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  1. oscar


    I enjoyed this, nicely put together. Thanks for posting.😄
  2. oscar


    Talking about Hawaii A colleague of mine (He was the one that does not like the schools in his neighborhood) lived in Hawaii when his father was serving in the military many years ago. Well, he is contemplating moving to the Island of Molokai. He is taking two weeks vacation in September to look for a house or a smallholding. The first step is to take his laptop and see what it's like to work from there. Luckily as a work from home employee, he can do that. The cost of living is cheap on the island but there is not much there in the way of shopping or entertainment and very little in the way of medical doctors. There is a small hospital but for anything serious would have to go by ferry to Maui or Honolulu. He hopes to save money there.
  3. The DA is trying to improve the service to South Africans living abroad in getting a new passport quicker. Please sign the petition if you are interested. Here is the link https://petitions.da.org.za/p/capablehomeaffairsabroad
  4. oscar


    Well, they feel saying "going to the shops" Tends to sounds so British. Americans tend to be more specific and say " I'm going to Duane Reade to pick up a few things. ( Duane Reade is a pharmacy chain in NY similar to CVS )
  5. oscar


    When I tell my secretary at lunchtime that I'm:" going out to the shops"... she cracks up and finds it hysterical.
  6. oscar


    Good Morning Franette ! its Summer fun Friday so I'm feeling great ( During the summer months we only work half days on Friday 8-12) this only applies to the months of July and August. Summer Fun Days are not offered by many companies, but its catching on as more companies transition to casual Fridays. You also don't get much vacation time here so any bit of extra time is a huge gift. If your husband gets a job with benefits you certainly can be added to his health insurance together with any siblings. It works both ways if you were to be the sole income earner your husband and siblings could go on your insurance. I'm sure you could eventually become a trainer but give it a few years to learn the local lingo. We need to find out who Charlize Theron's voice coach was. She perfected it but does slip occasionally. and get some lessons. When I speak to family in SA They say what's with the phony language. Interestingly people in the office have commented when I go back to SA on vacation and get back in the office after three weeks, they say I sound more South African again, something that I did not notice. What I do notice when I get back I always tend to get into the wrong side of the car. When writing letters I suggest you add Grammarly to your computer it helps with writing in American.
  7. oscar


    Agree also some companies even the large ones loathe paying recruiters the big commissions for recruiting new hires. Many companies are on the internet and they do list positions, so you can upload your resume and hope for an interview. I suggest you only do that once you are living in the USA. Employers also tend to call the companies you worked for in the past five years so provide the correct phone numbers of the companies HR department and of your managers in SA that will put a good word in for you.
  8. oscar


    Just to answer a part of your post. I very seldom see a Travel Agency business here unlike SA where there are multiple Travel agents in shopping centers. Most people do online travel arrangements from flights to accommodation. The cruise line business is very big here. Americans prefer not to have to pay Travel agents commission. Regarding finding work as a corporate employment coach. You may have a snag trying to be a trainer with a heavy South African Accent. Not saying you have one but it could be a stumbling block. Americans get confused when we speak and interpret what has been said in the wrong way. In the office environment what I found works is to speak much slower. You know where there is a lot of money to be maid about $15,000 a month is to be a Caregiver. I know one that works 24/7 earning $180,000.00 a year looking after a lady with Parkinson's disease.. All she does is ensuring RX is taken every 6 hours and takes the old lady shopping and to restaurants hairdressers etc. Most of the time she is just sitting watching TV. The old lady is worth about $10 million and has a large house that she will never sell.
  9. oscar


    Here a link to Robert Half they are currently listed as the Number one Recruireter in the US https://www.roberthalf.com/hire?medium=tsa&specialized_service_dropdown=&position_hiring=&request_type_dropdown=&city=Washington DC&callcamp=washington_dc_en_us&utm_content=AT9qVXr1-dc_pcrid_76691024137609_pkw_robert half_pmt_bp_pdv_c_pgrid_5328471538_ptaid_kwd-23662346657:loc-71313_&mkwid=AT9qVXr1-dc_pcrid_76691024137609_pkw_robert half_pmt_bp_pdv_c_pgrid_5328471538_ptaid_kwd-23662346657:loc-71313_&traffic=pstest&intent=brandintent&msclkid=04d73e44af0317e1886c63067cdd97ff&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=TSA|Washington DC|Brand&utm_term=robert half A lot of people use ZipRecruiter. also, check out for Job fairs and careers in your intended final destination.
  10. oscar


    My timeline was the same as yours, with my interview completed in June 2005 We arrived in Los Angeles in November 2005 went to Social Security the next day after arrival only to find that it would take 3-- 4 Weeks to get our SSN numbers. That was a shock as you needed an SSN number for everything. So we stayed in the USA for a week and then went back home to Cape Town for 3.5 months. I enjoyed the summer weather, and this time Landed in Boston MA where I got my job with the TSA very quickly as My SSN number had been issued while I was away. While in Cape Town I could then go online and upload my resume on all the sites possible, and that's how I got a recruiter to contact me. I also used a contact address in the USA so my resume looked more American. While I was out here in my first week in November I bought a cell phone so I had a US phone number. As I had no credit score I could only get a pay as you go phone, but it worked out ok. You will just need to have a lot of patience and not let anything get you down, as there will be many times that you will feel like packing up and heading back home. At one stage we had booked tickets back home again but decided to stay it was also then that I got my first well paying job in Washington DC which included a sign-on bonus of $10,000 and a furnished apartment for four months fully paid for by my new company.
  11. oscar


