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  1. As it is the winter months, why don't we arrange something at a restuarant or maybe just meet for drinks until we can have a braai in the summer time. Any one up for this and maybe some suggestions? Janihoe
  2. Hi there, I am in Naperville to. Have you guys organized a braai yet. Let me know I would love to get together with other South Africans. Janine
  3. Nice to hear that there are people from my neck of the woods. I lived in lansdowne and my husband is from Grassy Park. Moved to USA in 1999. Lving in Illinois.
  4. Oh my goodness. Where was the end of summer bash held? I went to a couple of get togethers over that time.
  5. Hi from Illinois. I just joined this board. Why is there never anyone on these forums from Chicago :thumbdown:
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