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  1. Malamute

    Passport Renewal

    While you can go to the consulate or embassy in person, it doesn't make it any faster, as the delay is not in the few days it takes to get the documents from you via USPS or UPS to the consulate, but the time taken for them to wait/gather several applications for Home Affairs (complete applications could sit at the consulate for a few weeks until they have a batch) - then send in the diplomatic bag to SA, it may sit there again until a batch is sent over to Home Affairs, and then it comes back the same way. Gett the paperwork done on the spot can be easier/faster - particularly the fingerprints form. Generally allow 6 months from time of application. Some get it in as few as 4 months, others wait closer to a year - consulate website says 6 months. You go to the consulate which serves the state you live in - New York/Washington/LA/Chicago all serve specific states. Chicago consulate is closing permanently soon. You don't have to send the old passport in with the application, so at least he can have a valid passport until October. He may not get the new one before it expires however. That is not a problem as long as he doesn't need to travel out of the country.
  2. That would be good news (for some) IF it is passed - which at the moment seems unclear, but still more hopeful than before. I'm suprised because there was previously very little appetite by either major party to even keep the DV. There was a movement to instead focus on increasing something like the H1B visa cap - which isn't part of the proposal, and you would think makes much more sense for the USA. There are some other interesting proposals - to clear the backlogs of family and employment based visas, to provide a way to progress from Permanent resident to citizen in 3 years, instead of 5 - although not clear if that would be for everyone - as well as anyone undocumented and physically present in the USA on 01 Jan 2021 being able to apply for temporary residency, then 5 years later for permanent residency and then 3 years later for citizenship. These are wide reaching proposals - it will be interesting to see what the final bill looks like, and if it passes.
  3. Hi LaurenB - it has been too long since I brought mine over - and a big factor is the size of the pets. Are you on FB? There is a group there that is all about South Africans emigrating with pets. This forum is very quiet of late, so you may have better luck there. Good luck with it -well worth it - I would never leave them behind - but it does cost!
  4. Congratulations - approval is an important step! They are now officially in line for processing. Yes, will be a few more years - you still need the priority date to become current - which is updated each month in the visa bulletin. That is the date USCIS received your application. When that becomes current, it is time to file the Form I-485 which is the actual permanent residency application. Sonbossie - The current date for brothers/sisters is Sep 2006 - so applications filed before then (14 years ago) are now eligible for further processing which will include the interview once the actual form I-485 is completed and processed - that all takes a couple of months. For Oscar, if he applied 7 years ago, now at the 1/2 way point.
  5. What is the source for this? Seems very heavy handed of the government to determine that staff over 60 MUST return to the workplace and no longer be allowed to work from home unless they have a letter from their doctor submitted to HR? Surely there are many people who worked at home before and during COVID that will want to - with their employer's blessing - continue working from home? Unless it means that you can be dismissed for NOT coming to work unless you have such a letter, but that you can continue to work at home if mutually agreed by employer/employee. Is there news about the curfew being lifted? If all employees must 'return to the workplace' from 01 September - many do night shift etc, and will need to be en route to work at 11pm etc.?
  6. The latest (today) executive order pretty much puts paid to the hopes of some drawn in DV2020. It effectively extends the ban on interviewing/granting visas to those drawn for DV2020 to 31 December, and as visas have, by law, to be issued by 30 September, those folks who were drawn and don't yet have a visa (and issuing was suspended in March already when the current number was around 31 000 for Africa) will lose out. For those drawn for DV2021, visa issuing would normally start in October 2020, but because of the ban, can't start until at the earliest January 2021, presuming that the ban is not extended, and also presuming it is not challenged and struck down by Federal Court.
  7. Looks like when Delta retires its Boeing 777, it won't have an aircraft that can reliably make the return trip from Johannesburg, so they will fly TO Johannesburg, then to Cape Town, and the return trip to the USA will be from Cape Town. Cape Town - Lower altitude - means they can take off with more fuel. Nice option to fly from USA to Europe, then direct Europe to Cape Town on one of tDelta's Skyteam partners - e.g. Air France, KLM, and return direct from CPT on Delta. https://liveandletsfly.com/delta-triangle-route/?utm_source=BoardingArea&utm_medium=facebook&fbclid=IwAR0zKJ2rJvi04debDicVrUx_0SUNQLdPFSlTQCyPd2dOCW_cleVGMQdO4bs
  8. I agree - I doubt they will go for remote ceremonies. In fact, I wouldn't be suprised if they cancel ceremonies as such altogether. The legal part of naturalization is actually taking the oath - which you can do in front of a federal judge - the ceremonies have a lot of 'feel good' extras that are not required. I suspect they will commence with people being able to naturalize without any big group ceremony - or gathering of large groups. Will maybe restrict those attending to just those who will naturalize, and not guests (in the same way that, for example, the military graduations have taken place at venues such as the Air Force Academy. No guests - which permitted the cadets to be spaced out). Disappointing for them, and for the relations and friends, of course, but at least they could get it done - think it may be the same with the naturalizations.
  9. So, the hopefuls will have to wait another week. Results were not due to be released today (01 May), but next Tuesday, 05 May. At least these days they can do an instant check online and know. In the days I entered, you were notified by snail mail - and with the SA Post Office.....I wonder how many notifications went astray. Fortunately mine did not.
  10. Malamute

