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  1. I'm not sure whether any of you can remember Paul Stemmet, the guy in charge of Paulto who was involved in the Jackie Selebi mess. He turned witness against Selebi to keep his butt out of jail and although he was implicated in everything from drugs to contraband to even murder, he weasled his way out of trouble with alittle bit of fast talking and got immunity in return for his testimony. Well, nothing came of the Selebi case and rumour has it that Mr. Stemmet now has a very cushy and high-paid position with the new government. The point that I am trying to make is that, with criminals and crooks in the highest offices employing more crooks and criminals, I cannot see how South Africa can escape the same slow agonizing decay that countries like Zimbabwe have suffered. As long as people are being rewarded for criminal behaviour instead of being punished, crime will always florish and the "good citizens" will slowly be forced to either join the ranks or move out.
  2. Hein

    South African Game Farm

    Thanks Bubba, I will check them out and will let my brothers know to do the same. My one boet is currently visiting in SA, so maybe he can contact tem and make a reservation. Thanks for the info ....
  3. As with most expatriates now living in the big world out there, I have family spread all over the world with three brothers in Australia, another two in Canada and my Mom still in SA. Since my Dad's death, we have gotten together as a family ( all 6 brothers and their families ) only once and had such a good time, that we decided to attempt to do it again next year. As there are now 24 people to house and feed, we were looking at a central location where everyone can meet. It only makes sense that we all meet in the middle, South Africa. My wife and 4 year old have never been to Africa or seen a "real" elephant and lion and I would dearly like to go show them where I came from. With this said, we also do not want to spend tons of money on lodging as it is going to be pretty costly for us all to get there with our relative families. We also want to avoid the normal tourist traps with the inflated prices and crowded facilities and was hoping to find a private farm or lodge where we can just hang out as a family, see the animals and enjoy a "hardekool vuur" and koedoe steaks without feeling like we are living in a bushveld hotel. We do not need to be spoiled and pampered and are not looking for a Mala Mala setup, but rather a place where we can help chop wood and make fire and even clean up and make beds. We are all relatively housebroken and civilized and do not plan late night parties or loud music. We just want to spend quality time with my Mom and the brothers in the peaceful setting that only Africa can offer. If you know of anyone that has facilities that might fit our bill, please e-mail me the details. All information would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Hein

    Newest American

    Not that it is a big deal to anyone else but me and my family, but I finally got my American Citizenship last Tuesday, Dec 9 after only about 3 months from application to the ceremony. I really dreaded going through the whole process again as getting my Residence was tough enough, but after one set of fingerprints and an interview that did not last longer than 10 minutes, I got my letter to report for the ceremony within days of the interview. So for all the people still in line, hang in there. The rewards are really worth the wait.
  5. Hein

    And this is normal?

