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  1. SamG

    Student visa available

    Hi there, can you tell me what the period of employment is? You mentioned seasonal, I assume 3 months? Ciao, Sam
  2. SamG

    can we get our hopes up now?

    Hi CherylA, I know what you're going through and remember how it was for me. Although we are not in the US yet, we submitted all our applications for Permanent Residency in July this year (H1B's had already closed and we didn't want to wait until April next year to apply for that visa, so we took a chance on PR) and the first 2 months were the most anxious, especially because your new employer is waiting for you to come. But I can promise you that over time you will come to relax and not feel so anxious. There were times I thought I was going to go out of my mind, wondering what else we could do to speed up the process. Well, we have learned that with US Customs and Immigrations, it really is a waiting game. If you try hurry them up or hound them, they will take even longer and the sad fact is, the application is out of your control. Only the employer is allowed to work on the application, as the new employee we are not allowed to even phone them. The PR applications are now sitting at process date Jan 2007, so we're literally 6 months or less from hopefully realising our dream of coming to live in the US (we will be living in Montana). Even if we applied for the H1B in April (which is the only time you can apply every year), we wouldn't be able to leave before about Sept/Oct 08 anyway. My hubby's employer has been very patient with us and the key is to constantly keep in contact with them. I e-mail them about twice a week and their admin lady and I have become very very good friends. And every once in a while they will re-group just to find out how the process in going in getting my hubby over there and whether they still want to hire him. It is a very good excercise for all parties involved and so far, they still want him. :ilikeit: All this is meant to encourage you to never give up, but at the same time try not feel anxious because like every single person on this forum has told me previously, it really is a waiting game and you need to be patient. We have all been at the mercy of Customs and Immigrations at some point or other and even if it takes a little more long-suffering than you would like, unfortunately it has to be. Good luck with the application and I really pray everything works out for you. Sam
  3. SamG

    H1B Cap reached for 2008!

    That's great news Utah. I think the thing that stood in my husband's favor was the fact that his new company were able to prove beyond reason that they have not been able to hire anybody for the past 12 months. This is how long the job has been open for. Because of the skill level required to perform this type of work, they can't just hire any person off the street. I have asked the lady who submitted the papers to check and make sure that all cheques have in fact been cashed and that a case number was allotted. My husband was given a case number but it might not be the same number to use for USCIS. This ETA case number was given to him by doleta.gov. The case number allotted is a 10 digit number, except I don't know how to go about checking his case status online through them. I will wait to receive any receipt numbers so I can check my husbands status online through USCIS. Anyway, it's great that everything has worked out. I'm keeping my bottle of champers handy for when our case is approved!! Quick question, was your partner automatically issued an H4?
  4. SamG

    H1B Cap reached for 2008!

    Hi Utah, that's wonderful news. Quick question - when did you apply? My hubby's also waiting for his H1 and I know we're in the system, we're just waiting for our number - if you know what I mean. Apparently my husband will have to go to the CPT consulate for his interview - so a friend told us.
  5. SamG

    IT Consultant

    Hi Utah, Short answer, yes! I'm not sure what the next step is, but at least we've received notification that we're in the system. :ilikeit: My husband's new company has been seeking to employ someone for 12 months already and have not been able to employ anyone with the necessary qualifications. So now we wait! :boxing: Cheers!
  6. SamG

    Moving to Houston

    Again, hi!! Let me tell you, if the visa's take 6 weeks, I'll be!! These visa's can take months to issue, and sometimes they take quick. My friend's H1 was issued within 3 months of applying and he applied in June last year. My husband was offered the position, so it means he will come over on a H1b. His new company has also applied on his behalf and they have paid most costs. Because I was not offered work, I will come over on a H4, which means I wont be able to work, buy a car, get a social security number etc. That can change if I am offered work and go through the same channels as what my husband went through. So it just means I'm going to be a housewife for a while!! My hubby's application was submitted end June and we received notification 2 weeks ago that we were finally in the system. We would love to be in the US by end November. We would like to take a container over with all our stuff, but it's very expensive. We're still weighing our options up. When was your visa applied for?
  7. SamG

    IT Consultant

    Hi Malamute, No wonder you are confused!! :holy: Yes, you are right. My husband will be on the H1 and I will be on the H4. My husband was offered employment, I will merely be a housewife until things change. We have had one or two hiccups along the way with USCIS wanting to know why the new company wants my husband, job time frame etc. After the new company sent a letter of motivation to USCIS, they finally notified us that we were finally in the system. The new company had been looking to hire someone for 12 months already but to no avail. They just couldn't find anyone qualified or who were looking to relocate. Sorry for the confusion. SamG
  8. SamG

    Moving to Houston

    Hi JaLiNi! We like yourselves are also awaiting the necessary visa and then we're off to beautiful Montana! My husband has been offered employment there. I'm curious to find out when you applied for them? Have you and your husband already been offered employment, which means your visa would then be H1B? Sorry for all the questions, I'm always curious as to everyone's stories of starting their new lives in the USA. This is all very exciting - we can't wait to begin our new life in the USA. I'm unfortunately not going to be of help regarding your questions on schooling and i'm not sure what the others will advise regarding electrical appliances. But from the research I've done, this is what I know. In SA, our voltage is 220v and in the States its 110v. We are going to take all appliances labeled between 110V and 220V and those just stating 220V, we will leave behind. Unfortunately in our case this is everything except the dvd player. Which is fine, we will just have to buy new when we get there. All the best in your new adventures!! :ilikeit: Sam
  9. SamG

