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  1. Affies word hierdie jaar 90. In 'n onlangste Pretoria Beeld was daar 'n versoek vir gedigte van oud-Affies. Die skool wil 'n digbundel saamstel met gedigte van Affies én oud-Affies. Die details van die versoek is aangeheg en meer inligting kan gevind word by AHMP Groete! X Digbundel Versoek.pdf
  2. Hi Everyone, I am an active member from www.saaustralia.org, and will be leaving for Australia soon. Our plan is to buy a notebook as soon as we arrive in Australia, and we initially considered a PC (Sony VAIO VGNSZ483NC to be specific), but were recently told to rather opt for an Apple Macbook . I am no graphic designer, but my husband loves editing our personal home videos…. :whome: I believe one can now operate Windows on an Apple Macbook… , but is is user-friendly? Can one Skype with an Apple Macbook or do you need a PC for Skype? My ultimate goal with a notebook is to visit www.saaustralia.org, Skype my family and friends, writing emails etc. Should one opt for a PC, Apple Macbook or Apple Macbook Pro? I know that there are a few computer experts on the forum and would love to get opinions and suggestions. Please help. Bye, Pippa! X
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