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  1. You are Utah from Utah from Pretoria South Africa......... Houston! We've got a problem!!!
  2. The newly weds want to come and spend Christmas with us here in SA...... any knowledge about special prices for air tickets from NYC to Johannesburg for Dec/Jan??
  3. Polfyntjie

    So Angry

    Run Evyn Run!!!!
  4. Polfyntjie


    Jitte Janneman!! :ilikeit: Maar jy is omtrent gelukkig om soooo lekker bederf te word!! Pragtige Foto's - dit moes seker 'n belewenis gewees het.
  5. Polfyntjie

    Imagine if....

    Ek is ook baie lief vir die VSA, dis immers nou my hart se punt se nuwe "tuiste" - en weet daar is baie mooi plekke ook, al bly ek nog nie in die VSA nie, ek het dit darem al 'n paar keer besoek - maar ek praat nie van mooi nie............... en ook nie van " net so mooi soos die bosveld" nie.
  6. Polfyntjie

    Imagine if....

    A lot of good points mentioned Knersus............. but I bet, sometimes, when it's really quiet you hear these words echo in your heart: "Daar doer in die Bosveld, daar wil ek woon......" ?? I know..... I,m also dreaming about living the American dream............ maybe one of these days........... :cowboy:
  7. :whome: Ja..... is better not to make a sound! Sterkte vir julle !
  8. Your'e not suppose to have US$ without a valid passport and flight tickets for your trip to the USA..... so rather pay cash in ZAR or with credit card.
  9. Any space for my dd in your bags?? Enjoy your visit!! Safe Flight! :ilikeit:
  10. Polfyntjie

    Broken Down

    Or try re-boot?! :whome:
  11. My humble advise is to get hold of Elmarie Landzaad c130[at]mweb.co.za or her mom, Alett[at]mweb.co.za - they will be able to help you to get the correct documents in a few day's time. They are specialists in this!! Good Luck!!
  12. Run Forest, run!!!!
  13. Polfyntjie

    silly question

    Must say.... the same question crossed my mind...... :whome:
  14. Polfyntjie

    SUPER 14 2009

    Baie Geluk aan die Blou Bulle. 'n Baie aanskoulike wedstryd :ilikeit: You've done South-Africa proud!!!! Still do not like them Blue Bulls!!!
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