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  1. Hi, I am in El Dorado Hills just outside Sacramento and am interested in finding out where the butcher is located. The ad did not show up well on the post. Thanks, Cheers
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    Thanks guys - look forward to visiting ofte n.
  3. Hi all, just thought I would let you all know the I have just published a great book of Alternate photographs using a Toy camera depicting my view of South Africa during my last trip home. Novemeber 06-Jan 07. The book can be viewed and purchased at www.Blurb.com. The name of the book is: Snap! Toying with Africa I am a Fine Art Photosgrapher with gallery representation in California. My work can also be viewed on my website at www.Kubili.com. Most of my work depicts images taken in South Africa. Thanks for looking and feedback is welcome. Cheers,
  4. Hi Ulani, this reply probably comes a little late - but here goes anyway. I have lived in the California region for many years and what I can gather from your post - the town you are looking for is called OJAI, a little town that is situated in the advocado growing region of the state. It is just a hop and skip away from LA and Santa Barbara. I have visited the area often and it is quite lovely. It is a wonderful little town with great weather and if you are considering home schooling your children then this area will work very well. Please bear in mind that very few places in the US are going to give you the sence of space that you are accustomed too in SA unless you are prepared to live in remote areas of New Mexico ect. Cheers, Eldore' www.Kubili.com
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    Hi all, just a quick intro. Vic and I left SA in 1995 with our daughter of 1. We spent the first yr abroad in Toronto and then it was off to California for a year. After California we headed to Denver for 4yrs, where our son was born. and then spent a year working in Perth, Australia, before it was back to the US. We have been in Sacramento for the last 5 years now. We still miss home terribly and try and visit at least every 2 years. Our last trip being in November '06 - January '07. Cheers, Eldore' and family
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