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  1. Hallo Lesley! Welkom! Ons is ook nuut! Ons is in Dallas, Texas! Wanneer het julle geland? Ons is hier nou al van die 16de Junie 2006. Telana
  2. Hallo! I have the same problem of deciding "yes" or "no". I took me 5 YEARS to decide. Well, I made that decision and stuck with it through thick and thin. I have 3 daughters (ages 15, 5 & 3) and a son (age 13). Yes, after the Zuma trial, which I followed EVERY DAY!!!!!! from my house in Johannnesburg - what a waste of time :thumbdown: , my husband phoned me and said "book our tickets!!!". I am here, in Dallas, Texas, AND LOVING IT! I have never seen my kids so happy in their WHOLE entire live! We landed here 16 June 2006! It is a HUGE adjustment, but guess what???? YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!!! The amount of people that has contacted me over the past few days, THEY ARE ALL AMAZING!!!!!! :ilikeit: They can actually play outside here! They are, for the first time, CHILDREN!!!!! I have never seen my kids laugh so much! The other day I asked them is they miss Johannesburg? Well, the answers were - "MOM ARE YOU MAD!!!!!!!! I DONT EVER WANT TO BACK TO THAT LIFE OVER THERE!!!" They have made so many friends already! I am also willing to help you and assist you with the procedure. Just please, do not sleep on it though! In my opinion, time is running out in South Africa! The quicker you get here, the quicker you will meet South Africans . . . . . AND GUESS WHAT . . . . . . they really really really care to make you feel at home! GUYS ------ YOU ARE AMAZING! :ilikeit: THANK YOU FOR PUTTING THIS WEBSITE TOGETHER! I has been a HHHUUUGGGEEE help to me! More on a serious note, ANYTHING ANYTHING ANYTHING! i will help you, advise you to the best of my ability. We have a FANTASTIC Attorney here. He is an ex South African! He made a huge difference! AND HE WORKS SUPER FAST! because he relates to our "problems" and "fears" over there. Stay Cool ! Last but not least, COME TO DALLAS, TEXAS! It is the BEST place to be at! The kids here are NO. 1! The place is very family orientated! That is why I chose Dallas! And it is affordable to live here! YOU DONT HAVE TO PAY SCHOOL FEES!!!!!!!! :bouncey: And the teachers, well, they actually love the children here, and take pride in their work!!!! And the people here are so friendly and helpful! Chow Chow Telana ~~~X~~~
  3. Ooooo GRIET!!!!! Liewe Heksie! Ek hoop regtig jy het die Gifappeltjies by die "huis" gelos asb! En, asb, Koning "Rosedoring" :king: vat nie nonsens hier nie ne! Wanneer jy "baby sit", moet asb GROOT ASB nie in die verkeerde kamer kyk en dink die kind is weg nie! Ek dink, om dinge makliker te maak, gaan baby sit vir die eerste keer in a "Bachelor's", dan het jy GEEN kamers om oor te worry nie!!!! Hoor hier so, jokes aside, waar in Dallas is julle? Ons is ook splinternuut in die land. Ons het gland op die 16de Junie 2006. Ons bly in Frisco, Dallas. PS! Liewe Heksie, hier is verskriklik baie perde in Dallas. Moet asb nie op die perd klim en dink hy het nie 'n kop nie! :roflol: En onthou asb, jy kan ook 'n sterretjie kombuis hier he! En laastens, onthou die "magic word" - Ok Griet, Weg is jy Griet! In elke storie vergeet jy, so, nou het jy 'n nuwe lewe begin, so asb, skryf dit op jou hand hierdie keer, en MOET dit NIE af was nie ASB! :blush-anim-cl: Anyway, Welkom in die USA! Groete Telana ~~~X~~~
  4. Hi there Jayson My name is Richard, I am 13 years old. We have arrived in Texas on the 16th June 2006. Where in Texas are you? We are living in Frisco, Dallas. Richard :ilikeit:
  5. Hi there: We arrived in Dallas on the 16th June 2006. We physically arrived with our 4 children and 10 suit cases with clothes. We moved into an apartment, with no furntire what so ever. We are currently desperately looking for: 1. A dining room table / kitchen table (nothing fancy) with 6 chairs. 2. A Television. I have one, but it is about 15" small - i need binoculars to see the screen. 3. A working computer. Somebody gave me a computer, with windown 98 on it. It is working besides the fact that it freezes every 10 minutes!!! 4. Last, but not least, perhaps a Job will be nice as well. I have applied for my working visa, but it will only be through in the next month or two. I am really in a "depressed financial position" with 4 children. We live in Frisco, Dallas. Thank You Telana
  6. Hey Everybody!!! We just recently arrived in Dallas, 16 June 2006. After taking [/b]5 YEARS of making that decision, we finally arrived. I have 4 children ages Patricia (15), Richard (13), Nicole (5) and Jessica (3)! I have been reading all the stories over the past few days. I read about all the South Africans here in Dallas, Frisco, Plano, etc. But where are you? My emotions are running away with me right now! I am loving it here. I have never seen my children so happy in their WHOLE entire lives! But at the same time, I miss Johanesburg so so so much! WHY? I dont know! My whole life I wanted to live in America. Here I am, and I am "sort of" hating it at the same time. I know nobody! I cannot apply for work because my visa will only be through in the next month or two. My husband, Ricky, had to go back to Jo'burg to tie up all the looses ends. And here I am with my four children, in an apartment :cry: feeling so home sick and lonely! I live in Frisco, and I will be to happy if people from South AFrica in the area close to me could make contact. Ricky came over on a L1 Visa and me on a L2, waiting for the working visa. WE have been self employed for the past 15 years, but right now, I don't even know where to start. Enrolling my kids into schools, bank accounts, driving licence, getting used to driving on the other side of the road, and worst of all, getting used to "Brands" in Wal-Mart I dont know anything off! My goodness, to put it nicely - "I feel like cotch in a tumble dryer right now!" Anybody out there! Could you perhaps help me, I need to find good old faithful "Old Brown Sherry!!" Also, anybody out there that "might" have a 6 seater dining room table and chairs just "like hanging around" irritating you! Well, here I am, I am desperate for a table with 6 chairs! Funds at the moment - non excistent! I am prepared to work, but legally, i cant. I can however invoice through our company called Afriworx LLC for the time being. Anybody that might have something for me, I would be so greatfull. I can speak Afrikaans very well as well! Ek is a Botha! So ons kan lekker :censored: praat, en niemand sal ons verstaan nie! ha ha My email address is: telana[at]comcast.net Our business website is: www.afriworx.co.za My contact number is: 214 705 9689 Lekker Dag! Groete, Telana
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