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  1. Hi Michelle, I am not far from where u live and we could get together over one of the next weekends. Jaco
  2. hello every one. Send me some feedback on a getting together for a potjie and braai picknick. I am close to Hastings and I have a great venue to hold such an event which would be cool for kids as well????
  3. Baie dankie Janneman, nou kan wegspring en hopenlik dit reg kry. Ek maak gereeld potjies hier in my area en die amerikaners is mal daaroor. :ilikeit:
  4. I would really appreciate it Sam, I will be waiting for a reply. My e mail is boer_bebop[at]yahoo.com
  5. I would love if someone can help me with a recipe to make "King pie" size pies. I am looking for especially the recipe for the pie dough. Help `n boer uit
  6. Well, there is a bunch of "Southies" around Minnesota (Mineapolis/St Paul) varying in ages from 22 to 40. i am 31 and we have a hell of a time - I geuse u would have to drive but it is not that far. We go to Chicago pretty regular. So if u want to come and hang out, just contact me
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