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  1. CJHenning

    Citizenship/naturalization: Processing Time

    DUM DUM DUM DUM DAAAAAAA...... (thats a drum roll by the by...LOL) Well went in for the Civics Test this morning was really great and fast with a super friendly immigration agent. When it was done she asked me if i wanted to be sworn in at 2pm.... I said HECK YES!!!! went out for a quick lunch with my wife who was with me got back before 2pm and then me and 25 others were sworn in... out of the 25 of us we represented 16 nations I was the only south african. Was very cool and now Im very pleased to finally be able to say that Im a US citizen. So here is my process time Sent in Paperwork: 30th March 2010 Finger Prints and Biometrics: 11th May 2010 Civics Test and Taking the Oath ceremony : 15th July 2010 Cheers all, and to those who are still in the process or about to begin it all the best. -Christian-
  2. CJHenning

    Citizenship/naturalization: Processing Time

    Well its now 12:28am I should get to bed but my head is buzzing.... Tomorrow morning is my civics test. I have all the paper work they want and had my wife give me the pop quiz tonight got all 100 questions right... so im pretty sure i will do fine during the 6 questions for tomorrow.... Coming from south africa and having to have dealt with home affairs so many times in the past... has made me always nervous for things like tomorrow. So i will check back in and let you all know how it goes... hopefully my next post will be as an American citizen. Keep well all. Christian
  3. CJHenning

    Anyone Else Getting Pms From "miss Flora"

    Yes you dont mess with an Oregon Host or his friends ....
  4. CJHenning

    Citizenship/naturalization: Processing Time

    Well did the finger prints this last week, I was nervous for nothing... took all of 3 minutes to do it. Now i just wait for my name to clear all their checks and then hopefully soon get the invite to come take the civics test....
  5. CJHenning

    Illegal Immigration

    I know this whole thing is crazy! Plus everyone is freaking out that the new law states the folks stopped by police must provide proof of being in the country legally...nothing new about that at all, we have to carry our green cards on us at all times for incase of things like that.... I say good to arizona for this law and sticking to it!
  6. CJHenning

    Citizenship/naturalization: Processing Time

    [at] Oscar, yes i Believe you can use a personal check i sent in a bank one just to be on the safe side. I got my notice for Fingerprinting in the mail this past week will go mid May for that... I take it then its the waiting game as they run your details and finger prints thru FBI. Im hoping mine goes fast (as im sure everyone does...LOL) I cant wait for the civics test have allready been reading up on the 100 questions just to be on the up and up. Will hopefully be posting here in a few months with the good news. Cheers vir eers Christian
  7. CJHenning

    Traveling On Temporary Sa Passport

    Thanks... Ya kind of letting go of the hope for France but glad i can get into Tahiti at least on the Temp thing. SO now im just hoping my new SA passport makes it in time that i wont have to worry about it at all and just get to go to both country's
  8. CJHenning

    Traveling On Temporary Sa Passport

    Hey Everyone... I sent in my Passport to be renewed via the L.A embassy (super nice folks there) and applied for a temporary passport for in the meantime... its valid for 1 year has 4 visa pages and is black instead of green.... It came in the mail this week. My only question is has any of you travled to other countries on a temporary SA passport and what was the experience like? Im meant to fly to France in May and then leave from there and fly to Tahiti... both trips for work... now the french embassy in San Fran says they wont let met into France on the temp passport but tahiti they will... Is their a way to get a French Visa and be let into the country on the temporary passport? ANY info on traveling on the temp one both leaving the USA and getting back in would be great Thanks Christian
  9. CJHenning

    Citizenship/naturalization: Processing Time

    So..... Its been a while since anyone posted on this thread.... I finally sent in my N-400 paper work on monday. Im Very exited to FINALY be on this road.
  10. CJHenning

    Passport Application/renewal

    Any Idea how long it takes to get a temp passport? Mine has expired and im about to send in all my paper work to get a new one but need to do some traveling in the meantime i understand it will take 6 months to get new passport... I read online something of a temp passport but no clue as to how long it takes to get that and will other countries except it?
  11. CJHenning

    Citizenship/naturalization: Processing Time

    Man Im so stoked for all of you who has gone thru this already... Some of my SA buddies here in portland are peeved at me since I have been eligible to get my citizen ship for a year and a half now i think but was always held up by work then the week i wanted to do it they increased their fees so i had to wait till my budget could afford it again. Im Hoping to start sending in all my forms by the end of this month. Im a bit worried as my SA passport expires in march and im now leaning towards getting dual citizenship. I dont want my SA passport renewing to hold up my application for US citizenship. Hey how freaked were you folks that has done this now about the test they give you, sounds like its just a few easy questions? Hopefully soon I can post my success story on here too. Congrats to all the others that has made it thru this stressful mess. Cheers vir eers Christian
  12. CJHenning

    De Klerk sees improvement in South Africa

    Im sorry but the only folks who will feel like the author of that articale is the folks who were very well off in the old SA, I come from middel class stock my friends and my dad worked as sasol in sasolburg and at Iskor in vanderbyl... THE NEW COUNTRY IS A HELL TO THEM WHO WORKED THERE ASSES OFF FOR THE OLD GOVERMENT AND WAS TRHOWN AWAY JUST CAUSE THERE WHITE... the real people of SA the middel and lower class whites are far worse off than they used to be and , not to mention crime... plus what the hell is he talking about the few hardships farmers have to face now like loosing one or two farms is all that is giong on with them on their lands never mind them being whiped out like the plague.... Sorry but this Vic is as clue-less as his name sake old exuse for a president De Klerk. Christian
  13. CJHenning

    Show me your House

    :ilikeit: :ilikeit: Oops I forget a very important picture DURBS EK LIKE DIE SA FLAG MAN, Ek het ook 'n groot een wat in my kantoor hang...die lekerte van jou eie besigheid run... Maar meskien moet mense nie vra wat jou nou doen nie... maar wat het jy gedoen om so huis te kry ...stunning.....
  14. CJHenning

    Two Big Questions

    Hey every one .... Just wanted to say sorry i have been unable to get more things organized for a big Gelofte Dag fees. I just dont have any time at the moment... Working 80 hour weeks and then from home on weekends tends to eat up ALL your free time... We should still try something here even if its only folks coming togher in their own states on the day but at least so that everyone knows where to go to . Christian Rerig jammer hoor.....
  15. CJHenning

    Two Big Questions

    Wel bly dan maar die woord hoog en laag versprei aan alle afrikaaners as ook mense wie verjaar op die dag (springbokkie..LOL) dan kan ons teen maart 2006 vaste planne begin neer sit sodat mense klomp tyd kan he om reelings te tref en nodige fondse te spaar ens. Enige mense wat meer inligting wil gee of kry oor die Gelofte Dag idea vir 2006 kan my 'n epos stuur by boerkrag[at]gmail.com dankie vir al die belangsteling dus ver. Christian