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  1. Has anyone tried Ralph Hayes for Boerewors and dried wors? He delivers to me in Dallas but operates out of Houston. I found him pretty reasonable and the goods to be great. Contact ralph at 281-217-6956 or e-mail ralphsmeats[at]yahoo.com
  2. Mak

    New In Katy Tx

    Hello and welcome. We used to live in Katy and had South African friends in Cinco Ranch. I am sure that you will find others there soon as I understand there are many. I hope you have manage to settle in without too much drama. Texas is a great place and the people are wonderful if you give them a chance.
  3. I am not sure where you obyained this information about having to repeat a grade due to international school education. We arrived in the USA after all five of ouyr children had been in international schools for most of their lives. They found that the standard here was way behind what they had experienced in Europe. We began them in a private school and quickly learned that the standard there was even further behind and consequently moved them to an exception public school where they never looked back. Placing them in the public school system allowed them to learn how to mix in a new culture as opposed to home schooling where they would have been isolated from the world around them. They have all done extremely well and most have completed their university education with the last one in his first semester of college. Not saying we had the only solution but just pointing out what worked for us.
  4. Hope you all enjoyed the meal. Sorry we couldn't be there. (a little far from Frisco)
  5. I can understand your feelings completely. Many years back I had the opportunity to work in the UK and my wife was so reluctant I passed on the chance. A few years later (after a traumatic hi-jacking where our five children were lined up against a wall and threatened with assault rifles) we left the country. The lord has a way of showing the way. Our path has lead us to this wonderful country where our children now all have the opportunity to be whatever they wish to be. Incidently my wonderful wife now says that given the same scenario over again she would not hesistate and would leave in a heartbeat. We all have different circumstances and so I am not saying that your case is the same as ours was, but never give up on a dream. Leaving the comfort of family and friends is an extremely difficult thing, more difficult for some than others.
  6. Congratulations on the permanent residence. The shorter lines at the airport is a real bonus.
  7. Knersus, your dad's chances of obtaining a visa are pretty good as John mnetioned the older folk seem to get special preferance. My Father visited me ealier this year and he got a visa with no trouble at all. In fact the embassy staff apologized to him for having to appear in person for the interview as he is 92 years old. He was very impressed with the way he was treated by the staff on the plane etc. The only problem arose when he landed at Atlanta where the security folk took him to one side made him stand for about 20 minutes while they frisked him. He was OK with this as he said he unerstood why it was being done, but was a little unsteady after the ordeal. My in-laws are arriving to visit this Christmas and they also had no trouble getting visa's. It would certainly be worth a try for your Dad.
  8. Mak

    What do you do?

    I am in the energy business, have a company that builds power plants. I was in the same industry in SA. Love the work and the challenge.
  9. It is all about personal goals and desired quality of life. For some a deserted island is the ultimate and for others never ending fields or forests etc. We all look for different rewards but whatever your needs, this country can provide the means to get there if you are prepared to invest the effort. I still say after travelling for the past 30 years and visiting many countries, in my opinion this is the "best place in the world" Based on three main criteria... 1/political stability 2/economical stability 3/Generally mild climate. Add the English language to this and you have my country. May not work for all but sure works for me.
  10. I came to the States on a transfer working for an American company. The rule then was that you had to have worked for an American company for at least 12 months to qualify. The process is faster and far more simple than any other I know of. Good luck and keep the pressure on your employers to take action soonest. (this is the best place in world, no question about it!!!)
  11. Down in Houston and most likely in most other major centers in the USA there is the huge issue of ESL (English Second Language) Most of the people we meet who will serve us do not speak English as their mother tongue and therefore it has taken them some time to become accustomed to the way Americans pronounce their words. Then along comes this gringo dude who speaks real funny and it takes a while to understand what the H&^^ he is trying to say. The on top of this he/she gets bent outta shape when we don't immediately comprehendo... go figure.
  12. Mak

    We Have Landed

    Welcome to America!!! Make the most of the good times and persevere through the not so good times.
  13. Hello DJ, welcome to our happy home.
  14. Mak

    "1000 Q's"

    These three quesions are probably the most commonly asked and difficult to answer. 1)There is no standard best way to get into the USA. As has been mentioned before, the shortest route is most likely working for an American firm for 12 months as this entitles you to transfer to the USA on a special visa that ensures a quicker transission to permanent residency. The next best is to find a company that is not only willing to employ you but also to sponser you for your green card process. (others may have better advice for you but this is the extent of my knowldge and experience. 2)The important thing to remember when considering a place to live, in my humble opinion, is that no matter where you live here in the USA you will be safer than where you are now. The southern states will provide you with the climate you are looking for. 3)If you are able to afford a trip over here just to see and experience things, that is great. This will give you a first hand view of the markets etc. However, I don't believe it is absolutely necessary as the internet can provide you with virtually any information you will need and we on this forum could probably provide the rest. It is not legally permitted to actively search for employment when visiting on a tourist visa. I am sorry I have not been too helpful but this is the best I can do under the circumstances for a fellow Durbanite.
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