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  1. LMansell


    I thought one never receives emails from KCC?? I sat down and thought about it though and then I remembered what happened. We had just moved back to Jo'burg in Oct 2009 and I didn't have time to take photos and enter etc. I stupidly used USAFIS and left it at that. When May 2010 came I contacted them to see if I had won in DV2011 only to be informed that since I had applied to them in October, they had not had enough time to prepare my app and submit so they would only be entering me on Oct 2010 for DV2012!!! As you can imagine, I was furious. I effectively missed out on DV2011 adn I couldn't enter myself for DV2012 as they were entering on my behalf. I guess I missed the boat totally. Anyway, I played myself for DV2013 and was not selected in May this year. I want to check again today (Oct 1st) since apparently there may be additional winners drawn. However, I went onto the USCIS website today and the date has been changed to Oct 22nd. Now I just have to wait a bit longer. Will be entering DV2014 on Wednesday. Thanks to everyone who has helped with info and good luck to other entrants.
  2. LMansell


    Hi Superkruz and the rest of the gang! Long time no see. Haven't been on in ages. This was my 10th attempt and still no luck, so you can imagine how excited I got about the possible extra selectees in October. I am holding thumbs. Naturally I have missed out on some things, having been away for so long. What is this balls up everyone keeps referring to regarding last year's draw? Secondly, I suddenly panicked last night when I visited another forum and they mentioned that there were additional selectees in last year's draw too. I only checked my number on the website in May I think it was. I didn't go back and check later in the year. Did this indeed happen? If so, could I have won and not even known about it??? Aaargh! Somebody please settle my nerves.
  3. Thank you so much to all who replied. You're always so informative and helpful on this forum . We are going to Minnesota and South Dakota so I am preparing to buy lots of warm clothes there since nothing they sell here will be warm enough. I've already got authorisation from our medical aid for 3 months chronic meds upfront so that is sorted. We are all very excited and nervous. Thanks also for the info on visitors for 6 months. I think what was said about 6 months per calendar year sounds logical. The friends we'll be staying with apparently know an immigration lawyer so I'll ask them the same question when we get there and let you know the response. Anyhoo, we are counting down the sleeps now and can't wait to get there.
  4. Hi All! Long time no chat. We are finally going on a trip to the US for 3 months. I am so excited, most of you know how long I've waited for this opportunity. I just need to know what to pack? We are staying with friends but I wonder if it's worth it bringing linen and toys etc. I'll obviously pack my children's favourite toy but is it cheap to buy things like that there? Is there anything other than our docs that I should absolutely not forget to pack? My children have never flown international so I am quite nervous about the long flight. I'm going to pack a goodie bag for each child, hopefully that will do the trick. I also want to know about visitors to permanent residents/GC holders. If we were to win the GC, would my mom be able to visit us for extended periods of time on a holiday visa? eg 6 months with us in the States and then back to SA for 2 months and then another 6 months with us etc. I am so worried that if we win I won't see my mom enough and waiting 5 years before we can sponsor her as citizens seems like an eternity to wait. Anyway, I'm off to pack some more and I can't wait for your responses! Have a lekker day Lisa
  5. LMansell

    Dv 2011 Entrees

    Thanks very much, Reichette! Yip, I won't forget about those passing logs either.
  6. LMansell

