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  1. Read all about it. here. En hier. jimNboss, we need friends like you. Americans can go a long way to help the poor, embattled South Africans. Write to the newspapers and TV-channels, tell your friends and family. No one-year old child should ever be raped, no 85-year old lady should have to be tortured to death after her gang rape, no thirteen-year old girl should suffer a gang-rape during a home invasion. You know what is just as bad? South African politicians claiming that the USA have more homicides than South Africa. You make the comparisons: South Africa has 40 million citizens, and between 18,000 and 25,000 people are murdered annually. The USA has what? 300 millions citizens? Yet your murder rate is far less than half of that of South Africa. Just remember, more people are murdered in one week in South Africa than the average weekly casualty figure of the people of Iraq. It is currently safer to live in Iraq than in South Africa. And still the whole world remains eerily silent. Cathy K.
  2. In the meantime, Knersus, buy a lot of Rhododendrons and paeonies. Add a Forsythia or two, some Japanese Maples and of course, a flowering cherry tree. Holly shrubs are firm favourites, as are any of the large variety of fir trees. Paeonies are a personal favourite. This shrubs disappear completely during the winter, but are the first to break through the soil in early spring. They grow quickly and bear large, fragrant rose-like flowers. There are many colours available and all are spectacular. Tulips and daffodils grow well and one can add a lot of colour with annuals. Just don't try to plant any before the end of May. Then there's daylilies, oriental poppies, gladiolus, carnations, etc. Cathy K (Vancouver Island)
  3. piecat

    Help! Help!.

    Don't worry too much if the plants are still in the ground. Most bulbs (including tulips and daffodils) can take a fair amount of cold and frost. We're on Vancouver Island and they merrily stick their heads out, even through the occasional snow storm. Cathy K.
  4. piecat

    Vet Koek

    Ek gebruik die volgende resep met groot sukses in die broodmasjien: 4 koppies All Purpose Flour 1 teelepel sout 4 teelepels suiker 2 teelepels (of een pakkie) Quickrise suurdeeg. 2 eetlepels olie 1 koppie melk driekwart koppie water. Gooi alle vloeistowwe in broodpan. Sif droë bestanddele saam en voeg by. Stel broodmasjien op Dough/Pasta. Haal deeg uit sodra siklus voltooi is, knie af en vorm vetkoek. (dit help om bietjie botter of margerine aan jou hande te sit as jy die vetkoeke maak) Laat dit rys en bak elke vetkoek vir minstens 5 minute om te sorg dat dit gaar is. Ek verhit die olie, maar verminder die hitte na medium terwyl die vetkoeke bak. (setting 5-6) * Hierdie is ook die resep wat ek gebruik vir pizzadeeg; ek vermeerder net die olie na 3 eetlepels. * Dis 'n heerlike brooddeeg. Vir my brood gebruik ek 2 koppies Whole Wheat Flour en 1½ koppie All Purpose Flour. Daarby gooi ek ½ koppie sesame saad, 2 hoogvol eetlepels sonneblom saad en 2 eetlepels lynsaad (flaxseed). Ek meng die brooddeeg ook op die Dough/Pasta siklus, knie dit af en plaas dit in een of twee gewone broodpanne. Smeer bietjie gesmelte botter bo-oor, laat rys en bak by 350°F vir 35 minute (vir 2 brode) of 50 minute vir een brood. Dit kan ook op die Whole Grain siklus in die broodmasjien gebak word. Cathy K.
  5. Are there any ex South Africans in Yakima and surrounding areas? Also, what are the "must see" tourist attractions? Cathy K.
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