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  1. Hi Yes, Skype is MUCH cheaper - but not everyone has Skype or always wants to make the call when they are at home and connected - this service is a very cheap way of being able to call overseas at anytime that suits you without paying a fortune. I use Skype too often - when it is convenient. Best wishes Tim
  2. Hallo I thought it might be a good idea to pass this on to your friends, colleagues, customers, associated clubs, organisations and companies in SA and other people with South African links so they can tell their friends/relatives in SA how to talk to them inexpensively - either as a note in your next email newsletter or as a little advert somewhere. And of course use it yourselves! Regards Tim Norris tnorris[at]notesafrica.co.za Tel: +27 (0)11 621 4886 Fax: +27 (0)11 621 4883 Cell: +27 (0)82 552 6951 =============================== All you do is dial 084 198 0000 from any cell phone or land-line, wait for the voice prompt and then dial the international number you require with all the codes - for example 09 44 ........ for the UK. There is no sign-up, no subscription, no waiting and no risk - you use the same number for any country - 084 198 0000. Please allow us to very quickly introduce you to Talking Point, a new product being introduced to South Africa by VoIPLus. It is a brand new way of saving yourself a lot of money when making international calls from South Africa. You can call a landline almost anywhere in the world, Europe, USA, UK, India, China ..... from any landline, switchboard or cellphone and it will not cost you more than R2.85 per minute (standard VAS rates apply). There is not going to be a huge market blitz; that's why we can keep the prices so low. So we are relying on you to put it on your cellphones as a speed-dial, to tell all your friends (don't tell your enemies - let them continue paying huge amounts for their international calls - grin!); tell your boss, your colleagues and your customers; tell your office manager so your telephone least-cost routing system can be re-programmed, and if you have a company website, pop a small notice on there too. You are at the computer now - so forward this to everyone you know. Do it now! Otherwise you may forget and the next time you call overseas you won't have our 084 198 0000 number to hand. With the holiday season approaching this email may save you a lot of money. We don't plan to contact you again (unless you have tried the service in which case we may ask a random sample for your feedback on the quality of the service) - so there is no need to unsubscribe. If you would like to contact us about anything, please feel free do do so via email at CustomerCare[at]voiplus.co.za.
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