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  1. Welkom Fiela!!! Ag jinne, so jaloers, ek wil ook in San Diego woon!!!
  2. Monique


    At our place in Michigan we come across all kinds of critters raccoons are horrible out there, when I take Scooby-Doo out I always carry (bear) pepper spray with me incase we come across raccoons or a bear!
  3. We own a little place in the UP, and go up there every month. The drive is beautiful and a bit scary at night, due to deer, elk, skunks etc on the road, with the occasional bear or wolf sighting. My husband's paternal grandparents were Finnish Immigrants, and like many other Fins they came to the UP to work in the Copper Mines. It has about 1,700 miles of continuous shoreline with the Great Lakes. There are about 4,300 inland lakes and 12,000 miles of streams. This is the snow meter near our place, 2008/09 winter almost reached 25 feet of snow for the season. Many areas get in excess of 100–250 inches of snow per year, the Keweenaw Peninsula averages more snowfall than almost anywhere else in the United States. The Ottawa National Forest, MI in late Spring 09 This Bald Eagle was picking at a dead deer along side the road: Hancock MI Lake Superior covered in snow and ice: Deer in the backyard: My brother-in-law, after they had to shovel a path to the front door.
  4. Monique

    Minnesota Weather

    I can say if it's 35f and no snow, we're on the motorcycle. We do 2 big flood runs a year and the temps are always between 35f - 40f, I didn't go along on the fall flood run, because it snowed that day but my husband and 4 neighbours went, they had said there was still around 300 bikes that attended.
  5. 60 above zero: Floridians turn on the heat. Minnesotans plant gardens. 50 above zero: Californians shiver uncontrollably. People are sunbathing in Duluth. 40 above zero: Import cars wont start. Minnesotans drive with the sunroof open. 32 above zero: Distilled water freezes. The water in Bemidji gets thicker. 20 above zero: New Mexicans don long johns, parkas and wool hats & mittens. Minnesotans throw on a flannel shirt. 15 above zero: New York landlords finally turn on the heat. People in Minnesota have one last cookout before it gets cold. Zero: People in Miami all die. Minnesotans close the windows. 10 below zero: Californians fly away to Mexico. Minnesotans dig their winter coats out of storage. 25 below zero: Hollywood disintegrates. Girl Scouts in Minnesota still selling cookies door to door. 40 below zero: Washington, D.C. finally runs out of hot air. People in Minnesota let their dogs sleep indoors. 100 below zero: Santa Claus abandons the North Pole. Minnesotans get upset because the Mini-Van wont start. 460 below zero: ALL atomic motion stops (absolute zero on the Kelvin scale). People in Minnesota can be heard to say, Cold nuff fer ya? 500 below zero: Hell freezes over. Minnesota public schools open 2 hours late.
  6. We use single word picture books and cover up the english words and replace them with the Afrikaans ones.
  7. Anyone on the forum live in the U.P.?
  8. Children have to be in a booster until the age of 8y old or 4'9".
  9. Monique

    Remember this

    :ilikeit: So true Polfyntjie!!!
  10. Monique

    Where do I start..

    There has to be a way still, because the International Marriage Agencies are still well and alive, and correct me if I'm wrong but the people who go through these agencies have never met each other either? Yet, the mail-order bride/husband gets to enter the country with a future possibility of a GC?
  11. Don't really know about the plastic ones. Dh put a few up for ourselves and others, took him about 2-days with no help, that includes siding and roofing. It's very handy to have for the seasonal stuff, Christmas decorations, lawnmower, snowblower
  12. Painting kitchen cabinets are a mess, and refinishing existing cabinets is horrible and can be spendy too, 90% chance with either choice you'll most likely still end up replacing them. Has your DH ever laid down hardwood flooring? I really don't know if it's hard or not, I tend to leave the house when mine does the major renovations - apparently he thinks I make to many comments :whome:
  13. :roflol: I think you were thinking of Bratz, Tok Edwina, speaking of Polly Pockets another one is My Littlest Pet Shop.
  14. My 4y old's favorites are Ben 10, Transformers, Bionicles, V-Motion, V-Smile Cyber Pocket, Leapfrog Tag Reading System and Leapster Learning System. We have plenty of nieces that are 10 and younger, the ones under 8 is all into Hanna Montana and the ones that are 8-10 wants or has a Nintendo DS.
  15. I know a friend of mine who travels quit a bit with her little one loves it! She downloads Dora The Explorer episodes from iTunes and her little one loves it. Knersus, you can have an iPhone unlocked.
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