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  1. i am were you began...wish me luck...

  2. Disting

    Just An Update

    Hi guys, I trust all of you are doing well. I was on the forum over a year ago as I was also trying to get to the USA. I thought it was time to let you know the I ended up in the UK - it was just the easiest and cost effective move. I have been loving it - got some IBM qualifications done. The SA debt wounds are healing slowly, but surely. If anyone in SA is reading this and doubting whether to move overseas - let me know. It has been a great change for me psychologically, financially and just been plain fun!!! Do we have a Facebook group for the forum? Cheers
  3. Disting

    We are here!

    Hey Cheryl, Finally hey? Look, I think everyone is missing the point here. Go to the clinic, speak to a doctor and find out exaactly what the implications are. If this is the country's requirement so be it. You are still a guest there. I could not start working in the UK until I registered for my National Insurance number. It's all part of the system and the more you kick against it the more frustration you will fell. That will take away from the awesome opportunity you have been given. Everytime you encounter frustration thank God for the help and all the miracles in your life and you'll see how doors open. No, I'm not a bible basker just that being thankful changes your state of mind to the positive! If you can post some photos!
  4. Disting


    Hi, That is awesome!! Keeps us potential residents hopeful.....it does actually happen!
  5. Hi Johann, First off, the empathize with your situation. A few of us are also on the brink! I had to sell my car so we are down to one car too. Speak to CherylA, she also went through hell, but managed to get her sponsorship. It's all timing! You started your search at a point where companies have already chosen candidates, interviewed them (telephonically\web-ex) and so, you can expect the recruiter silence. I myself have had 3 bum offers! And yes Forum....I am still here regrettably, but the UK is my follow up option. Do not dismiss the UK, Oz or Canada. The mistake many have made is only looking at the States. Sure, I agree, it is first choice. It still is for me to. However, when you feel you need to make a break look at other options. There is a few seminars coming us check them out: http://www.expo-australia.com/ http://www.expo-uk.com/ Maybe there is something there. What I have found all the serious offers request: 1. Resume 2. Passport 3. All Educational Papers (10th,Inter, Degree, PG if any and other computer diploma's with all mark sheets) 4. Experience Letters - done by your Manager (!) or HR Officer on a company letterhead 5. Computer Diploma with mark sheets (for non-computer science degree candidates). 6. Education Evaluation papers (Optional) Do you have any form of family you can leverage overseas? For safety's sake I had a Police Clearance done, copy of Birth and Marriage Certificate. Here is a list of companies Treverly gave me: www.aimusa.net www.jobcircle.com www.JobsByFax.com www.job.com www.harvestcg.com www.jobguru.com www.dice.com www.jobseekerweekly.com www.careernation.com www.Brainbench.com www.hotresumes.com www.snagajob.com www.monster.com www.vault.com www.BigEmployment.com www.Jobster.com www.Careerbuilder.com www.jobcircle.com www.bestjobsus.com www.thingamajob.com www.resumespider.com I hope this helps and remember this when you send our your next batch of CVs: How many times does a parents let a child try to learn to walk? As many as is needed!! EXACTLY! It's a numbers game...the more 'No's" you get the closer you are to a yes! Also follow 'due diligence' - meanins you do everything and anything legally within your control to do. Chin up and and start putting some Americana in your house! Cheers Disting
  6. from www.fedup.co.za A completely different take on the "inability" to fight crime. Crime definitely pays! After I was a victim of crime in 2000, I attended many crime discussions, brain storming and therapy sessions. At each of these discussions the question came up on how to tackle the symptoms of crime. The only question never raised was: Question: "What is the influence of crime on the S.A. Govt?" Answer: Crime generates millions and millions of Rand's for the S.A. Govt Here are the facts: Example 1: Take just one million home owners in Gauteng who pay for "armed crime reaction" (not crime prevention) where private security companies react AFTER the crime has taken place - no wonder they never make any arrests! This service costs on average R250 p.m. Therefore 1 000,000 X R240.00 X 12 months X 14% VAT, generates R403 million in tax revenue for the S.A. Govt! Example 2: A car thief steals a R500,000 car and receives between R10,000 and R30,000 for his deed. The car owner is paid out by insurance and then purchases another similar vehicle, on which he pays 14% VAT of approx R70,000 as a direct result of crime. Who profited the most? The thief or the S.A.Govt? We must begin with a mechanism whereby the S.A. Govt is forced to reconsider this unconstitutional and immoral practice of profiting from crime! All South Africans should demand that all payments related to protection of life and property should be VAT free and Tax deductible! This principle should also apply to replacement of stolen property as well as estate duty. If a person dies as a result of crime we should also demand that estate duty not be paid. How much do you think the S.A. Govt has made out of estate duty just from the murders of 1300 South African farmers? The S.A. Govt likes to compare us to overseas. Well overseas your safety and security is covered by your income tax and is tax deductible! It is time that South Africans stood together and made the Govt and public aware of the Govt's "income" from crime. In the meantime crime is the goose that lays the golden egg Is it also not unreasonable to expect victims of violence and hijackings to pay their own medical costs? The Govt should pay for these expenses as well as family counselling for victims! (After all, they pay the perpetrators' hospital expenses!) Come on South Africa, ask the right questions and demand the right answers! You could just delete this message or you could help make a difference. Send this to everyone you know - now!
  7. Disting


