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  1. Thanks:-) I never had problems with Cape Foods before, until now. That very day I e-mailed them to express my surprise and dissatisfaction with the (unexpectedly) high shipping costs, and to date have not heard back from them! Note to self...don't use them ever again, and make sure to discourage anyone else from doing so.
  2. Just a little FYI... I just ordered some stuff (4 items to be exact) from Cape Foods online, and would not have gone ahead with the transaction except that I read the notice, ****** IMPORTANT NOTICE ****** Please be advised we are currently resolving some gremlins regarding the cost of shipping and handling. In most instances the costs shown at check out are too high. We will amend these costs when we invoice and the correct shipping costs will be billed to your Credit card. I thought ok-no-fine, and went ahead...Here's the problem...I just received my package and WAS, in fact, charged almost $15 shipping with the total cost of the order coming to $34 and some change. Eina!! I love my SA goodies and all, but that is ridiculous....won't be doing that again anytime soon! Jislaaik.
  3. Well, my family and I happened to be down in the area visiting my in-laws (who are a little SA mal...they've been twice already, and plan to go back), so we thought why now try out The Shebeen in Charlottesville, VA. All I can say is....Mmmmm...lekkerrrr! We had such a great meal. The Cape Mussels were to die for (the sauce was delectable)!! My only disappointments were the samoosas (they need a Cape Malay auntie to hook them up-and I know one too;-), and the boerewors was a little dry, but other than that, it really was a divine meal...regte comfort food! I would highly recommend it! My FIL had the Shepherds Pie which was the creamiest, tastiest that I have ever had...my MIL had the peri-peri chicken (very lekker), my husband had the lamb curry potjie which was flavourful and succulent! They even serve WARM rolls with the meal...aaahhh. All in all...if you can stop by, it is worth it. http://www.shebeenpub.com/
  4. Lemme go and look it up, quickly...Be right back:-) Here's a list from their website: http://www.southafricanfoodfest.com/html/lodging.html If I didn't live so darn far away from there, I would offer to put you up myself;-)
  5. This is the third year of the festival (held down in VA outside of Richmond), and I definately worth checking out! http://www.southafricanfoodfest.com/index.html July 11, 12th & 13th:-)
  6. I know that this might be far-fetched, but I am looking for a recipe for Cape Malay Akni (meatless version). I googled it, but can't find anything suitable. H-E-L-P! :cry:
  7. This post really stuck in my craw for a number of reasons! I have been thinking about it since it was posted, and finally had to say something. This last quote by the author really showed such overt racism and ignorance, that it was sickening, really. Why would you assume that the only talented Springboks are those who are white? Because really, that is what you are implying, right?! Why would you also assume (and quite erroniously so!) that players of colour would have less talent or even NO talent and deserve their shot at the team any less?! Allow me to point you to this article on today's RWC news site: http://www.rugbyworldcup.com/home/news/new...+personal+glory So, are you saying that Habana is less worthy to be there, despite being the most celebrated South African player this world cup?! Now before you start the whole debate about affirmative action...No, I don't agree with it as a general rule. in all of it's implementations. Yes, I do agree that it was needed in SA. Yes, changes had to be made or else "the establishment" (SA's version of "the good ole boys) of rugby would NOT have done so willingly. To me it should be about talent and opportunity. Sadly, many had the talent but never had the opportunity. This is being addressed now. Are they going about it as smartly as they could have? Probably not, but the fact remains that it needed to be done. Whew, I had to get that off my chest . Too often people are allowed to spout some narrow minded BS on here, and it gets overlooked or gets the ole pat on the back because there are not enough people of colour, or people of integrity on here to speak up and say, "Hey, wait a minute...that's not right!" I love SA, and will always have a special place in my heart for it and it's people. ALL of it's people. I love our teams, and support them no matter what. Call me crazy! (And I'm sure you will)
  8. Ooooo, good one! This one can feed alot of people. And it is darn lekker too:) Always a crowd pleaser. Darn, did I miss that Oprah episode?! -Any idea when that was? I might have it TiVo'ed and have just not watched it yet.
  9. I personally love melktert and that peppermint krisp fridge tart. Koeksisters also sound lekker-love the Cape Malay version of this too! Beverley
  10. Janneman, Wanted to say THANK YOU for that fabulous link! The sausage rolls are/were divine...what a blast from home:) They really turned out perfectly. Ag, baie dankie, man!
  11. Julle twee laat my sommer lekker skater van die lag! Ek gaan eers more die goed koop (my man sal nie betyds tuis wees vandag nie), en sal hulle (hopelik) more voorberei. Hy sal maar moet koenyntjie speel. Dankie vir die aanbode, manne! Groot harte, julle twee... O' en my skoonmense kom Saterdag kuier en vandat hulle SUid Afrika toe gereis het is hulle DOL op hierdie goed:)
  12. Don't let people tell you otherwise...the US side is quite spectacular as well! The Canadian side is just more...um..."touristy", I suppose. I wasn't too impressed. Don't get me wrong, the Falls are a sight to behold, but the US side provides another GREAT perspective on it...you will not feel cheated, I assure you!
  13. OMG, Janneman...ek gaan sommer dadelik die goed koop om hierdie resep te probeer!! *Screech* Dankie, man :ilikeit:
  14. My husband is from Buffalo, and the ONE time that I did go to the Canadian side to view the Falls, they gave me such uphill at the border coming back into the USA. Now mind you, going into Canada was a breeze...a merely formality, no less. I had my (conditional) permanent residence, but not my passport. Bliksems kept us there for an hour while they "verified my information" all the while with a cranky baby for company. Definately make sure that you have all your documents in order before going...ie passport etc.
  15. You crack me up, Toks ! But...um...NO! I love my family, but with two kids and husband in tow, we want a v-a-c-a-t-i-o-n, if you know what I mean. LOL. Having the ocean to look at right when you wake up just makes one feel so much happier, jong.
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