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  1. I am reloacatting in the summer, with a daughter aged 13 (Grade 7 in SA). What grade would she be joining in the US, and should we go "back" 6 months or "forward" 6 months.
  2. This is indeed a sad day, reminds of 80's. Wish the SA Government would start realising that things have changed and the world has moved on. I am in the process of moving to the US, and have had my doubts. This type of thing is certainly confirming my decision.
  3. Thanks Tokolosi, the kids are 12 and 15. I am also considering private schools.
  4. I am looking at moving from SA to Boston are, more specifically Weston and Wellesley. Has anybody got any advice on the areas, would also appreciate comments on schools in the area.
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