    Nog ’n jong ma van Noordwes moes stoksielalleen in ’n staatshospitaal kraam terwyl nagsusters gelê en slaap het. Me. Barbara Steenkamp (24) se baba, Leonard, is vandeesweek in die Brits-distrikshospitaal dood nadat hy vroeg gebore is met die naelstring om sy nek. Dit was glo nadat die verpleegsters versuim het om Steenkamp te monitor. Beeld het ’n paar weke gelede berig oor me. Hannie Venter wat alleen in ’n stikdonker toilet die lewe geskenk het aan haar dooie baba terwyl verpleegsters glo in die Rustenburg- provinsiale hospitaal gelê en slaap het. ’n Dokter wat haar internskap in Noordwes gedoen het, het gister gesê dié soort voorvalle is nie ongewoon nie. “Toe ek in pe-diatrie gewerk het, is ons weekliks geroep na gevalle waar babas op hul koppe geval het omdat ma’s in toilette moes kraam.†Steenkamp het gister gesê sy is verlede Sondag weens bloeding opgeneem. Dié nag het die kraampyne onhoudbaar geraak. “Ek het in ’n stadium self tot by die verpleegsters geloop. Die een het gesit en slaap op twee stoele wat sy teen mekaar geskuif het en ’n manlike verpleër op sy arms. “Ek het warm water gevra, maar hulle het geweier en gesê ek moet kalmeer. Terug in my bed het ek gehuil van die pyn en het my water gebreek.†Steenkamp het vergeefs na die verpleegsters geroep. “Toe sien ek die koppie kom uit met die naelstring om die nek. Ek het probeer om dit af te haal, maar kon nie.†’n Medepasiënt het ook geroep na die verpleegsters wat glo ’n paar minute later opgedaag het. Dié het Steenkamp glo aangesê om met die baba, wat steeds aan die naelstring vas was, self teater toe te loop. “My kind was al blou.†Leonard, wat volgens die verpleegsters 2,16 kg geweeg het, het suurstof gekry, maar is die middag dood voordat hy na ’n hospitaal met beter geriewe oorgeplaas kon word. Die verpleegsters beweer hy is vyf weke te vroeg gebore. Hy het ook ’n gesplete lippie gehad. Venter het sowat ’n maand gelede glo ook sonder monitering gekraam en moes haar vriend op haar selfoon uit die hospitaal se toilet bel omdat die verpleegsters hulle glo nie aan haar gille gesteur het nie. Hy het haar daar aangetref met die dooie baba nog aan die naelstring. Die Noordwes-dokter sê sy het dikwels pasgebore babas met hipotermie gesien, iets wat ongehoord is in ’n hospitaal. Dit was waarskynlik weens ’n tekort aan monitering. Sy het glo ook gesien die susters slaap in die teekamer terwyl vroue al die koppies van hul babas sien uitkom het. Die verpleegsters weier glo om bedpanne vir die vroue te neem. Hulle moet dan toilet toe loop, waar die babas gebore word. Noordwes se departement van gesondheid het nie teen druktyd op medianavrae gereageer nie. And nobody seems to be able to do anything about this !!!!!! Why don't we see this on Oprah? Where is the outrage and concern now or is this too much of a political issue to touch? I don't care whether it is black or white babies, no mother or child should have to go through this.
  6. Hein


    I am sorry to bug but I have had endless problems trying to download the N400 form off the internet and with us having moved from Cincinnati to Denver, I do not have an INS office around the corner anymore. So running in and picking up a form, is no longer an option. I was hoping that someone ...anyone ... can e-mail me the form as an attachment .....if it is not too much trouble. I would be eternally grateful. Thanks and have an awesome day. hdewaal[at]yahoo.com
  7. Hein


    I currently live in Denver and was thinking of maybe applying for my citizenship as I am a permanent resident till 2016 but has no plans to move back to SA. I do not intend applying for dual citizenship as it seems to be a waste of time and effort and does not really benefit me in any way as it would seem like I won't lose my SA passport by becoming a US citizen anyway. Here is my questions .... Can anybody tell me if there is anything in particular that I have to watch out for or any pitfalls that I might encounter? I would also like to know where I can get ahold of the N400 form as I have not been able to download it off the internet although the claim that it should be a free download. I have tried downloading from various different computers without any success, so I have to assume that the problem lies with the source site and not my software. I would appreciate any and all comments as I would hate to go through the same nightmare that some people had to go through. Thank you.
  8. I recently moved and decided in the process to "upgrade" my level of luxury at home. So I bought myself a laptop for use at home ( where I only had the desktop in the past ) and .... a wireless router as this looked really really cool and everybody seems to have them. I had my high speed connection installed and was all fired up to get going. When they installed my internet, they just pluged the connecting cable into my laptop and everything worked fine. Even now I have no problems with it. The problem arose when I tried to connect my wireless ....Nothing, absolutely nothing. All the lights on the modem are flashing, all the connections seem to be correct ...but no internet. Now before I look like a total and complete idiot by calling asomebody ( probably Geek Squad ) to come rescue my $50 investment, I was hoping to pick someone's brains on how I might be able to set this up myself. So here's the deal ...is there anybody out there that has done this or know what I might be doing wrong? I will call you and you can walk me through it if you don't mind. I just hate looking like a complete moron when I bought all this to try and look cool. It kinda defeats the purpose ... That does not even come close to what the wife is going to say when she finds out that hubby didn't really know what he was talking about when he convinced her that it was a sound investment and that he knew exactly what he was talking about. Please mail me with a number or advice. I would really really appreciate any and all help.
  9. Hein

    AssieTribe: Hello!

