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  1. Malamute

    Retention of SA citizenship

    You can apply at any time - even a year or two out - there is no expiration date of the retention document once you have it - but it is essential to have it in hand before you take the oath of citizenship for the USA. The retention is specific to the USA - i.e. if you subsequently go and get a different citizenship, you will need a retention specific to that. If you send the documents in correctly with the fee etc, it should only take a couple of weeks. You can apply for naturalization 90 days before you complete the residence requirement of either 5 years (the usual) or 3 years (by marriage) - so, for example, 4 years and 9 months after you became a PR . Don't apply longer than that in advance - not even by a day or two.
  2. Malamute

    Florida July 2018

    Excellent post with lots of good advice. A couple of additional comments: 1. Driver's license: Don't assume you can use your SA license for up to a year - even with an International Driver's permit (which is pretty useless in the USA, as it is just a translation of your license which is in English). Most states require you to have a license from that State (regardless of whether or not you have the license of another state or country) within a limited time period. That is 30 days for Florida: (the offical DMV website is different to the one posted- it is https://www.flhsmv.gov/driver-licenses-id-cards/visiting-florida-faqs/ You must get a Florida license within 30 days of becoming a resident. You are considered a resident of Florida if you: 1. Enroll your children in public school, or 2. Register to vote, or 3. File for a homestead exemption, or 4. Accept employment, or 5. Reside in Florida for more than six consecutive months. 2. Rentals: An excellent option is to rent an apartment. Unlike a condo, where you rent from an individual owner, apartments are often like luxury hotels - with swimming pools, gyms etc, and can contain 100's of studion, 1,2. or even 3 bedroom apartments that are all centrally owned and managed. Many are pet friendly too etc. See websites like www.apartments.com 3. Car Insurance: Usually cheaper to bill every 6 months (which seems to be the standard for the companies I have used), or 1 year, although monthly is an option too.
  3. Malamute


    [at]Shamus - Yes, there was data published up to and including DV2015 of how many entrants there were per country. Also, each year they do also announce how many were selected per country. I've added that info below: DV 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 Wordwide entries 5,565,562 6,455,167 9,147,340 9,534,011 12,001,578 14,768,659 7,941,400 9,374,191 9,388,986 11,391,134 12,437,190 14,692,258 Derivatives (spouse, children) on entries 3,504,665 3,609,149 4,037,673 4,063,817 4,509,930 4,903,609 4,636,063 5,259,576 5,008,795 6,182,216 6,907,396 8,396,355 TOTAL Worldwide Entries 9,070,227 10,064,316 13,185,013 13,597,828 16,511,508 19,672,268 12,577,463 14,633,767 14,397,781 17,573,350 19,344,586 23,088,613 Winners Notified 82,000 102,800 99,600 102,800 100,600 100,021 105,628 140,660 125,514 91,563 83,910 115,968 Visas Issued TOTAL 40,076 46,633 48,036 51,312 51,118 34,463 51,080 51,018 49,377 46,718 49,976 Started 01 Oct 2017 South African entries 11,729 14,646 18,086 18,013 22,249 21,523 21,269 24,679 23,589 ? ? ? South African Derivatives (spouse, children) on entries 11,433 15,568 20,073 22,195 27,895 27,047 26,403 31,677 28,579 ? ? ? TOTAL South African Entries 23,162 30,214 38,159 40,208 50,144 48,570 47,672 56,356 52,168 ? ? South Africans Drawn (from winners, not Total) 287 713 909 863 963 833 956 1,038 924 535 427 500 Visas issued from Total, not winners 151 235 301 303 309 225 319 211 197 182 215
  4. Malamute


    Since 1999, only 50 000 visas have been available for DV entrants. In some years, the actual issue has fallen quite a bit short of that, and in a few years just over. It will be interesting to see the DV2018 number in due course. Total Issued South Africans (Includes Main DV selectee and their family members) DV2017 49 976 215 DV2016 46 718 182 DV2015 49 377 197 DV2014 51 018 211 DV2013 51 080 319 DV2012 34 463 225 DV2011 51 118 309 DV2010 51 312 303 DV2009 48 036 301 DV2008 46 633 235 DV2007 40 076 151
  5. Malamute

