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  1. Ang

    We did the deed

    Hi Gwen, wher are you located, the company I work for is always hiring in the accouts department in Vista California (near Carlsbad if you've heard of it) Let me know if you're interested.
  2. Oh crap I missed it by 8 months!!! When is the next one?
  3. If you wanna know...I have the answer In fact 9 answers...
  4. Interesting...I just read this article, they did a study, took and apple and left it on the ground, in the sun, near traffic, to face the elements and sarroundings....the poor thing died in 4 days! They took another apple coated it, waxed it, kept the room cool out of direct sun, protected it from elements - that darn apple lived a year!!! It just goes to show that its our envirnoment that makes us old! There are ways we can stay young without going under the knife.
  5. Okay, I'm stoked, I have to tell my fellow south african how to get those extra dollars to pay the bills...enjoy socializing? Let me know if you're curious...I'll tell you what I'm doing
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