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  1. I could not find any email from you.... Have you sent the email? Talk soon M
  2. Hmmmm yammees....nou raak ek ook lus vir 'n samoosa...... nou die dag daarvan gepraat........
  3. i am looking forward hearing from you. I will check my email. Have a great day Marli
  4. Hi Could you please give me more information......we host currently two exchange students....... we enjoy doing this. Thanks Marli My email address : Thomasses[at]posbus.com
  5. Sal ek dit ooit vergeet.......? Mens raak sommer weemoedig net om daaraan te dink, die goeie ou dae! Groetnis Pet
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDZaAN_kX2Y Moes 'n traan of twee wegpink.......... :cry: :cry:
  7. Audio - DRAKENSBERG BOYS CHOIR http://www.dbchoir.info/dbcsaudio/dbcs.html http://www.dbchoir.info/mmedia.html
  8. Hier is die link van die Drakies se toer na die USA http://www.dbchoir.info/
  9. I just saw in our local newspaper that the DRAKENSBERG BOYS CHOIR is performing, Monday 19, 2007 in my town (Fort Wayne, IN) at the First Presbyterian Church If you would like more information you could call 260-426SING(7464) Seems like the ticket prices are selling for $15 It was totally by accident that we saw this ad........ It is sad that it hasn't been advertised more, at least we haven't been aware of it till now. . As you know they are the cream of the crop of South Africa!!!!!! Marli
  10. In general mid management in a large sales organisation, Entry level lawyer, entry level physician, pharmaceutical representative, nurse practitioner are some jobs that pay around $70 000 a year. I dont know what type of job you have been offered. No matter what your income I think you should take the challenge and GO for it. It sounds like a chance of a LIFETIME. We wish you all the best and success in the future. And let us know how it goes. Marli
  11. Ja-nee julle manne darem.....tskkk.... hoe kon julle dan vergeet het dat agter elke suksesvolle man 'n vrou staan..... heheheeheehe In any case, thought you men would like to hear this one... lol A woman was telling her friend, "It is I who made my husband a millionaire." "And what was he before you married him," asked the friend. Woman replied, "A multi-millionaire."
  12. True love is forever... :-) Mooi gedagte van jou Tokolos....... you are a very special and beautiful couple. Ek is seker sy het trane in haar oe gekry toe sy jou post gesien het...
  13. Petuniaflower


    Great video with a added bonus of another great use for a q-tip
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