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  1. Hi All Thanks for the wealth of data. Tokolosi we are in the process of looking for jobs and we may also have the L1a visa route if we can raise enough seed capital. Once we get jobs/raise capital we will know when we will be heading out. We hope within the next twelve months. SC and NC and Columbia will now go onto our investigation list as well as San Diego. Thanks again and also for those of you that supplied links - very helpful.
  2. Thanks Bev and John. Besides tornadoes, high humidity - Durbs style and heavy snow, we'll probably be fine. It's sometimes too easy to look for the familiar when an adventure awaits! However I'd like to be close to something a little familiar...
  3. Hi Spekkies My Mom's very keen on Kentucky and we'd like to be close to a largish SA pop so that we don't feel too alienated in 'frigging huge US'. However I'd like your input regarding weather and lifestyle in Lexington. Any advice would be appreciated. Tks Annetta
  4. My parents will be following us to the US. My husband and I are quite keen on Austin. However my mother had a fit when she heard it is hot and humid-ish. Is there any where in the US that has similar weather to JHB - without the tornadoes? Of which my whole family is nervous.
  5. Hey SABEADER I was just on the site you recommended. What a beaut :ilikeit: It has everything I need to list my husband's CV.
  6. Thanks SABEADER. We are now right in the throes of looking for work in the US. I still apply in the DV - as a plan ' B'.
  7. Thanks for the advice Jelebi. I'd never heard of those hotel brands. I'd be happy to start off in Vegas - a means to and end, then work my way to Texas.
  8. Hello All Are there any hoteliers out there? My husband is a hotelier - Diploma from Wits Hotel school. Has extensive experience in F and B and hotel mangement at GM level. We are looking to approach Hyatt and Hilton to lodge his CV but wondered is anyone had an idea of pay? He'd be looking at a middle management type post and work himself up from there. Our areas are California, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico.
  9. Annetta

    Contract work

    Hello all My husband is still undecided about the US so the best for him, I think, is to get a two year contract in the US, work there and see what he thinks after that. He's a qualified Wits Hotel School Hotelier but he hates shift work and would prefer to run an industrial catering type operation. Can someone suggest what websites he can check. Thanks.
  10. Thanks to every one that replied. I'll be going over for an interview so armed with this info I'll know look around at what is there.
  11. Violent crime has increased 100% over the last four months on the South Coast KZN. We have always felt safe down here - but there have been four murders of elderly people in the last eight weeks alone. Munster and Pennington have both been hit hard. Tourism KZN is trying to educate ppl that if you kill the tourist destinations, you won't get Christmas jobs but they're having a tough time. Toni Yengeni - former ANC whip convicted for four years for fraud - served four months - running round stabbing a live cow tied down in his front garden, at his 'I'm-out-of-jail celebration didn't help either!
  12. Wow what a beautiful neirbourhood and gorgeous autumm colours
  13. I was looking for help and advice and I googled and there it was. SAUSA has been a most helpful site. It's so important to be able to talk to people who have gone through what you're about to. I'm moving dogs and racing pigeons and a Cricket-mad husband. However he was delighted to find out that America does in actual sober fact have a cricket team! :ilikeit:
  14. Hello Is there anyone living in Burbank or in surrounds. I'd like some ifo on humidity levels. I would suspect the humidity is not high as Burbank is away from the coast. Thanks Annetta
  15. My husband Tony is the Chairman of the South Coast Racing Pigeon Club here in Port Shepstone. We are planning to move to the Burbank area and he wants to make contact with any other fanciers in that area or in Calif. We need to find out about keeping racing pigeons. All the Calif. club sites we've been on have no contact addresses. Thanks. Annetta
  16. Thanks everyone. I'll browse those. I went onto the Burbank Leader site. Just a question. Does one pay rent weekly or monthly? There's a hectic amount of info to find out. Thank goodness for SAUSA!
  17. Hello I'm trying to find my way around Burbank Calif. I will need to rent a one bedroom apartment for about twelve months. Can anyone refer me to websites that I can search to get info. Also what would be a reasonble price to pay?
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