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  1. Hi Jeannine Don't know the Atlanta area and don't have kids in school yet but this website might give you some info :http://www.greatschools.org/
  2. chickabee


    Lived there for 2 1/2 years. Go on a Desert Safari if you have time and enjoy the shopping! If you have a bit of money to spare you could always treat yourself to Afternoon Tea in the Skyview Bar at the Burj al Arab...only AED395/person! That's about $100...
  3. Hey there safranadian We live in Gilbert - next door to Mesa - and there is a big Saffer community here in Phoenix. When will you be arriving? We meet every 2nd month for a braai. The next one is coming up on Feb. 19. I can send you details if you're interested.
  4. We are also going through this. Have to renew EAD again in the next few months. Been busy with our application for 3 1/2 years. At the moment we're waiting for AOS but DH is in the EB3 category where there are no visa numbers available. So we wait...and wait...and wait. Bev, there are three different rooms in Atlanta. The "green room" where you get sent if your paperwork is in order and they will stamp your Advanced Parole docs and the "red room" if there is a problem. There's also a "yellow room" for borderline cases. We came back from SA a month ago. The immigration official put our passports and AP docs in a green folder and sent us on to the green room. Waited about an hour but eventually they stamped our AP and we could go.
  5. Moving from California to Arizona, we used an United Van Lines agent. All of our stuff arrived in one piece so we were happy with their service!
  6. I've never really had any problems driving here but going back to SA I drove on the "wrong" side of the road. Go figure. Easy way to stay on the "right" side is to remember "kort regs, ver links" when turning in the US and the opposite when back in SA.
  7. Janneman, do you not have your EAD yet? We've been busy with our PR applications for almost three years now. Waiting on AOS...no visa numbers available in our category but we've had our EAD for more than two years now which means I'm able (but not willing! ) to work.
  8. Glad to be of assistance. This recipe should work fine if you halve the quantities. IMO the most important part is letting it sit for a while before grinding and stuffing to really let those flavors develop.
  9. Three extra pounds of meat should not affect the taste that much. Most likely you just need to increase the overall quantity of the spices. Here's my recipe for 20lbs: 11lb beef 5lb pork 3lb beef fat 1lb bacon 1C coriander 8 T salt 2.5T black pepper .5t nutmeg .5t cloves 1C vinegar 1C water I cube the meat, mix in the spices, vinegar and water and refrigerate it for 2-3h. Grind and stuff. Cook and enjoy! Works like a charm. Sometimes I end up with 2-3lbs more and the spice mix is still enough.
  10. Our favorite for "gimmick" - Hercules Hooks. As long as you're not trying to hang something on a firewall, these are great.
  11. chickabee

    Babu Sassi

    The building they're talking about in the article is actually not the Burj Dubai but a newly proposed tower on which construction hasn't started.
  12. They're called grill baskets or grill racks. Found this one on Overstock.com
  13. Well, I might be slightly biased but between these two towns Ceres will definitely be the better option. I grew up there and my brother and his family still live there. You're looking at much lower crime levels and while you might not have all the conveniences of living in the city, all of that is within easy drivng distance. If you decide this is what you want to do, PM me and I could hook you up with some contacts in the area.
  14. Hi Amber We've just moved to Phoenix from California after spending two years there. We would be happy to fetch you from the airport and show you around. Deciding where to stay depends largely on your budget. We've recently stayed in the Holiday Inn Express in Scottsdale which was more than adequate for our needs. They're also one of the few motels that include quite a decent breakfast. As far as opening a bank account goes, I would recommend going for one of the banks that have branches in most states, like Bank of America. We were able to do that without DH having his SSN yet. They just mailed us a form later (I think it was for tax purposes) asking for his SSN. Feel free to PM me if you hav anymore questions.
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