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  1. Chantelle

    SA to USA

    Hi JimNBoss I believe if all goes well and according to plan we will most likely join you guys in the states. Pups and all. Will keep you all posted if things start happening, and will also shout if there's any help. I'm really so excited about all this, I just can't wait. I know we'll have a better life and not even to mention the opportunities over there :ilikeit: For the drinking part, luckily that wont be a problem. We aren't that big on alcohol, but if the occasion arise, we prefer being at home and not doing any travelling by car :ilikeit: Both of us have a clean record, and no Problems. :whome: Keep well and thanks for all the advice.
  2. Chantelle

    SA to USA

    I am overwhelmed by all the responses I received. Wow, thank you so much everybody. It really means alot knowing people like you are out there willing to offer a helping hand. Ek laaik dit ongelooflik baie :ilikeit: :ilikeit: :ilikeit: :ilikeit: :ilikeit: I know it's a long process, but willing to take the chance. We just have to start looking for sponsors, as you guys said. Will keep you all informed if there's any news on that. En ek gaan weer pla en skree as ek hulp nodig het gedurende die proses. You all helped me get a better idea on how things work, and what to do. THANK YOU :holy: Nou voel ek darem nie meer so erg soos n dom blond nie,ha ha ha ha :whome: Hope to chat to you all soon. Keep well Lekkepiet, Ek gooi gewoonlik nooit handoek in nie. As ek iets wil he en ek kan dit nie kry nie, maak dit my net meer determined om dit te kry. So, ons hoop om jul eendag te sien daai kant. :ilikeit:
  3. Chantelle

    SA to USA

    Hi to all who's been so helpful on my questions :ilikeit: I'm getting worried reading all these replies. It sounds like it will be an impossible task and like it will take forever. I'm also confused with all the different visas How long will it take for the H1-B visa to expire? I dont think I'll be able to sit at home for too long and not work, it'll most defnitely drive me crazy!!!! :whome: How do the people from the states accept South africans in the working environment? Are they keen to employ us? Here I go again. Do they do telephonic interviews, or how does it work? Last question, do you know if there's any quarantine from USA to Australia.? Thanks to you all.
  4. Chantelle

    SA to USA

    Thanks Ian. Will start searching the web ASAP. I'm not going to stop until we find something suitable. Once again, thank you so much. :ilikeit: :ilikeit: Another thing, why cant the spouse of a permit holder not work legally? Will one income be suitable to support two people? And family at later stage? Here in SA I don't think we'll survive only on one salary! :whome:
  5. Chantelle

    SA to USA

    Hi again Thanks. You're right, I cant just pick and choose, but have to go where the opportunities are. Thanks again So glad that all your stuff is sorted. Hope to get there soon as well.
  6. Chantelle

    SA to USA

    :ilikeit: Hi to you all, Ian,Creature, Tokolosi & Durbs Wow, amazed by the quick responses on that one. Thank you so much. Will try and answer as many questions as possible. Firstly, other half and I will hopefully be getting married this year, so by the time we're there, yes, we'll be married. I'm into sales. If I had my way I would be in the medical field, but unfortunately not everything works as planned. I'm currently working for a tobacco company, as a key accounts development executive. My other half is a qualified fitter & turner but currently working as an account manager for a huge power tool company. Do we sound under qualified for the states? This all sounds so impossible. Everything seems so dark, but I know you guys will be able to help and assist us in this proses. :holy: At least it gives some light at the end of the dark tunnel knowing you all got there from SA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :ilikeit: I have a few friends who just packed up and left. Some to auz some to the states. And it was all in a matter of about 4 months. Kid you not. I also have 3 basset hounds, and they'll join us. Already got info on that, NO QUARANTINE. YAY!!!!!!! :ilikeit: :ilikeit: :ilikeit: :ilikeit: Ok, that's all I can think of now? Thank you so much for everyone's advice, will go on the links later to do some research. Chat to you soon
  7. Chantelle

    SA to USA

    Hi there to all you lovely people. I recently joined the forum and so glad I found it. :ilikeit: I hope someone can be of some assistance to me. We want to work in the states, we've never done something like this before, so it's like baby steps. We want to get there ASAP cause things in sunny SA are really getting out of hand, and we can no longer carry on like this. :thumbdown: How does it work? Do we just apply for a working visa and take a plane? Sorry, but I really don't know. Our plans are to get a job that side, move there, and apply from that side for our citizenship. Is that possible doing it that way????? So far we've decided on california, why, I dont know yet. I've applied on the hotmail homepage for the greencard lottery? First time I heard of it, but I need to enter my credit card details. Bit shaky about that one? We are both in our mid 20's, and see the states as a lovely place for a second chance. Since I've been a child, I've always wanted to go there. Hope it will happen sometime soon... :whome: Many questions I know, but I hope someone can be of some assistance in helping us. Have a wonderful day. Chantelle
  8. Chantelle

    College Station

    Hi daar Ek en my beter helfte kom altwee oorspronklik van klerksdorp af. Klein wereld is dit nie
  9. Chantelle


    Hi There Thank you so much for your help on this one. :ilikeit: We actually want to go to australia, but I'm not willing to keep my babies in quarantine for 7 months. That's just unheard of. :thumbdown: They're my life, and I dont think they'll survive for that time without me, same goes for me. It makes me happy to hear there's no quarantine between Sa and Usa. It's unbelievable. If that's the way it should be, we'll rather be immigrating to the states then. I havent really looked around on this forum for any links regarding my question, but thanks, now I have a better idea on using this site. Do you know if there's quarantine from the states to australia or where I can find more info on that. By the way, I like your "nick" Have a fabulous day. Looking forward to hear from you soon. Kind regards Chantelle
  10. Chantelle


    Good day to all. We are from fochville, located about 100 km from johannesburg. We want to leave SA asap, things are really getting out of hand here and we see a much better future anywhere else than here. There's only one problem We have three basset hounds, and don't want to leave them behind. Now I heard there's no quarantine required for the states, can anyone please inform me more on this subject. We want to go to the states for 6months to one year. Then from there we want to go over to australia. Does anyone have any idea if there's any quarantine required going this route. I would really appreciate it if anyone can help me regarding this. Thank you. Chantelle