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  1. Dear Member of SAUSA, Please be advised that we have had an upgrade to our forum software. This new version includes some wonderful new features. However please take of this important part: There is no longer both a login username and a display username. There is now only a single name which will the same as your Display Name. This means that now you will use your Display Name and password to sign in, and not your login username and password. For those who use their web browser's saved passwords to auto sign in, you will get an error login notification as your login details will have to be updated in your own browser saved passwords. If your Display name is different from the name you use to sign in, you will need to change your saved details in your browser saved passwords. Thank you being part of our forum and happy journeys in the USA Hendie
  2. Dankie vir 'n lekker-lees joernaal Kanniewaggie! Dis lekker om weer 'n immigrasiestorie van 'n nuweling te lees. 'n Mens word so gewoond aan die lewe hier in Noord Amerika, dat om dit deur nuwe oë te beleef altyd 'n plesier is. Ons kyk met groot verlange na NC, en sal seker een of ander tyd 'n trippie daarheen inwerk. Geniet julle nuwe tuiste!
  3. Hendie

    Kony 2012

    This is probably THE most worthy crowdsourcing initiative I have ever come across. Using social media and public figure involvement to force the US government to step up and help where it is needed, not because the US is threatened, but because it is the RIGHT thing to do. <iframe width="560" height="315" src=" http://www.youtube.com/embed/Y4MnpzG5Sqc" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Join the crusade and make a difference! KONY 2012
  4. That's what the green + and red - circles in the bottom right corner of every post is for. + is for "like" ... of course
  5. Hendie

    Hello Again

    Welkom terug jerseygirl! Ons is aan't regmaak om daar na julle kant van die kontinent te trek. Ons vertrek DV uit Calgary in die eerste week van Julie, en beplan om te settle naby ons plaas in 'n one-horse town,Shemogue, New Brunswick. Lyné gaan boer met organiese groente, en ek gaan rekenaar-rekenaar van die huis af. Maar as ons daar in daai geweste is gaan ons verseker 'n draai kom gooi om die kleingoed te ontmoet!
  6. Enjoy the new forum software! Yay, I can read the forum on my iPhone now!

    1. Eileen


      Thanks Hendie, you're a Star... no, I take that back.... you're a Super Star! Loving all the new features.. especially the Wall. :)

    2. treverly


      I agree! This is a fun little feature!

