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  1. Hey babe.. Sorry to hear. There are tons of SA's up there. Hope things work out for ya real soon. Things are not so bad here. PE?? nee..ek staan altyd so.. Could not resist
  2. Sheik


    Go to SI.com, click on medal tracker. Its all there.
  3. Maybe I should just shurrup altogether
  4. Oh brother!!!!!!!! Neither of them are actually.. Having blond moments there?? or is it a senior moment? :holy: :whome: :jester:
  5. They were two independant guesses...hence the spacing between them.
  6. I have the 100 samples on hard copy. You can find them at hplct.org/tap/answers_citizenship_questions.htm
  7. Sheik

    My Michele

  8. Chit...i am 50 in april..
  9. Sheik


    Cool...that stuff is readilly available all over here...but its not like stam mielies...more like kaboo mielies.. Stamp mielies is klein stukkies...hominy is heel korrels???
  10. Sheik


    Is that like hominy?
  11. Sheik

    Liefie: newbie in TX

    Welcome here dear...love the name.
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