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  1. Interesting, I wouldn't have thought it possible but it is. I suppose this is a good example of the 'problem' with chain immigration - that it is endless. e.g. if someone sponsors their step-child, that step child can become an LPR and then citizen, and then petition for their parents (including the parent who didn't marry the original sponsor) - who in turn can sponsor their 'new' spouse, any children from subsequent marriages, step children, their own siblings etc, as well as their parents, and so it goes, on and on and on.
  2. I agree, the DV lottery is not going to survive long - it would be an easy bargaining chip for the Democrats to concede, and there isn't much support there for it to start with, and so too chain migration. The bringing over of parents and siblings is hard to justify when you look at immigration as a means to benefit the country as well as adult children, when looked at through the lens of what is really in the USA interest. The future of Dreamers is hard, and heartbreaking, but if they are given a path to citizenship, once citizens they should get exactly the same rights as every citizen when it comes to sponsorship and everything else, even if that means parents (and, to your point, perhaps sponsorship of parents should be replaced by a merit system anyhow, meaning no-one can sponsor them). To apply different rules to dreamers who get citizenship would, in effect, create a class of '2nd class citizens' who had fewer rights than others. That would be a slippery slope.
  3. Nothing is confirmed - BritSimon and others do pretty extensive calculations, but they also caveat that all over that they are NOT in charge of the DV, and the cutoff in the past has been well under what they estimated. Be confident in your number, as it is almost a certainty....but only almost.
  4. I would think it highly probable that you will get an interview. In most years, ALL numbers become current, and in the last 10 years, it was only in 2015 (cutoff ended at 50 000), 2014 (cutoff ended at 81 100) and 2008 (cutoff ended at 62 300) which didn't. So, your 41 xxx would have made it in all of the last 10 years...although nothing is certain. (I was selected for DV2008, with a nr of 61 xxx, so you must know what a nailbite that was, with my number only current in the very last month, and only JUST under the 62 300 cutoff).
  5. The visa bulletin - which would normally be issued today, is most likely not issued simply because today is a Federal holiday in the USA (Martin Luther King Jr Day), so government departments are closed. You will probably see it issued tomorrow. Unlikely to affect DV2018 winners because a bill has not yet been tabled for discussion on this, let alone voted on, with an effective date. So, regardless of discussions and presidential twitterings on this, the law continues to be the same, and visas under the lottery issued. The last time an immigration reform bill was tabled it took months of discussion and never went anywhere - and in that bill, the effective date was only more than a year down the line. If you are a DV2018 winner, I wouldn't be too concerned, but just be ready. If waiting for DV2019 and beyond, different story.
  6. It was about 2 weeks from the time I submitted the paperwork to receiving the letter from LA. It seemed to be something they issued locally, rather than something which had to be issued at Home Affairs in SA, unlike a passport.
  7. I stopped sending documents years ago - and those I sent years ago still never arrived. Tracking works all fine until it reaches SA, and then the trail goes cold. The SA post office are supposed to create a new tracking nr, but that doesn't seem to happen much of the time. Birthday/Christmas cards sent ordinary mail all seem to get there - but take anything from 2 - 8 weeks, so timing is an issue. For any documents or anything of value, bite the bullet on cost and send with a courier.
  8. I had a similar experience - landed, then went back to the UK for 5 months, returned for 5 days, then back to the UK for another 2.5 months before finally returning. I listed my UK residence for that duration. The interviewer didn't comment on that, and I was approved. (naturalized in 2014).
  9. Yes, if each child has the high school education, they can enter individually as well. Not that if any of them are drawn, they cannot add their sibling or their parents as derivatives - i.e. they will have to make the move alone.
  10. SJ272 is merely referring to the fact that an overwhelming majority of mass shootings are perpetrated by White Men, and also that this fact is a big part of current mainstream discourse on mass shootings. Unfortunately, this may seem racially (and gender) charged because of the facts that it is indeed WHITE MEN who disproportionately commit these sort of heinous acts - CNN and Time in the last month alone: Time: e.g. "White men are much more likely to own guns than non-whites, and the “super-owners” amassing arsenals of weapons are particularly likely to be white, male and conservative." CNN: e.g. "out of 62 cases between 1982 and 2012 , 44 of the killers were white men " and "An over-affinity for guns among white men, dangerous against any other backdrop, gets defended as patriotism by many conservatives or even as white pride by those on the alt-right" So, with the current administration, the focus won't be on addressing any legislation to try and curtail these mass shootings, but, to your point, Adder, possibly introducing legislation impacting the DV lottery for a really isolated case of 1 DV recipient radical.
  11. Welcome to the forum. You will find a lot of helpful advice here, but as you know, each journey is unique. Exciting times ahead for you - let us know how it goes. Which state/area will you be moving to?
  12. Congratulations Moving2018. I guess it is time to update your profile with your US location - because you are HERE now. Agree with SJ272 to take the time, and enjoy the free time now. For the most part, Americans are notorious for working long hours with very little vacation time off. Enjoy figuring out all the things that are fun and different.
  13. Congratulations, Pete. I think you are wise to build up the case that she qualifies on work experience. If she has an exemption - does that not mean she achieved a Senior Certificate (or whatever they are called) regardless of whether she was home schooled or not - i.e. passed the exams set for matric? Does she not have the formal certificate? Reason is - the instructions are very specific that the principal applicant needs to show the equivalent of 12 years of schooling - equivalent to a US High School Diploma. It is perfectly possible to go to university and get a degree without having completed the 12 years of schooling. A degree therefore is not an equivalent of 12 years of education, despite the fact that it is more 'advanced' than a mere high school education. When I had my interview (London) - the requirements were the same. I had my matric certificate, a bachelor's degree and a masters degree. They didn't even look at the degrees. They took the matric certificate. The interviewing official opened a book - looked for South Africa, and then ran his finger down the short list of 'accepted' certificates (Mine was a Cape Senior Certificate from the day) - and he found that listed, and that satisfied the requirement. Not to say a degree won't be accepted, but I wouldn't bank on it, but sounds like she could equally qualify with work experience (or they may accept the degree). Good luck with everything.
  14. Hello dreamland. You should be pretty confident, and not in need of hope if your number is in the 37 000's and you have no complications (financial, medical etc.). Numbers in that range have become current each year since 2005. There is still no sign of any legislation tabled that would change this. For your year, DV2018, the numbers for October are already out - up to 8 500, so you are well on your way. You are probably nine months - maybe less - from joining those who actually have their visas in their hands.
  15. Hi moving2018 I'm sure you have checked out the official FDA (Food and Drug Administration) page. There they say 'rule of thumb = 90 days". So there isn't an absolute, and they could say that double that amount is too much, as they say that for longer than 90 days you could have additional sent to you. I would bring it - highly unlikely they won't let it all in with the Dr's note etc.b Worst case = they confiscate excessive medications. Note that meds should be in original containers and cannot be generic versions of FDA approved drugs. See: Good luck with the upcoming imminent move - and enjoy the adventure!