    Dv 2011 Entrees

    Hi Woodie! A very big congratulations to you and good luck with your decision. I share your feelings as I am desperate to win the lottery and relocate but my huband is a lot more cautious and sceptical, so been there, done that. As a fellow Christian I thought I'd share this little story with you - maybe your wife will appreciate it: A man was sitting in his lounge watching TV when broadcasting was interrupted by an emergency report. A huge storm was on its way and people were advised to grab their necessities and leave their homes. The man was unfazed, "God will save me", he said to himself. A few hours later there was a knock on the door. It was the army, strongly urging the man to vacate his home as the storm was fast approaching. "I'm not leaving", said the man, "I'm a Christian. God will save me." The storm came and the waters rose. As water poured into his house a boat passed by with people offering the man I ride. "Don't worry about me", said the man, "God will save me." Eventually the man was forced onto his roof as the water level continued to rise. A helicopter passed the flooded homes and hovered above him offering assistance to the man. "Carry on", said the man, "God will save me." The waters rose further and the man drowned. He ascended to heaven and at the pearly gates, he asked the Lord, "Father, I am a Christian with great faith. Why didn't you save me?" The Lord looked at him, somewhat astonished and said, " I sent you a news report, an army, a boat AND a helicopter. What more did you want me to do?" Moral of the story, keep your eyes WIDE open for those helicopters. We have a job offer in the States and a great company we may be able to buy. I keep telling my husband, when the doodie hits the fan in SA, don't ask God why He didn't save us. All the best with your decision and please pray that my family gets one of those lucky letters one of these days! Lisa
  7. LMansell

    Dv 2011 Entrees

    Congratulations Rusties!!! I am super jealous but super happy for you too! Best of luck with the road ahead. Don't give up Tracy, I too am in JHB and I'm holding thumbs. I have scoured the web for SA winners. So far, the only one seems to be Rusties. I know that of the +- 900 winners from SA each year, not all post news of their winnings on the web, but you usually you hear of atleast 5 or 6. I think this means we are still in the running - whether you used USAFIS or not. Hang on until the 1st of July atleast. Next time enter yourself on the government website for free and you'll be able to use your confirmation number to check if you won on the 1st of July. Good Luck to everyone still waiting. I waiting here with you Lisa
  8. LMansell

    Dv 2011 Entrees

    I hope they send the NL's early this year. I know the soonest they arrive is March, best case scenario. We really have to win this year. The people in this place are really starting to get to me. eg Mr Malema and co. I feel like a prisoner to my assets. We can't leave until we sell the house/car, but we can't sell the house/car because of the poor market. Our very kind job offer is still open in the US - can you believe after more than a year?? I reckon they'll eventually get sick of waiting for us. The GC seems like the way out, then we can sell up regardless because our residency will be guaranteed and not hingeing (is that the right spelling?)on a job offer. Thanks to all the regulars for all the well wishes. I am positive this year that a good number of hopefulls on this forum will win this year. Good Luck to everyone else!
  9. LMansell

    Dv 2011 Entrees

    Thanks, Tok! I need all the happy thoughts I can get :-)
  10. LMansell

    Dv Lottery

    Hi Spekkies! I know it seems almost impossible at first, but it's actually quite easy. First of all, you need a photo editing programme. Personally I downloaded a free copy of Irfanview off the net. Irfanview Once your pic is open in Irfanview, you can begin: 1.From the Image tab, select Resize/Resample and set new size to 600x800 or 800x600 and the DPI to 150. Check the box "Preserve aspect ratio" and "Sharpen after Resample". 2.Highlight area you want to crop with your mouse pointer (head and shoulders)with a bit of room to play with and then from the Edit tab click "Crop Selection". 3.Finally, from the Edit tab, select "Create custom crop selection" and choose 600x600 pixels and 150DPI. Automatically a perfect 600x600 box will appear over your pic. You can right click it and drag it to exactly where you want it (perfect head and shoulders shot) and then from the Edit tab click "Crop Selection. 4.When you Save the document, choose JPEG and on the right a box will appear where you can set the file size to 240kb. Wah-lah! You are ready to go :-) Hope this helps. Lisa
  11. Hi Guys I changed my profile photo just now and when I try to change my Avatar to match, my old photo keeps appearing as the avatar? Can anyone help? I have reduced the size to 50mb and it's still not working? Thanks Lisa
  12. is hoping for good things in 2010.

  13. LMansell

    Dv 2011 Entrees

    I entered for my folks about 2 weeks ago and for myself yesterday. Will be entering for my hubby next week - trying to space them out a bit and see if that doesn't make a difference.
  14. CONGRATULATIONS!! Eliab. Take it slow and enjoy the journey. Good luck with the road ahead :-)
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