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  1. ja nee ek was so lank laas in S.A dat ek nou erenstig n castle en bobotie in die hande moet kry!! :ilikeit:
  2. Awesome. will check it out. thanks
  3. Hi guys Does anyone know of a S.A bar in the NYC area?? I'll be in N.Y From wed thru sat next week. Any info welcome. Many thanks
  4. iceman

    SA food shops

    Hi Guys, Does anyone know if there are any SA food shops in the Jensen beach, FL area? I know I can buy online but would prefer to go in and have a look. Thanks for any info,
  5. Hi guys, Does anyone out there know where I can get video/dvd footage of the 1995 RWC final that SA won? I have searched the internet to no avail. Please let me know. cheers.....
  6. iceman

    hello from Poland?

    howzit folks, Greetings from REAL Poland ( not the one in Illinois ). I only found this forum after about 10 years! My wife and I split our time between Warsaw and Lewes, DE on the the east coast, spending our summers in the U.S and winter in Poland. ( Dumb idea I know ) Been in the U.S since 1997, involved in the arcade game business in Delaware and teach business english here in Warsaw. Hoping to meet up with somebody for a braai next year when we get back as there is NOBODY from SA in Delaware ( in fact in all the time we've been there I've only met 1 couple from D.C and they worked for the S.A embassy! Hope to hear from somebody in the near future. take care.
  7. iceman

    Kudu Club

    Howzit Capitan! I use kuduclub but you can only see highlight packages of domestic cricket and programs like Inside edge and BVP. Direct TV ( the satelite people here in the states ) actually offer a sports package ( called cricket ticket ) that includes live international cricket. Give them a call or check out the website. Happy viewing.
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