  7. To all members of www.sausa.org We have just upgraded the software we use to run the forum. The new upgrade has some features which are quite exciting. We hope you will enjoy the new features and not be too daunted by the improvements and changes that the upgrade brings. Some of these new features are: Twitter and Facebook Integration The upgraded software supports Twitter and Facebook authentication, meaning members can sign with their Twitter or Facebook account. They can sync their Twitter profile background with their profile within the forum. What's more, status updates made by them can be posted to Twitter and/or Facebook and vice versa. Status Updates Members will now be able to update other users on what they're doing right now. Updates appear in that user's profile, in a block on the forum's homepage, and in the new status feed. Plus, status updates can now be replied to and moderated, and if you choose to integrate your Twitter and Facebook accounts (optional), your facebook status updates will appear in your profile. Share Content Each post will have "Content Sharing" links which will enable members to share forum content on social networking websites like facebook, twitter etc. The new software even keeps a running tally of the most-shared content and displays them in the sidebar for you to see what other members are sharing. Customization of profile pages Links Members can customize their profile pages by selecting a background colour or background image, with tiling options. Alternatively, members can choose to automatically import their profile customizations from Twitter and/or Facebook - and keep them synced. Mini Profile Popup Members will be able to click a little icon to see a member's mini-profile popup. From the pop up you will be able to send a PM, check reputation or find user content - without needing to leave the current page. Activity Overview The profile page shows an overview of everything that a member has done on the forum and includes status updates, recent topics, posts, blog entries and more. Personal Conversations In addition to the Private Messages function, members will be able to have Personal Conversations. This feature allows members to send messages directly to other members, out of public view, in a topic format. Other members can be invited to existing conversations - or remove themselves, if they so desire. Emoticons The upgrade has new distinctive emoticons, to better express your emotions in your posts. Powerful Search As www.sausa.org is ultimately about accessing information for immigration purposes, and as the search function has been lacking in the past, the new upgrade will include a powerful search engine that enables our members to find the content they're looking for. Each application can be searched individually, with specialist filters and ordering options for each. Plus, there's a contextual search bar in the global header for quick searching. New posts/content Search The upgrade will have a handy link available on every page to see what new content has been posted since a member's last visit. The content shown can be everything a member hasn't read before, or just that content posted since their last visit. Find User Content Members will be easily able to find all content generated by a particular member, by clicking the 'Find Content' button that appears on the main profile page, or in the Mini Profile Popup which can be accessed throughout the forum. The results page allows content to be filtered by application, as well whether the member created it or merely participated in it. Central Notifications Members will be able to receive notifications (via a board popup or email) of events that are important to them, such as new personal conversations, status updates made by friends, or one of their posts being quoted. Reputation Members will be able to rate posts up or down, earning the author of that post reputation points. Topic Rating Topics can be rated one to five stars, so users can identify the topics that others rate highly - or poorly! RSS Syndication An exciting feature of the new upgrade is that members will be able to subscribe to an RSS feed of topics or threads. iPhone support The new upgrade offers iPhone support for reading the forum on the go through a downloadable app! Enjoy!
  8. In dieselfde omgewing as die Canyons is natuurlik The Arches, en Canyonlands Nasionale Parke in die Suid-Westelike hoek van Utah. Ons was in 2009 daar, pragtig!
  9. Hey Rookie! Deur te sê jy praat Afrikaans/English beteken nie jy kan jou tale mix nie né! Ons praat nog goeie ou Afrikaans hier! Welkom in Amerika!
  10. Hendie

    Airfares To Sa

    Someone recently introduced me to KAYAK. Although they don't always have the best deals, they do have this VERY useful feature "fare charts" which gives you a graphic view of seat price fluctuations over the time that you are interested in. If you have some flexibility in time, it's worth knowing when the low-price days are! PS. They also have a neat iPhone app!
  11. Jy maak lat ek sommer ook weer kom kuier!
  12. Snaaks dat dié gesprek wat eintlik oor Afrikaans gaan, als in Engels gepleeg word! Wil net sê, ek's trots op julle Amerikaanse Afrikaners. Wat julle doen om die taal hoog te hou is prysenswaardig! Ons gooi ook 'n dowe oor as ons kinders probeer Engels praat met ons Dis maar soos Tokolosi sê, dis julle as ouers wat sal moet sterk wees. Dink net aan hoe hulle dat gaan geniet om onder mekaar Afrikaans te kan praat en die maters verstaan g'n woord wat hulle sê nie; óns kinders behou hulle Afrikaans omtrent uitsluitlik om oor die maats te kan skinner met mekaar!
  13. Ag kom nou! Issie so erg nie! Die rekenaarbedryf sal weer optel, belowe! Ek dink dis maar die hele ekonomie wat nou nog is die gemors is. En van outsourcing gepraat, baie maatskappye kom nou agter die gras is nie regtig so groen in Indië nie!
  14. Yesterday was one of the highlights of our tour. We got to visit Sea World in San Diego. This is really an experience everyone should have. It was just a great day out (and yes you need a full day to take everything in). First, there was the Believe show with the Orcas ... and be warned, sit in the Soak Zone, you WILL get wet! The dolphins was also an amazing experience. It was also the first time I saw moray eels alive and up close. We finished the evening off with a wonderful dinner with Tokolosi and his wonderful family. It is always a highlight of our tours when we get to meet fellow forumites. Tok and Ester, thank you VERY much for your hospitality, we had a great time! Tomorrow morning we are leaving on a guided tour of LA and Hollywood. Tell you more about that later!
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