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  1. Wanderer

    Motel Questions

    Another tip, along the interstates at the rest stops you will find many brochures, maps etc. quite often there will be books advertising Motels/Hotels in the state with special pricing and deals along with phone numbers and addreses etc. Although you won't stay on the interstates all the way, they can be quite useful. Local tourist stands most probably also have these brochures. When doing a road trip I personally prefer Motels as you park outside the door and its easier to load and unload your luggage. Breakfast ? at the cheaper Motels you wont get much, rather stop at a neaby fast food joint and pick up something there. Eating on the road in the US is very very affordable, McDonalds and BKing actually serve a pretty decent cup of coffee! The larger gas stations will have a nice shop where you can purchase food, coffee and cheap beer Buy a cheap GPS, you can then lookup nearby accomodation and restaurants, I see them for sale for as low as $70, DONT EVEN THINK OF NOT GETTING ONE! Stop at a few garage sales along the way, always on Saturdays and get familiar with CraigsList if you need any used goods along the way I love road trips (in the US)
  2. Wanderer

    Chris - Situation

    Chris, Time to get real about this. I think your only chance is the green card "lottery". It can be done online and is absolutely free, do not pay anyone. You can normally only apply during a short window in the October/November time frame. Other options: H1B - you generally need to have some sort of higher education. Win the green card lottery Investment visa - you will need tons of money, win the lottery in SA Win the green card lottery L1 - work for a US based company outside of the US and then get them to transfer you to he US office. (that is my situation) Win the green card lottery J1 - student visa, its only a temporary holiday visa but at least you can network while you are here. Win the green card lottery Study visa - bring tons of money and study for a degree here, after a year you can start working (with restrictions) I believe that this can lead to PR or it is easier. Win the green card lottery
  3. Wanderer

    US Culture

    There were/are a lot of expats living in SA from England, Zim, Mozambique and other European countries. How many of us ever stopped and thought about their predicament, how hard it was for them to settle, make friends. I know it never really occurred to me that they may have been struggling to fit in until I experienced it first hand myself. I can almost guarantee that very few hands were ever extended to a British expat living in a a predominantly Afrikaans area. As an English speaking SA I was often made to feel like an expat foreigner in my land of birth, what chance would a real expat have ? And now we expect the Americans to welcome us with open arms when we could not bring ourselves to do the same. Harsh words I know, but a bit of introspection never hurt any one. Bradley
  4. Wanderer

    emigrate from Canada to US

    I moved here to the US about 14 months ago from Canada (work transfer) The company moved me here on a L1 visa so the process was very quick (weeks) now comes the long slog ... the green card application. A couple of gotchas. My wife and I could work but not my children. A bit of a problem. We do miss Canada. I don't qualify for UI Credit history starts all over again I don't feel pampered by the Govn as I did in Canada. (you are on your own buddy !) Cost of living easy lower (at least in the midwest) Most things are cheaper. (a gallon of milk is only 2.79) No Marie biscuits available here Cars and gas are much cheaper ! Can't get Coronation street, much to my wifes disgust Drivers license was ridiculously easy compared to Canada Flying is cheaper and more convenient. Property taxes are quite high Taxes are lower I pay more towards Social Security here as a % of my salary compared to Canadas equivalent. I pay: Federal, state and Columbus taxes, separately. And if you live in another town (ie Westerville) you will pay Westerville taxes .. crazy. I pay Columnbus taxes as my office is situated within the Columbus city district, even though I don't live in Columbus. Sales tax is lower 6 or 7 % depending on where I shop. Shipping is cheaper (for those who buy on EBay) I have a Tim Hortons on every 2nd street corner Brad
  5. Wanderer

    Global Monetary System

    I don't see why a one world money system is a bad thing. A country with provinces or states has a single currency. The world is a natural extension of the same concept.
  6. Wanderer

    Gerald Celente

    I would predict that it would be more like "Soylent Green"
  7. Wanderer

    Where does it all go?

    Here's one for the economists amongst us. Where does the interest that we all pay end up? If interest rates had to double overnight we would all be paying one heck of a lot of money in interest but where does it go to ????????????????????
  8. Wanderer

    Atlanta Airport

    I would use the word train to her with caution, she may think of a typical SA train, you know, station, outdoors, tickets etc. The one in Atlanta is nothing more than a free shuttle that passes under each concourse and runs back and forth. From the concourse she arrives on she would then find an escalator that goes down to the "train shuttle" and then gets on and then off at the correct concourse. The concourses are arranged alphabetically A, B, C etc. If her boarding ticket says gate B22 and she sees that she is near gate D15 she knows she must go from concourse D to B via the shuttle. BTW you can walk but it is a fairly lengthy walk !!
  9. Wanderer

    Whites returning to SA

    I think someone needs to remind/educate the Home Coming Rev that the SA population density is higher than than the USA, and definitely higher than Canada or Australia. If you want wide open spaces the US, Canada or Australia would be better options.
  10. Wanderer

    Melissa is missing

    Cheryl, is this the 16 year old or the 19 yr old that has eloped ? You mention both ages so I guess I am confused. Surely a 16 year old would not be allowed to fly without a parents permission.
  11. Wanderer

    First Electricity, Now Water!

    I smiled at this, the US in fact is about 20% less densely populated than SA. An often overlooked bit of trivia.
  12. Wanderer

    JaLiNi: Moving to Atlanta June 2007

    Technically you could run your appliances here as 220 VAC is available. But this is the difference, it's derived from two 110 VAC signals that are 180 degrees out of phase, end result two live wires. And Oh yes it will turn 20% faster which could be interesting for your tumble dryer. Practically, dump the stuff. Its much cheaper to buy here. Furthermore, used stuff does not have much re-sale value and you can pick up real bargains through CList or EBay etc.
  13. Wanderer

    Portable GPS system

    The family and I will be moving to the US at the end of October and I would like to buy a portable GPS unit for the car to make it easier for my wife to get acquainted with the new city. Price range: < $275 Looking for persons who have bought and are using one. Would you recomend it. What are its good features. What are its bad points. Any other comments. It's like my first digital camera, I did not know what to expect. Now that I am on my 3rd I now exactly what to look for when shoppping for one. Thanks Brad
  14. Anyone know whether this affects the L1 visa's ? This is what I am currently waiting for. Brad
  15. Wanderer

    Moving to USA from Canada

    Thanks "DaFish", Who knows how long I will be there for, a couple of years at least and if I get PR status and stay with the company then possibly until retirement. A crystal ball I do not have. Currently am a Canadian citizen. Will be moving to Columbus, Ohio. Brad