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  1. Malamute

    Passport Renewal

    I am sure they get very tired of complaining South Africans phoning up only 2 or 3 months after they applied, and then giving the consulate an ear-ful, that they haven't got their new passport yet, as seems to happen. Personally, for both letter of retention and passport, I found the LA consulate very polite and easy to deal with.
  2. Malamute

    Passport Renewal

    Your passport doesn't have to be valid once you enter the USA - (once you are here as an immigrant on a Green Card - which is the moment you are stamped in - there is no obligation legally to maintain a current passport) but bear in mind you won't be able to travel beyond the borders without it, so not having a valid passport is not a very good idea. Especially as, once in the USA, it takes about 6 months+ to get a new SA Passport. As a GC holder you are not eligible for a USA passport. You can remain a GC holder and never naturalize, if that is what you choose to do. After you have been a GC holder for 5 years, you are eligible to naturalize as US Citizens, provided you meet all the requirements, which include how many months of the preceding 5 years you have spent in the USA, absence of any felonies etc. Naturalization can take a couple of months at least from the time you start that process. Once you are a USA citizen, you are eligible to apply for a USA passport - and that is fairly quick - from a few days (expedited) to a couple of weeks. If you are not wanting to retain dual citizenship, you need do nothing - you will remain a SA citizen up until the moment you take the oath at the naturalization ceremony. Then you will no longer be a SA citizen. Should you wish to retain it - fill in the forms and file the fee at the SA consulate a couple of months before you intend to naturalize, and you will be granted an exemption from losing your SA citizenship when you naturalize. You must have that exemption in hand before you take the oath as a US citizen. So, in short, your SA passport can expire once you are in the USA, but you won't be able to travel anywhere - even back to South Africa - so best plan is to make sure your SA passport has 6+ years validity on it when you enter the USA to see you through the period until you are eligible to naturalize and get your US passports.
  3. Malamute


    Britsimon popped up briefly on this forum in 2015 about this exact issue - in fact at the time SJ272 (then SJ27) was going through the process. Pretty much insisting that sponsorship was important - a number of folks - including myself weighed in that we did not need this - in fact no-one weighed in that they HAD in fact been asked for it.
  4. Malamute


    Excuse the question - but who told you that someone needs to be your sponsor? What visa are you on? DV? If you have $50k ready to bring - highly unlikely that the consulate will require you to have a sponsor. Most DV applicants do not. If the consulate has told you that you need a sponsor, then I understand, different story.
  5. Malamute

    Passport Renewal

    Hi Oscar - I did this last year through the LA Consulate - which would also be the consulate dealing with your renewal in CA. I agree - the single most complicated thing was finding an organization who could/would do the ink fingerprints - as the police here in Colorado don't do it either. I did eventually find a company in Denver that did the ink ones - it took an HOUR to get it all done, but I was just so grateful to actually find a place to do it. Once I submitted all the documents that you mention etc, it took just short of 7 months. I had not sent a self addressed envelope, but once the passport was back with the consulate - they sent me an email, and I sent the envelope. Sorry I can't be more helpful on the fingerprinting.
  6. Malamute


    Interesting - first time I have seen that happen in the last month - must be devastating for some who thought they were home and clear, and now..... Overall, the entries and draw very similar to last year - also just over 14 million entries, and last year 500 South Africans drawn. By the number of derivatives (in past years too) - seems the majority are 1 person/individual entries with no derivatives (or perhaps they just entered that way).
  7. Malamute


    adventurer1 is 100% correct about the Affidavit of Support. In most cases, you don't need it, as you self-petition. You DO need to convince the interviewing officer that you will not become a public charge - so proof you have funds of your own, your ability/likelihood of finding employment are all factors, and if satisfactory, then no affidavit is needed. As a DV recipient myself some years ago, that never even came up - they were satisfied that I was employable, had some funds, and, to be honest, they hardly focused on that at all. I came over on my own too. It is easier in one sense (you only have yourself to be concerned with from application, to travel, to finding somewhere to stay, a job etc), but also it is harder as you have NO support, NO backup initially, and have to do everything yourself. Small things, like listing your emergency contact at work, in systems that only support USA addresses and telephone numbers, can be challenging too. Good luck!
  8. Malamute


    Hi Heidi556 - and congratulations on being drawn - an exciting journey ahead for you. There is by no means necessarily another draw in October. This has happened in the past when the uptake of visas was slow, and done to ensure that all the available visas could be allocated. Most years, this has not taken place. If it does happen for DV2019 - then it is GOOD news for you - means they are going through the existing pool of selectees quickly, so pretty much a certainty that numbers for anyone drawn in May will be current - and current before the end September 2019 cutoff. Anyone drawn then will have a higher number than you, so will not impact you. Best thing you can do now is get all your documents in order - marriage, unabridged birth certificates etc can sometimes take many months (and sometimes they are fast). Also, make sure you have your matric certificate, or equivalent etc. The only thing to wait a while to get is the police clearance - unless you need to get clearances from other countries you have lived in the past etc. No tips about HI - but yes, it is one of the most expensive places to live.
  9. Malamute