    The US job market works in cycles. The best time to find a job is from mid-January through to April. The reason for this is most companies pay out bonuses in March So many people wait for their bonus before quitting. The hiring season stops in October around Thanksgiving through to mid-January See link below https://careersidekick.com/the-two-best-and-worst-times-of-the-year-for-job-hunting Suggest you check out jobs on www.indeed.com If you do post your resume on any search engine do not leave it posted there indefinitely. Post it for three weeks and then remove it for two weeks the post it again. Keep it Fresh. Any reference to a recruiter contacting you in South Africa is highly unlikely but it does happen. I had a recruiter call me and spoke on the phone for at least two hours all in all. For any job in the USA, you will need to provide your Social Security number. Without it, they will not even look at your application. They usually run your SSN number to check out your credit score. As you will have a new SSN number you will be regarded as someone with a low credit score like a Student. It may be a good idea to get your South African Credit score and put it on your application. You have nothing to lose. Its all a matter of Patience with getting a job in the USA. When I got here in 2005 I got a job with the TSA at Logan Airport within ten days. (Mandatory drug testing results delayed my application by about a week) I got the job because I was in the SA Army and they were so happy that I knew how to use a gun. Who would have thought that my two years in the SADF would land me my first job in the USA. Getting the right job took another two months, I landed up in Washington DC, for 9 years then Texas, California and now in New York City. The only way to get your pay up initially is to job hop every few years. There is no point in coming here in October – January to look for a job it's just a very quiet time. Although the US economy is doing well it is still a little weak and has not fully recovered from the 2008 housing and stock exchange crash. When I came here in 2005 jobs were really in demand and most companies even Mac Donald’s was giving out sign-on bonuses we have never got back to that sort of level in the economy.
  12. oscar

    Tax Dogers

    This article appeared in SA newspapers last week. Tax dodgers beware. The taxman is coming for you. The 2019 tax filing season kicked off on Monday and South African Revenue Service (Sars) commissioner Edward Kieswetter made it clear that it is time for taxpayers to render unto Caesar what is due to Caesar. Kieswetter says Sars noticed some disturbing trends among taxpayers who try to manipulate the system, including not fully disclosing the taxable income they receive such as rental money. Read: Tax season opens with strong warnings against non-compliance The commissioner told Moneyweb that Sars is expanding its data set so that it is able to correlate the information it has on its system with what it is receiving from taxpayers. One way this will be done is by matching the information that Sars has on a taxpayer with information held by the deeds office. This will also allow the revenue service to catch noncompliance among people who do not declare capital gains tax. Read: Sars showing its teeth Sars has a sophisticated case selection methodology that takes the information supplied by taxpayers and verifies it through the Sars risk profiling system, which highlights whether there is enough evidence to submit a taxpayer for an audit. “This is the bulwark that we use to try and detect incorrect or fraudulent declarations,” says Kieswetter. Old and new issues on rental income tax FNB property economist Siphamandla Mkhwanazi says the practice of not disclosing rental income is not new, particularly in rural and township areas where it is not viewed as a form of income. “One of the biggest forms of business in townships is backroom rentals, and that income generally does not get declared.” Mkhwanazi says this matter will only be exacerbated now with household incomes under a lot of pressure. He points out that many of the structures that are rented out are informal and won’t be easy for tax officials to trace, but acknowledges Sars’s efforts in collaborating with the deeds office, saying this signals a start, especially for the formal sector. Mkhwanazi notes that the global rental market has become complex with the emergence of electronic rental platforms such as Airbnb which has seen people convert their homes into rental stock. “It’s something that won’t be easy to track and you will find [it] in affluent markets such as your coastal areas.” Sluggish rentals equal sluggish returns Data from rental payment platform PayProp shows that property prices are increasing at a slower rate than the sector has been accustomed to. The last quarter of 2018 saw the first uptick in the national rental growth rate after a downward trend that lasted two years. At the same time, a report by property consultants Rode & Associates found a trend of landlords or managers accepting lower rental increases to retain tenants and keep vacancy rates from rising. Desperate efforts to draw tenants have seen some landlords providing costly incentives, such as a month of free rent. In order to estimate the amount of rental income Sars expects to get it needs to consider various variables such as the number of rental properties it receives tax on, the tax rate, and the level of rent. “If Sars uses historic growth rates to estimate the level of rent, it might be in for a bit of a surprise because the growth rate has been declining,” says PayProp data and analytics head Johette Smuts, adding that this holds true for any other variable affected by the economy. “The extent of the surprise will depend on how far reality is from their assumptions on a variety of parameters,” she adds.
  13. Just a update to the new service from Newark to Cape Town https://simpleflying.com/united-airlines-cape-town-flights/
  14. Thanks Brit Simon! Interesting changes for DV lottery. Suggest anyone planning on entering this year apply for your SA passport as soon as possible. DV 2021 entry period is from the first week of October 2019 to the first week of November 2019.
  15. oscar


    Thanks, Adventurer, SJ272 and Malamute, We went up to Mystic CT for a overnight getaway. Mystic is an interesting town on the coast, lots of little shops and restaurants. Its where the movie Mystic Pizza was filmed. The traffic was heavy all the way. New York has a lot to see and do. We enjoyed hiring a boat in Central Park and rowing around in the lake. Management took us to Daniels Restaurant this was a really expensive place Dinner ran over $300.00 a person. Here is a link if you have a chunk of change to spare. https://www.danielnyc.com/about Interestingly we found out that most pharmacies do home deliveries in Manhattan unlike other states.
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