    Financial Emigration

    The discretionary allowance (what you can take out of SA) has nothing to do with whether or not you are eligible to cash out an RA. You can only cash out an RA if it is worth less than R7 000 currently. If you officially emigrate, you can cash it out, regardless of the value, but taxes are due.
  6. Malamute


    You are quite correct- it was 28300 in May, not June.
  7. Malamute


    It was also at 28 300 for June for DV2016 - but by August all numbers were current (it went to 43 825 for July). Not sure which graphs you are looking at, but you can see the actual numbers for all visa bulletings on the website, going back to 2002, month by month. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/legal/visa-law0/visa-bulletin.html
  8. Malamute


    It seems to me that every October/November there is a flurry of activity with hopefuls entering the DV lottery. Probably the best advice we can give anyone entering is to there and then make sure they have unabridged birth/marriage etc certificates for everyone on that application - at R75 each, it is really worth it - and it is not as if they expire - you never know when you may need it, or for what. Many of the posts here after an applicant is actually drawn involves stress around not having these documents in hand, and the time it takes to get them. I would advise to just get all of these, and keep them in a safe place - even military records, your matric certificate (in English) etc. IF you are drawn, you can wait for your interview virtually stress-free with only the medicals and the police clearance to be done, and if not, you have the documents for the following year, or for any other country you are considering moving to, or for any other reason whatsoever.
  9. Malamute


    I agree with SJ272 - while nothing is certain, the only time since DV2002 that your number would not have been current, was for DV 2004, when the numbers for Africa capped at 35 450. In 2016, the May figures were close to what they are now - i.e. they were at 28 300 - and all numbers were still current by August. So, hang in there, and plan for the interview -i.e. get all the docs you need gathered etc.
  10. Malamute

    N400 Application and Continuous Residence

    Yes, I emailed using the email address on the website, and actually had a response back the same day - but that was back in 2013. I did not send a self addressed envelope - to the best of my memory - and the letter arrived ordinary mail. with a compliments slip from the Consulate.
  11. Malamute

    N400 Application and Continuous Residence

    Congratulations to your husband, and to you - shortly too, one hopes. Good news about the South African Consulate accepting Credit Cards - did you go in person and they swiped it there? The LA Consulate website still says it must be postal money order or certified bank check and that cash and personal checks not permitted. Hope they update it. I also had to get a bank check for my new South African Passport application last year - I never thought to check with them regarding credit cards, because of the info on the site.
  12. Malamute

    N400 Application and Continuous Residence

    Just make sure you sent a bank check, and not a personal one to the Consulate (When I did mine, and hadn't heard after a couple of weeks, I contacted them, and that is what the holdup was....they didn't tell me until I emailed them). Also, I hear N400 applications are taking much longer right now due backlog - 9 months or more from start to finish.....back when I did mine 4 years ago, it took about 4 months all in all. Congrats -you are almost here, then don't have to deal with any of this again.
  13. Malamute

    RAISE act and family sponsorship

    Interesting, I wouldn't have thought it possible but it is. I suppose this is a good example of the 'problem' with chain immigration - that it is endless. e.g. if someone sponsors their step-child, that step child can become an LPR and then citizen, and then petition for their parents (including the parent who didn't marry the original sponsor) - who in turn can sponsor their 'new' spouse, any children from subsequent marriages, step children, their own siblings etc, as well as their parents, and so it goes, on and on and on.
  14. Malamute

    RAISE act and family sponsorship

    I agree, the DV lottery is not going to survive long - it would be an easy bargaining chip for the Democrats to concede, and there isn't much support there for it to start with, and so too chain migration. The bringing over of parents and siblings is hard to justify when you look at immigration as a means to benefit the country as well as adult children, when looked at through the lens of what is really in the USA interest. The future of Dreamers is hard, and heartbreaking, but if they are given a path to citizenship, once citizens they should get exactly the same rights as every citizen when it comes to sponsorship and everything else, even if that means parents (and, to your point, perhaps sponsorship of parents should be replaced by a merit system anyhow, meaning no-one can sponsor them). To apply different rules to dreamers who get citizenship would, in effect, create a class of '2nd class citizens' who had fewer rights than others. That would be a slippery slope.
  15. Malamute


    Nothing is confirmed - BritSimon and others do pretty extensive calculations, but they also caveat that all over that they are NOT in charge of the DV, and the cutoff in the past has been well under what they estimated. Be confident in your number, as it is almost a certainty....but only almost.