    Retention of SA citizenship

    You can apply at any time - even a year or two out - there is no expiration date of the retention document once you have it - but it is essential to have it in hand before you take the oath of citizenship for the USA. The retention is specific to the USA - i.e. if you subsequently go and get a different citizenship, you will need a retention specific to that. If you send the documents in correctly with the fee etc, it should only take a couple of weeks. You can apply for naturalization 90 days before you complete the residence requirement of either 5 years (the usual) or 3 years (by marriage) - so, for example, 4 years and 9 months after you became a PR . Don't apply longer than that in advance - not even by a day or two.
  10. Malamute

    Florida July 2018

    Excellent post with lots of good advice. A couple of additional comments: 1. Driver's license: Don't assume you can use your SA license for up to a year - even with an International Driver's permit (which is pretty useless in the USA, as it is just a translation of your license which is in English). Most states require you to have a license from that State (regardless of whether or not you have the license of another state or country) within a limited time period. That is 30 days for Florida: (the offical DMV website is different to the one posted- it is https://www.flhsmv.gov/driver-licenses-id-cards/visiting-florida-faqs/ You must get a Florida license within 30 days of becoming a resident. You are considered a resident of Florida if you: 1. Enroll your children in public school, or 2. Register to vote, or 3. File for a homestead exemption, or 4. Accept employment, or 5. Reside in Florida for more than six consecutive months. 2. Rentals: An excellent option is to rent an apartment. Unlike a condo, where you rent from an individual owner, apartments are often like luxury hotels - with swimming pools, gyms etc, and can contain 100's of studion, 1,2. or even 3 bedroom apartments that are all centrally owned and managed. Many are pet friendly too etc. See websites like www.apartments.com 3. Car Insurance: Usually cheaper to bill every 6 months (which seems to be the standard for the companies I have used), or 1 year, although monthly is an option too.
  11. Malamute


    [at]Shamus - Yes, there was data published up to and including DV2015 of how many entrants there were per country. Also, each year they do also announce how many were selected per country. I've added that info below: DV 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 Wordwide entries 5,565,562 6,455,167 9,147,340 9,534,011 12,001,578 14,768,659 7,941,400 9,374,191 9,388,986 11,391,134 12,437,190 14,692,258 Derivatives (spouse, children) on entries 3,504,665 3,609,149 4,037,673 4,063,817 4,509,930 4,903,609 4,636,063 5,259,576 5,008,795 6,182,216 6,907,396 8,396,355 TOTAL Worldwide Entries 9,070,227 10,064,316 13,185,013 13,597,828 16,511,508 19,672,268 12,577,463 14,633,767 14,397,781 17,573,350 19,344,586 23,088,613 Winners Notified 82,000 102,800 99,600 102,800 100,600 100,021 105,628 140,660 125,514 91,563 83,910 115,968 Visas Issued TOTAL 40,076 46,633 48,036 51,312 51,118 34,463 51,080 51,018 49,377 46,718 49,976 Started 01 Oct 2017 South African entries 11,729 14,646 18,086 18,013 22,249 21,523 21,269 24,679 23,589 ? ? ? South African Derivatives (spouse, children) on entries 11,433 15,568 20,073 22,195 27,895 27,047 26,403 31,677 28,579 ? ? ? TOTAL South African Entries 23,162 30,214 38,159 40,208 50,144 48,570 47,672 56,356 52,168 ? ? South Africans Drawn (from winners, not Total) 287 713 909 863 963 833 956 1,038 924 535 427 500 Visas issued from Total, not winners 151 235 301 303 309 225 319 211 197 182 215
  12. Malamute


    Since 1999, only 50 000 visas have been available for DV entrants. In some years, the actual issue has fallen quite a bit short of that, and in a few years just over. It will be interesting to see the DV2018 number in due course. Total Issued South Africans (Includes Main DV selectee and their family members) DV2017 49 976 215 DV2016 46 718 182 DV2015 49 377 197 DV2014 51 018 211 DV2013 51 080 319 DV2012 34 463 225 DV2011 51 118 309 DV2010 51 312 303 DV2009 48 036 301 DV2008 46 633 235 DV2007 40 076 151
  13. Malamute

    Financial Emigration

    The discretionary allowance (what you can take out of SA) has nothing to do with whether or not you are eligible to cash out an RA. You can only cash out an RA if it is worth less than R7 000 currently. If you officially emigrate, you can cash it out, regardless of the value, but taxes are due.
  14. Malamute


    You are quite correct- it was 28300 in May, not June.
  15. Malamute


    It was also at 28 300 for June for DV2016 - but by August all numbers were current (it went to 43 825 for July). Not sure which graphs you are looking at, but you can see the actual numbers for all visa bulletings on the website, going back to 2002, month by month. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/legal/visa-law0/visa-bulletin.html