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  1. A SAner with a GC asked me this question. She got married and need to change her last name with the Immigration. She says she needs to apply for a replacement card and that it costs $350. Is that true? If it is, it's a big fat scam!
  2. Ian

    Setanta in Trouble

    Looks like Setanta is fighting for it's life. Setanta halt all new subscriptions
  3. Slaptjips, I don't know Invision and I don't have access to the code. But seeing that it is a paid for package you should be able to get support and help from them on how to change the logo. About the spambots, you will 10 to 1 get the same problem on Invision. There are a few precautionary steps you can take to prevent these pests. - Us a captcha feature to prevent auto-bots from registering. - Make registration pending on admin activation. I did find this link on changing the invision logo link Let me know if you need help, and goodluck.
  4. What forum software are you using? Let me know, maybe I can help you with it.
  5. Ian

    SA Voting Videos

    Nando's vote videos, or ads. Voting. Nando's style
  6. Ian

    UK Visa

    To board the plain en route to Britain you will need your Visa. If you do not have it you may be prevented from boarding. This is their way of keeping the riffraff out of Britain and the onus is on the airlines to make sure that you have a visa. If the airlines let you on you are the airlines problem. And they do not want to fly you back in an unpaid seat. With this process Britain lightens the load of security and passport control knowing that 99% of passengers landing in Britain will have a valid Visa and have pre-approval so to speak. It makes sense from their perspective. A PITA for the flyers.
  7. Ian

    UK Visa

    It became necessary due to the high volume of falsified South African passports that was used to enter the UK.
  8. Lees die storie hier in die Rapport
  9. Ian

    SUPER 14 2009

    Durbs... 31-6 Ouch !! Must have been one helluva game to watch
  10. Ian

    Garden sheds

    I keep my snowblower in the living room. Dang if I'm going to struggle through 2 feet of snow to get to the shed! :whome:
  11. Here in Milwaukee we have hundreds of different kinds of wors to choose from. The locals call them "Brats" (pronounced as in afrikaans brats not brets). They boil them in water(par boiled) then grill it, they par boil them in beer and onions, they grill them ens. ens. ens. Some are pretty good some are horrible. Most are pork. My local butcher do have pork and beef so I get them there. I like Usinger's. You can read all about the brats history here Wikipedia Brat Page Here is a a snippet. "In the United States, bratwurst, while not strictly a regional cuisine, is strongly identified with areas where German and other Northern European immigrants settled in large numbers, such as Sheboygan, Wisconsin, which is informally known as the "Bratwurst Capital of America". The city celebrates "Sheboygan Bratwurst Days", a community festival held on the first Thursday through Saturday of August each year. Bratwurst is especially popular in a region stretching from Chicago, Illinois up through Wisconsin into Minnesota and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan; Milwaukee, Wisconsin is also a center of bratwurst appreciation. Johnsonville Foods, the nation's largest bratwurst maker, is based in Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin. Other traditional Wisconsin brat manufacturers include Klement's Sausage Company and Usinger's, both of which are based in Milwaukee. The city of Madison, Wisconsin, holds an annual festival billed as the "World's Largest Brat Fest". The four-day charity event sees tens of thousands of brats sold by "celebrity" cashiers, usually local television, radio, and government personalities. Brat Fest's self-proclaimed world record is 191,712 brats consumed during the 2008 event. Throughout Wisconsin, the "brat fry" is a popular fundraising technique; brats are grilled outdoors and sold for the benefit of a charity organization."
  12. That's great news Janneman! Congrats to you and the wife. Hang in there, The whole process took me 9 years and 3 months. Not to say anything about the 2 acre forest they had to chop down for all the papers that flew back and forth. Labor Cert is a big win!
  13. I think Durbs just posted the Mark Berger stuff as a FYI. Although Durbs do do a LOT of spamming though.. mostly Shark related spam ... :whome: :whome:
  14. Janusz, Here is a link to the SA club in Jacksonville. Goodluck http://www.jaxsa.com/
  15. :ilikeit: Thanks Knersus. And you get same day service too.
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