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  1. oceankidz


    http://www.city-data.com/forum/#u-s-forums this is a great resource that we have used over the years as we looked at moving to different areas. Each state has it's own attractions and the folk on here can help. There are distinct climate zones, so depends if you like snow, humidity etc - it took us many years before discovering that the southwest works well for us. Good luck!
  2. there is now a group for exchanging emails and ideas - slowly finding a few fellow South Africans in the area so spread the word Thanks! http://groups.google.com/group/south-afric...chantment?hl=en
  3. Well the big move is on - the East Mountains ( outside Albuquerque) will be home for the next year and I would really like to get a South African club off the ground. I have started a google group for now and will try and put a webpage together.So if you know of any folk from SA or Zim who would like to get together please share this email for now south-africans-in-the-land-of-enchantment[at]googlegroups.com. and a new site that is still in the making http://sites.google.com/site/southafricanslandofenchantment/
  4. Hi there we have homeschooled in the US for the past 11 years and you are welcome to email me at sacleggs[at]gmail.com and I can try to help if I can. Florida is one of the more homeschool friendly states, my sister enrolled her kids with the virtual school system and they have done very well with it. She did join a private homeschool group to get her one daughter's credits recognised. What grade is your child supposed to be in? If you are homeschooling you can give credit yourself for the subjects already completed. There are some wonderful support groups in Florida which you can google. We are now in SC and it is a little different here, but I have my son graduating this year and all his credits have been recognised - in fact he already has his acceptance from two colleges.
  5. Thanks sooo much Bev - last time we chatted was almost 18 months ago! I will pm Alison and look forward to hearing all about New Mexico from her! Hope you have settled well in South Carolina, love your pictures.
  6. Thanks I certainly will do - we're wanting to get away from city life - needing a rural balance - though with the convenience of some city benefits. We're on the NE coast, although a little lower down in Charleston for the past 5 years and are ready for something totally different.
  7. Thanks - we are making a stop in Pueblo, Colorado which is a little further south. Did look around his area - Durango -absolutely beautiful, but property prices have gone sky high hence the reason to look further south.
  8. Just curious to find out if there are any South Africans aboard this forum who live in the New Mexico area...anywhere from Albuquerque to Santa Fe. We are heading that way next month, looking at the option of settling there or southern Colorado and just wanted to chat to a local!! Thanks
  9. [You do need to get the fingerprint form mailed from them - and they will only send it to you once you send them a self addressed envelope! B9 I think . Carole
  10. Hi Anyone have advice or experience on how to complete the renewal SA passport apps - specifically the dates of departure from SA etc. I was told that if we have been out of the country for more than 5 years it could be a problem. We do not hold citizenship of any other country, but are permanent residents in the US and with all the stories flying around about loosing your citizenship....
  11. Thanks! been quite a bit of activity in our neighbourhood with 4 sales in the past 30 days ......and it is one way of making the kids make their beds
  12. Monique - you do not need to know how - there are so many curriculums in a package that do it all for you! Teaching Textbooks does a great job with each problem worked out in detail, so does Apologia Science - each state will tell you the minimum credits they require, but in turn you still need to check what the colleges would prefer. Many now have a section especially for homeschooled kids applying.
  13. The visual tour for the property has been updated. Thanks for looking.
  14. oceankidz

    Where are you?

    Anyone in Colorado? and would like to share via email - thanks
  15. Anyone want to move close to the beach?? They can have our lovely home and we'll even throw in great neighbours with the deal, a cul de sac, a community pool with an active summer swim team and how about a boat launch.....any takers for Mount Pleasant, which is a suburb of Charleston South Carolina - around 45000 people. See the link in the classified section
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