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    Braai, Hunting, sport shooting, offroad biking, jetski, scuba diving, nature, building and developments, braai!
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  1. Lekkepiet

    Tax season

    Worked perfect for the last 2 years for me. Will see how it goes this year with the move and house purchases........ :ilikeit:
  2. Lekkepiet

    We are here!

    :ilikeit: Welcome Cheryl! Glad you made it! Remember that this is only the beginning and it is going to be hard maar lekkkerrrrr!
  3. Lekkepiet

    Visit To LA

    Dit was lekker om jou te ontmoet Hendi, ons maak weer so eendag! :ilikeit:
  4. Lekkepiet


    T.I.A my broer, T.I.A
  5. Lekkepiet

    We Land April!

    :ilikeit: Lekke Spekkies
  6. Lekkepiet


    Hi Melcolm, My personal opinion........find a job yourself and let the company handle things. Much safer . What industry are you in? Good luck!
  7. Ek is hier rond. Het jou ge-PM. :whome:
  8. And there I was thinking spark plugs are used only by "greasmonkeys" like me to make my car or bike go vroooooom again!
  9. Lekkepiet

    Sa Media

    Al wat ek kan se vir hom is gaan K@%$ in die mielies!!! These people just don't have a clue, so they?
  10. Lekkepiet


    People are asking us more and more as well. All the possitive SA people are looking for a way out. I just wish I can really help all of them.
  11. What I like: Safety :ilikeit: Standard of living Friendly people Lots of Saffers :ilikeit: Many opportunities to make something for yourself and your family No electricity or water problems Great weather-California at least. Everyone is equal and no affirmative action If you work hard you can get somewhere Never have to woory about my wife on the road, shopping or at home. :ilikeit: Don't like: My family and close friends is far away Getting started in USA takes dedication and hard work Flying to SA cost $1300 and takes 23 hours in the air :thumbdown: Don not get long vacations, only 10 work days at present per year. I think that is it!
  12. Tragies, hopelik is daar genoeg bier en brandewyn om te drink!
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