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  2. We have been in Oregon for 4 years, and have just found out that only 2005 green cards are being processed at this time. Our priority date is March 09, so we theoretically still have to wait 4 years for the Green Card. I would like to find a reputable lawyer to find out if Rite Aid are stone-walling us, and if it is possible to get one soon.
  3. Captain


    Hi I watched the game on http://www.topsamachar.com/index.php. Just above the Hinustan Times headline is the live cricket link. It works, you just have to put up with the interesting adverts!! :ilikeit:
  4. Captain


    Same problem!!
  5. Thank you - I've been in contact with Nina and there is a meeting/get together that week-end. regards - Mike
  6. Hi - I have not been on the forum for a while and wanted to know if there is anything planned for a SA get together in the first week of April. Our family will be in Portland and would love to meet other SAUSA members! We return to Bend on Sunday.
  7. Hi Ivor I sent you an email and I hope it helps. There are many opportunities for Pilots here. Do you have any special ratings/endorsements on your license (such as skydive pilot, ag,instructor etc?) You can apply for an E11 visa - Alien with extrodinary skills. Good luck, and if I can help more, email me again. Mike
  8. Captain


    My wife is a pharmacist and she relly appreciated the joke!!
  9. Hi Sam We are on Skype and find it super cost effective!! You can call us on your Skype connection and talk for ages and it makes no difference to your bank balalance, with the added advantage of seeing the person you are talking to.....maybe not always a good thing...!!!! You can also text or send files while you talk or talk to more than one person at a time.
  10. Thanks Sam - It's Heidi's birthday today,21 years old.....again!! Can you give us the Christian website address again, please? Hope you are keeping warm!! Hi Shayne. Ive made contact with the local Paragliding club and will be seeing them this week. I'll keep you posted as to the license issue...
  11. Captain

    Kudu Club

    Can anyone give me feed back on the Kudu Club. I love cricket and obviouly can't get it here so I was hoping to be able to watch it on their service. Are you able to download/save the games to watch at your leasure or is it only offered live?
  12. Thanks for that. I am a member of AOPA and they have been a great help. I was hoping someone else had gone through this frustrating process....I understand the reasoning behind the verification but wonder why it takes 90 days. After this time period you still have to appear in front of the State FSDO, and then only are you able to have a flight test at the local school.... oh well, 63 days to go!!!
  13. Hi All - can anyone help me with regards to my CAA License that has to be verified by the FAA. I have submited mine and have been told there is a 90 day waiting period....crazy!! I have to re-write my Commercial exams and can't do this till my FAA PPL has been returned. Super frustrating. I can't wait to see how long it will be before I can excersise the Instructors Rating privelages, which I will probably also have to re-do. Anyone know a shortcut or a way to help the process along? As all pilots know, aviation is not a career, it is a disease, and I need my medicine!!!!!
  14. Hi Lulu I found the link that I spoke to you about on Skype yesterday...Discussions>Foyer....and was posted by Teacher. Have a look, it might help!! Speak to you soon Regards MIke
  15. Hi Shayne I missed your question on the link - my aplogies. I have only been here 1 month and have been busy buying cars, house etc so I have had no chance to find out. I have been flying PG and HG for a while in Sa and have a few hours on both.The local school has offered me part time work instructing and flying tandem. I pretty much want a break from that for a few more years, so I am going to concentrate on fun flying. When I do find out how it works,I will contact you. I'm sure it will also depend on the State you are moving to. I'm sure their system is much more advanced than SAHPA's. I am still waiting for someone to answer me from SAHPA regarding my SA ratings. (I even taught some of the committee to fly back in the day!!!) Well , I suppose it has only been two weeks since I emailed them!! I have the wonderful task of buying brand new equipment. There is a huge selection here and I am going to take my time test flying everything before I buy!!!! Where do you live and who taught you to fly? Regards Mike
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