    Deceased Estates

    Probably best to consult a tax expert, but my understanding is this: 1. If your life insurance policy is in the USA and the beneficiary is in South Africa, then the funds paid out in South Africa would be treated according to South African tax law. This means that while the payout from a life insurance policy in the USA is not taxed, this is not the case in South Africa. 2. In South Africa, only if the beneficiary is a spouse/partner, is the payout not taxed. If it is someone else, it is taxed. 3. As the life insurance policy in the USA may not be deemed to be the same - from an actuarial standpoint - as one in the RSA, even this concession may not apply. (e.g. if you, as a US citizen are the beneficiary of a life insurance policy held in South Africa, that policy is not deemed to be a USA compliant life insurance - and would be subject to normal tax - and not exempt from tax like a USA based policy 4. So, if your beneficiary, who is not your spouse, but is in South Africa, were to receive a payout, it would not be deemed to be a life insurance type payout - but in anycase, subject to tax. They could claim the R100k annual exemption from paying tax on a donation from someone not their spouse, but would have to declare the amount received to SARS and be taxed on it. This would be the same way it is treated if you gave them a payout while you were alive, vs an insurance company giving them a payout when you were deceased. Keen to hear what anyone else can add.
  11. Yes, you are correct. In the meantime, the executive order has been signed and released. If you have a VALID immigrant visa, you are ok (DV visa). If it expires before you can get a flight to the USA, you will no longer have a valid visa, and you won't be issued a new visa in the 60 day timeframe. If you don't yet have a visa, even if your number is current, you won't be issued a visa in the next 60 days either. https://www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/proclamation-suspending-entry-immigrants-present-risk-u-s-labor-market-economic-recovery-following-covid-19-outbreak/?fbclid=IwAR3tEhePb9IeCwWKdAni7mwEahQmnh96aDTFC6aGR9dhyINcGlhhed6iPfM
  12. Agree, it should be fine for the DV2020 selectees - provided the 60 days doesn't go to 90 days....120 days etc. - as by law, this is one type of visa that has a firm deadline to be issued - i.e. by 30 September - but there are 5 months still to go. And, some of those won't be consular processing either, just AOS in the USA. As you note, there are not 1000's of them - although the 162 selectees are the DV1 selectees, and doesn't include the DV2 derivatives - spouses and minor children.
  13. Anyone who has Voyager miles may not have thought of it - but they will be useless. I spent mine down some years ago, and although I have travelled SAA since, I have always used my United loyalty number - and earned United miles on SAA - at the time the thinking was just that it would be easier to use those - and now I am very glad I did.
  14. The rand fell to its lowest level ever against the dollar in overnight trade, as global markets reacted to the downgrade of SA's last remaining investment grade credit rating to junk by Moody's. "The rand has been the worst performing emerging market currency over the past week and traded at its weakest level ever at R18.05 in Asia early this morning," said TreasuryONE in a note to clients on Monday
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