    IT Consultant

    Hi ClaudioG, I can understand what you’re going through. My husband and I are currently in the system awaiting an H1. We were very blessed to have received an offer of employment first time round, although we did post about 30 resumes on-line. 6 companies were interested, but only 2 phoned and they both offered to get the ball rolling from their side. :ilikeit: We turned the job in Dallas down because the company in Montana had already applied on our behalf. All companies interested wanted to know if we already had a working permit. We were honest with them and told them what needed to be done to get a visa and maybe it put them off, well, must’ve because they didn’t phone back. Anyway, after a bit of going backwards and forwards, the new company motivating why they need my husband to work for them and why they couldn’t find any qualified American’s to do the work, we finally got news that we are in the system. We can only hope that the visa issues soon and gets finalized soon. :bouncey: It can be a bit frustrating that we can’t do anything from our side to effect the visa and that only your potential employer can do so, but, it saves us a headache from this side. There really is a lot of bureaucratic red tape to get into the States, but I have no doubt that once in, the road lies ahead wide open, waiting for us to live out our dreams. Well, it’s certainly like that for my hubby and I. All I can say is take heart, although our job offer came within 2 to 3 weeks of posting resumes, yes it was quick, it can happen. Cheers!
  10. SamG

    We're In!!!

    Hi everybody. I haven't posted in a while but I suppose there wasn't really anything to say!! Our story is that my hubby was offered a post in Montana (and Dallas, but we turned that one down.... long story)beginning June 07. The I-140 papers were filed on 19 June. We've had one or two hiccups along the way (queries from USCIS' side), but we finally got the news on Monday that we're in the system and that the application is now being processed. They are now processing applications dated 17 April, so hopefully we'll hear something in the not too distant future. I know this is still early days, but hey, we're in the system!! :ilikeit: The I-765 processing date is only October 2006, but that's ok, we're at the mercy of USCIS!! All other papers my hubby's new employer had to complete and sign have also been filed online. Anyway, just thought I'd let you all know this great piece of news. Cheers, Sam
  11. Hi Utah, thanks for your 2c worth. The lady in the US who is applying for everything is keeping in regular contact with USCIS. It sounds like they have been very helpful. She knows to which areas the papers need to be sent and so we have to wait.
  12. Hi Everybody!! We are still in the throes of applying for a work visa. We have also been sent forms from my husbands employer asking for us to complete the I-485. My question is this; must this be completed now? Even before we get to the US? The fee to file this application is $395 and I don't want to pay this if it is not necessary now. Also, a lot of the questions relate to your living in the US and date working visa was issued etc as well as the section on Police Clearance. Do we have to submit Police Clearance with the I-485? If anyone can help me, I would really appreciate it!! Already the visa fee is $180. Our company has been so fantastic though, we are very grateful to them. :bouncey:
  13. SamG

    I need serious help/advice!!

    Thanks guys, this is only the first hurdle though - really hoping the process won't be as sticky as what it normally is. I will definitely tell the company about your offers to assist and I have a fabulous website I found dealing specifically with H1B visas. Will let you all know!!! :ilikeit:
  14. SamG

    I need serious help/advice!!

    Hi all, thanks so much for all your responses!! My hubby got a phone call last night and was interviewed and they offered him the job. Shame, poor guy was shaking after the call, I suppose a mix of nervousness and excitement!! They have also offered to work on applying for that visa, so we now have to wait for them. The company is in Montana and I'm thrilled about that. The city itself is beautiful!! If anybody has any suggestions on what I could offer this company, it would be a great help. This is also the first time they have done this, so they are also not as clued up. Thanks, Sam
  15. SamG

    I need serious help/advice!!

    Hi all!! Please, please can someone help me, I really don't know the next step!! I posted a little while ago that we were hoping to relocate to the States :ilikeit: It looks like my hubby may be offered employment. However, this whole visa and work permit thing is just so confusing. If he is offered employment, what is the next step? His job is highly specialised and so not just anybody can do his line of work. However, he is not a degreed professional, ie, lawyer, doctor etc. We would obviously want to ask his new employer to apply for a permit on his behalf, but if I look at the USCIS.gov website, I just feel sleg asking them to do this for us because everything looks so confusing. Anyway, is there anyone out there that can give me some advice? Obviously they would want him to come immediately, but how could we arrange this? My hubby could virtually go immediately. I know all about HB1 visas etc, but is there another way he could go to the States and begin at the new employer and apply for the HB1 from there? Is there not such a thing as a temporary work permit or something to that effect? I know I must sound frantic, I'm not. I just don't know how to finalise my hubby getting the job, waiting for a permit and still expect the employer to wait for him while the US embassy decides to give him the permit or not. I'm just trying to do as much homework as I can on his behalf. It is possible that they may want him to fly to the States for interview, which is fine by us, but could he stay? Thanks for all your help!!