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  1. klippies

    Exchange Rate

    Hi All Is it better to change dollars to rands in the US or better to do this in SA? Thanks.
  2. klippies

    Airfares To Sa

    Thanks Spokie - will have a look soonest.
  3. klippies

    Airfares To Sa

    Is anyone planning on flying to Sa from the US in July or August? The cheapest fares I found were $1800 from Denver. Is Karell Travel cheaper or do they find fares on Expedia and elsewhere? Many thanks Noel
  4. I suppose I should have left with the gun, but we left SA, went to Canada for 18 months and then moved to the US. That boggled my little brain and I left it in SA, thinking I would fetch it later on. Never happened and now I am stuck. Oh well. I have heard that the polies farce won't accept weapons!! I wonder what there purpose is then? Noel
  5. Does anyone know of a company in SA that would export a firearm from there to the US? I have a revolver there and did not bring it with me when I left. With the new laws now, the person keeping it for me has to do something. I would appreciate any information. Thanks Noel
  6. klippies

    Its Almost Time

    Just an FYI: We landed in the US and after 30 days we went to a bank to apply for a car loan. The manager asked us for our mortgage statements for the last 5 years, looked at them and gave us a loan for the car - $22000. You can also get a credit card by giving the bank, say $500, and they then issue you with a card that has that amount on it. After a year, you can stop first giving the money - it becomes a regular card.
  7. klippies

    Its Almost Time

    We bought a book called Places Almanac. It show information like days of sunshine, crime etc. We had to choose between Denver or Seattle - chose Denver. It's a lot like Pretoria except that we get snow. One day will be 30F and the next day will be 70F. People are really friendly and there is a lot to do. Housing is fairly cheap - you can rent a 2 bedroom place for +- $800. Check out www.zillow.com and click on places to rent. A lot of South Africans live here. There is a group that get together every so often - you can find it on this site. Noel
  8. We've been back 3 times and felt kind of out of sorts each time. Strange feeling. Won't go back again - there is nothing there for me - no family or anything else. We'll stay here and take the good with the bad. We have good jobs and we think we're in no danger of becoming unemployed.
  9. It's possible to have dual citizenship. You don't have to give up being South African. You request the proper docs from the SA'n consulate, complete them and that's it. Good luck - it is really a tough situation.
  10. You can also look at www.expedia.com. It has pictures and customer reviews. Pretty helpful.
  11. We were driving through New Mexico on our way to Sante Fe and a bored cop stopped us. we were doing the speed limit and he came over and asked us some questions and then he let us go. there is really nothing much in NM, so I guess we were something for him to do. seems like the donut store was closed.... I've seen the cops in denver drive behind a car for a mile or so, pass him and go to the next car - until he finds something he can stop the poor schmuck for. then he pulls him over and does his/her thing. they must like playing with there lights.
  12. If you see a bunch of older folks in huge Cadillacs and they're wearing enormous dark glasses, head for the hills....
  13. It;s not that bad. You keep trying to find the rear-view mirror on the wrong side and you'll keep missing the clutch which is elsewhere!! Turning left was difficult, but got used to the 'wrong' side fairly quickly. Oh, and you'll keep trying to get in the drivers side on the passenger side. We've been in the US for 13 years and my wife still sometimes stands on the drivers side even when she is not driving. Shame..
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