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    Jag, Rugby, ou karre, historiese militere wapens allerhande manly dinge. Dan ook dier. Mal oor diere, veral klein wollerige diertjies.
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  1. Either one. I'll put down money for 5 tickets.
  2. Hehehehe I wish I could find the beer - it's usually gone by the time I get to it! Ek bestel binnekort so paar DVD's van Kalahari.net af. Ek sal met groot liefde uithelp. Stuur maar net 'n PM.
  3. Sorry I couldn't make it I'm glad y;all had fun though!!!
  4. maarten221


    Oranje, sign up for Kudu Club and get more sports than you can handle... If you move to Atlanta, look us up. There is a very large group of SA's in Atlanta and we party for a living
  5. I'll sign up, Cazz.... I've never had anytthing but HUGE fun with the expats in Atl.
  6. Cazz, ek wou bel, maar bellsouth het nog nie ons fone aangesluit by die nuew huis nie. Ek is so siek soos 'n hond! Ek dink dit is maar net sinus probleme. Ek wou so graag gaan. Wat maak julle Volgende naweek? Miskien 'n braai of iets? My plek of by julle? (BTW, ek het nou ook 'n agter erf).
  7. he he he Ya, my local store offered a Yugoslavian SKS with grenade launcher (for rifle grenades) for $98! And they have a whole crate full of em! I should have grabbed one. Can't get them for under $150 now.
  8. I know, Mickey, it hurts to have to throw away money like that. CJ, as long as those M16's and AK's are semi auto, they are legal to own and sell as well. You can even buy weapons mail order, but you need a C&R license for classic arms (before 1960's manufacture i think) or an FFL dealer's license (or a gun dealer that willa ccept it for you). It is also legal to make your own weapon as long as it is made from 90% american parts, semi-auto and you have the right to own a weapon (no felonies etc).
  9. Wow, if we can find out when he plays in Atlanta I would be a happy guy! I love his music. Very rich voice.
  10. Mickey, what kind of weapon is it? It is almost impossible to bring some fire arms into the USA unless they have historic value. I've tried. It is almost senseless to bring a weapon like a handgun or hunting rifle into the USA. They are very inexpensive here. Examples? Glock - around $400 to $500 AR15 Semi Auto rifle .223 cal - Around $800 .308 hunting rifle - anywhere from $300 to $1000 Shotguns can be had for less than $200
  11. hallo Just gekko! Sien jou nou eers hier!
  12. Welcome to Georgia, folks!
  13. Ek het die naweek skaap tjops ge-eet - die publix variety.
  14. That's about the cheapest way.... And the most "legal" way. Funny enough - it is just as difficult to get money in! Another way may be something like Paypal - open a paypal account here in the US and tie it to a debit card in SA - then dump all your cash into the debit card account (mostly savings) and there you go - otherwise get a Maestro card from ABSA - it works in the USA - my sister used it when she was going to school here.
  15. Good idea Cazz....or we can get someone with BIG stickers at the entrance....
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