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  1. The current unemployment figures released today. 38 million people registered for unemployed in the past 9 weeks.
  2. Regarding the opening of schools in New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo just said that they are still working on reopening of schools - No Summer Schools across the state. They are working on possible guidelines for the Fall opening, They are gathering the facts and will make a decision in July as to what the plan is for September. What's holding things back is the number of children developing Covid -19
  3. Just a update on the office closures due to Covid-19 We will return to work after Labor Day September 8. Previously, we said that our return to our regular work locations will not be rushed, will be thoughtful and gradual, and driven primarily by protecting your health, safety, and well-being. Since then, we have been closely monitoring new government guidance and regulatory requirements and building a comprehensive, companywide strategy with a cross-functional group that will guide our plans across all our locations. In building that strategy, we are considering a wide variety of factors, including assessing our locations’ readiness to reopen given the new social distancing and protective requirements, the need for policies and procedures to govern how we all access and interact in our locations, and accounting for business requirements and your personal needs, such as childcare, as we move forward with our approach. Taking this all into account, we have decided that, beyond essential employees, we will not be allowing any U.S. employees to return to work before Labor Day, September 7. The only possible exception to that would be if conditions improve dramatically within a state for a prolonged period and a facility meets our readiness requirements. In those cases, we may explore conducting a limited and strictly voluntary re-staffing pilot prior to Labor Day. The timing on the opening of General and Sales Offices will be on a case-by-case basis. We stress that every decision concerning returning to the office will be based on applying our companywide approach to the unique factors of a specific location and employee population. For example, one office may have everybody return at once, and another may have rotational and/or staggered shifts. And, in all cases, we will provide at least 30-days’ notice and detailed information as well as procedures for operating in the new workplace environment. As we head toward summer, we also want to remind you of the importance of maintaining some boundaries between work and personal time. this delineation is about making time to take care of ourselves, to connect with our family and friends, and to be there for the people we care about. Part of taking care of yourself and those you care for includes taking time off. Despite the current restrictions, we want to strongly encourage you to schedule and take vacation time in the coming months. In addition, we are pleased to announce we will have our Summer Friday program again this year. It will be managed in a similar way as it has in past years. We truly appreciate people’s continued commitment and efforts as we navigate through this difficult time. More colleges and Universities have sped up the fall schedule to start up early and close before Thanksgiving ( before the winter flu and second round of Covid-19)
  4. Second wave of Covid-19 for the Fall https://www.yahoo.com/news/exclusive-second-more-deadly-wave-105654675.html
  5. The Unemployment rate has gone up another 3 million since last week. The new total unemployed rate is 36.5 million. https://apnews.com/d83ae33742142af43dc48854ab97fd47
  6. oscar

    Covid -19 Virus

    News from SA - Covid-19 remains a problem in the Western Cape and Gauteng. The social distancing remains in force for a little longer. They also plan on giving all unemployed people a Social Grant of R350.00 for five months = ZAR 1750.00 This was just announced by Cyril Ramaphosa on SABC this evening. All the paperwork has to be done online.. Here is a link https://citizen.co.za/news/south-africa/government/2276563/how-to-apply-for-the-r350-covid-19-social-relief-of-distress-grant/
  7. Workers on visa's who are unemployed through Covid-19 are in for a tough time if the don't find employment soon. https://www.yahoo.com/news/immigrants-visas-suddenly-jobless-must-122148862.html
  8. Regarding anyone who has purchased Broadway tickets up until Labor day( September 6). if you have already purchased tickets your credit card will be automatically refunded. For Hamilton Fans there will a film version of Hamilton with the original stage cast broadcast on July 3, 2020 on the new Disney+ Channel. Here is the link https://www.goodmorningamerica.com/culture/story/lin-manuel-miranda-bob-iger-announce-hamilton-coming-70627572https://www.goodmorningamerica.com/culture/story/lin-manuel-miranda-bob-iger-announce-hamilton-coming-70627572
  9. Appears its going to be a more gradual approach to opening in Upstate New York, allowing Landscaping services, Drive Ins , Tennis Courts and recreational activities. For NYC There is not much information other than depending on the death rate in two weeks time, will determine the opening and it will be very much slower. Even though Broadway will be opening in September we are not to sure, how the seating will be allocated. There has been no indication when offices will even think of opening. My company got over 9000 employees to connect remotely and everything is running very smoothly. We booked our Alaska cruise for July 2021 hopefully there will be a vaccine by early next year. There is Progress the Starbucks on the corner has opened up - Take Out Only !
  10. New York City opening up again: Upper New York - Opening this Friday! New York Manhattan - Beginning of June Broadway Shows : From September 6, 2020 We have about 16 weeks to go before there could be another surge in Covid-19 in the fall. This gives everyone some time to start hoarding the toilet paper, hand towels and Clorox wipes.
  11. Some Republican Senators urging Trump to halt H1-B and H2 visas and other worker programs for a year. (No mention about the lottery yet ? https://qz.com/1853403/republican-senators-want-to-halt-h1-b-immigration-for-60-days/?utm_source=YPL&yptr=yahoo
  12. Another 3.2 million Americans applied for unemployment last week bringing the total unemployment in the USA to 33.5 million since mid March 2020
  13. Hi SJ272, I got the information of posts on YouTube and the internet, I had it on a piece of paper over the weekend but SAUSA was down for a few days ,so I almost thought it had closed down for good. I may have it somewhere, but I have been super busy at work with our new operating platform and product development.
  14. The web page of the Diversity Visa Lottery web site has been changed to the Diversity visa program https://dvprogram.state.gov/ Appears they will be selecting applicants with a minimum of a Bachelors Degree, preferably married and also have family or a relative already in the USA. if you only have High School Diploma your chances of being selected will be very slim.
  15. I was watching a post on youtube on immigration, it appears trump has pulled the plug on Green Card applicants who now want to get Naturalized. Well right now they have stopped all the background checks and UCIS interviews and citizenship ceremonies. They have delayed the 2021 lottery results by a month to June. There was talk of trump wanting to get some new bill approved for financing but wants to include a new bill on immigration included in it.. As this is an Election year expect all sorts of crazy things to happen. Lets hope he does not stop the lottery completely. Trump is dead scared of loosing the election ,so he is trying his best to appeal to the Right wing for votes.
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