    Eskom tells mines to shut down Jan 25 2008 10:42 AM David McKay and Brendan Ryan Johannesburg - South Africa's gold mines, and mining companies in other sectors, were instructed last night by electricity utility Eskom to shut their mines, possibly for up to between two and six weeks. A letter signed by Eskom CEO Jacob Maroga said that key industrial consumers (KPI) had to reduce their power loads to "minimum levels". He added that Eskom could not guarantee power supply. "We did not send down a shift last night and we did not send one this morning at any of our mines," said Willie Jacobsz, spokesperson for Gold Fields. "I understand the situation is the same at AngloGold Ashanti and Harmony Gold," he said. A Johannesburg analyst said, however, that smaller consumers such as Simmer & Jack Mines and DRDGold still had power, at least at present. In the letter, Maroga said the mines were required to "evacuate all underground staff"; "suspend all surface and underground mining"; but were allowed to keep essential services operating such as pumping and lighting. Mining companies would also be allowed underground if proto-teams were required to tackle fires. - Fin24
  8. Disting


    Hi, THe power shedding is BS! They mothballed a number of stations when we had excess and between the govt and Eskom never kept them in running order! Nevermind the fact that Zim was never cut to help he folk that keep SA going. So, if you miss your friends and family visit them...better still, fly them to the USA. Show them the better life, where you concern is with creating a life, not just surviving or spending the little bonus you get on security, generators, ups's, gas, useless security firms...... From Fin24: Zim's 'free' Eskom power ride Jan 18 2008 12:36 PM Cape Town - A trade union has revealed that Eskom exports the equivalent of an "entire power station" to SA's neighbours and that Zimbabwe does not pay for the power it receives. Information obtained by Solidarity shows that Eskom currently exports 3 000MW of electricity to neighbouring countries. This almost equals the entire output of one SA power station. This emerged after calls earlier this week for Eskom to disclose exactly how much electricity it supplies to SA's neighbours and at what rate. Questions were also raised as to whether the countries being supplied are subject to load shedding. Solidarity spokesperson Jaco Kleynhans says that the exporting of electricity to neighbouring countries will have to be reviewed. "Since Monday, the SA economy has suffered losses of millions of rands." "The electricity shortage in our country has become so serious that Eskom should seriously consider systematically phasing out electricity supplies to neighbouring countries, while giving these countries the opportunity to find alternative solutions. If it were not for these exports, SA would have had amply electricity supplies for its own needs." "We have also been informed that Zimbabwe does not pay for the electricity supplied to it by Eskom." Public outcry The FF-Plus on Thursday suggested that businesses should consider a "tax-withholding" programme if power cuts continue. A Gauteng legislature member who speaks for the party on trade and industry matters, Jaco Mulder, called on business to force government to address the lack of capacity at Eskom. "If the situation should continue, the business sector of SA should put pressure on the government and could even consider, as taxpayers, to start a tax-withholding programme as a last resort," Mulder said. On Thursday Sapa reported that Solidarity handed two reports to the public protector outlining the bottlenecks at the power utility. "Solidarity maintains that the electricity supply crisis results from a shortage of skilled workers at the company, caused by the large-scale departure of skilled people from Eskom and a lack of proper training in scarce skills." "The problem is exacerbated by inadequate maintenance at Eskom power stations," the spokesperson told Sapa. We should like Eskom to respond to these allegations and call on the electricity supplier to lay the facts before the SA public," Kleynhans said. - Fin24
  9. That is awesome! 1) How was your consulate experience? 2) How is the USA? I am just curious as we started our "mission" at similar times. Cheers
  10. Hi Utah, Are you posting this from the USA?
  11. Hi AssieTribe, I am sorry for the very long delay in replying. I have had a roller coaster ride to no where! THe company that offered me did not submit in time and have promised to try again this year. They are basically and IT COnsultancy "Bodyshop". That is why time frame is not that important to them. I have found out that the owner is a bit of an @$$, but that is no matter. USA or bust! I had another job confirmed with a Cruise Liner, but the HR declined me at number 99 as they felt I was too overweight. Regardless of the fact that I am overwieght my medical had better results that the skinny people!! SO, I have been sulking for a while. In the meantime I have received another offer. In the time that has past I have become a bit of a specialist on Microsoft's System Centre Ops Manager product and it seems to becoming more and more popular. All the other offers I have received are dodgy. They want cash to place you. The one company regularly advertises on Dice.com so I am a bit confused. If I gave SAUSA the company details could somecheck them out for me? I have had some great site referrals and general help from SAUSA so this is "my light in the darkness"!! If you cannot find the sites posted here PM me and I will email you all the information I have. Cheers Disting
  12. Hi Shayne, Just a thought...so, if you get the letter you have won...can you still be declined at the embassy interview?
  13. Thanks guys!! The members on this forum have been great! If anyone is interested to contact Cruise Alternatives here is their email: info[at]cruisealternatives.com I do still have to go to the consulate. Any advice from ye olde pro's?
  14. Hi guys, I made it through the interview and now have to go for my C1 visa! I got the job and once the visa is done I fly to Miami mid-September! I will be working for Carninval Cruises aas an IT Manager. I am exited,b ut will be super happy once the VISA is done.
  15. Hi Estelle, That is really a pity, but at least you know. I have been invited for my final interview on a cruise liner. I hope that goes well. How would the J1 visa work? Utah: Any updates on your side?
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