    Funny you should mention Denver ..... We actually listed our house in Cincinnati Ohio last night and are moving to Denver as soon as it is sold. I am starting my new job there on the 6th of November, so hopefully we will meet at one of the picnics and/or braais. Welcome to SAUSA. Also see SAColorado.org should you need additional contacts and information.
  10. Awesome awesome awesome !!!!!! Congrats and welcome to the land of milk and honey .........
  11. Hein

    Raad en advice

    Hi Pat Thanks again for the info and the invitation. I might have to come down there for my final interview anyway, so I might just take you up on it. I actually looked at some properties down there and was thinking that we might have to venture a little further away from Parker itself in order to be able to get "more property for my money". So I am looking anywhere within a 18 mile radius as that is about what I am traveling at this stage. I will try to drop you a personal mail tonight from home. Once again thank you very much for your help and assistance .....
  12. Hein

    Raad en advice

    Thanks Jakaranda, I am really seriously considering the move. It would also seem like there is quite a big SA community in Colorado and although I will never admit this in public ... , I do miss talking to people who know real rugby, braaivleis and who Koos Van der Merwe is ....
  13. Hein

    Raad en advice

    Vlakvark, thanks for the info. I have been looking at sites like these and did get some info from them, but was hoping for a more "hands-on" and South African view of the area ... if you know what I mean... I guess you can say that I am in Upper Management at the Dealership as I was suppose to manage the next branch they were to open. The company went through a huge growth spurt due to the boom in the economy and went from three stores to 6 in less than 2 years. Our turn-over has also increased and we are now aiming for close to 80 million this year. So I was put through the Management Training Program ( I am actually the first one to complete the full course ) that lasted almost two years and involved actually working and learning in each department in the company. With the current slump in the market and the interest rates, all future expansion has been postponed and I am currently being used as Project Manager for projects including marketing videos and New Employee Presentations to financial planning and market research. Some of these projects are pretty interesting but I still felt under-utillized and when I came across the oppertunity ( although not perfect by a long shot ) to move to Colorado, I jumped at the chance as it always looked so nice on all the pictures I have seen. It also seems like a slower lifestyle and more of an area and environment that I would like to see my little girl grow up. I hope this explains some of my questions too .... Once again thanks for the info.
  14. I am looking for some advice as I have to make a choice within the next couple of days and I am not sure whether I have all the facts. I currently live and work in Cincinnati, Ohio and just had a job offer from a company based in Denver, Colorado. The actual dealership I will be working at, is in Parker just south of Denver. Now the questions .... I know that property and the cost of living is higher that what we have here in Ohio, but just how much and what would a good starting salary be for an average income family of three. I do not need the biggest house in the best neighbourhood, but would like a decent size house in an average neighbourhood or even some acerage within a 20 mile radius of Parker. Is this possible or will I only be able to afford some apartment in the city? Which neighbourhoods in and around Parker should I consider looking at if I move and what can I expect? What are the schools like and which ones are better as my little rugrat is two now but at the rate she is growing up, will probably be in school before I am ready for it? And then any general information you can give me, population, places to avoid, scenery and climate, is it as pretty as it looks on the postcard or is it high dry desert with very few trees? I would really appreciate all info before I have to make the dreaded decicion because I know that I will get all the blame for it if Colorado does not live up to the wife's expectations .....
  15. Hein

    So true ..

    Got this from another site but thought it good enough to copy ..... Recently, whilst President Mbeki was on one of his frequent visits out of the country , he happened to visit Malawi. At the airport Mr Mbeki was met by the country's Minister of Harbours. All of a sudden Mr Mbeki realizes that this is absurd, this country has no harbours as it is landlocked. He is very puzzled and decides to find out what the story is. At the official state banquet later that night, he leans over to the president and asks: "Mr President why do you have a Minister of Harbours when you don't have any harbours?" The Malawian president looks Mr Mbeki straight in the eye and says: "Well, you know that may be true Mr Mbeki, but I was just as puzzled at why you have a Minister of Law and Order?"
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