying of children in pre school by Hispanic kids. Many schools admit illegals into the schools which is causing a problem as these kids are disruptive. Also kids in pre school are given " Shooter drills". School principals tend to do nothing when parents complain, so the trend is to sent kids to private schools if you can.
  10. Here is a fun activity to do in New York for exercise.. visit the Vessel its free but you have to book tickets. https://www.hudsonyardsnewyork.com/discover/vessel https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=hudson+yards+vessel&view=detail&mid=DCA9B995EC9B7ACA1372DCA9B995EC9B7ACA1372&FORM=VIRE For rooftop dining visit Serra on the roof (Not at same address ) its at 200 Fifth Avenue Floor 14 https://www.eataly.com/us_en/stores/nyc-flatiron/serra-by-birreria/
  11. Here is the link to the Non stop flight to Cape Town : https://www.cntraveler.com/story/united-returns-to-africa-with-a-direct-flight-to-cape-town Just a tip to passengers currently flying out of Johannesburg to USA - The only way to take water or sodas with you on the flight, is to purchase water at the Duty Free liquor store. The water and whatever else you buy is sealed in a plastic bag and delivered to your gate. Don't purchase any last minute water at the shops, as you will have to either drink it or throw it away at the Security Check at the gate.
  12. United Airlines plan on flying non stop from Newark Liberty International Airport (New York) to Cape Town from December 15, 2019. There will be three flights a week on a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft. Flying time 14 hours on the way to Cape Town and the return flight will take 16 hours due to headwinds. This is still to be approved by the US Department of Transportation. But great news, and a little competition for SAA
  13. oscar


    Thanks Malamute, I lost my login some time ago. I have reset it and can now view the full dashboard.
  14. oscar


    Good to know that the "informed delivery daily digest" does not end. It is the most useful email of the day ! Thanks SJ277 There is the rare day when we receive a image of a mail item that is supposed to be delivered and its not delivered. We then receive the mail a couple of days later. I assume the mailman put the item in the incorrect mailbox and then it was finally returned to us.
  15. oscar


    Regarding PO Box rental - If you are staying in the same town I think its unnecessary. Mail delivery is very good over here. Mail is delivered six days a week. (Mon - Saturday) Express packages are even delivered on Sundays .Amazon is always delivering 7 days a week. if you change address, you may do this a few times initially you can always have your mail forwarded to you to your new address for a period of six months for free. They even send (US Post office) you a email every morning before 8 :00am with a scanned copy of the mail you are about to receive that day. They usually scan about 5 letters as this system only has space for 5 items you may receive more mail items that has not been scanned. I have found this really helpful as you know what is coming for the day. This service was supposed to have stopped after 6 months but has been continuing for almost three years now. Renting a post box is not such a big deal over here. You can rent a post box inside a Postnet type store as well. Here in The US there are loads of boxes delivered to homes daily, we have had nothing stolen yet. But crime is on the increase especially in the big cities, so there is a chance of something being stolen, but not rampant theft. if you are going away for a few days or longer you can place a hold on your mail (done online) and they will deliver all your mail on the day you get back.
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