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  1. boeremeisieUSA

    What about those Bokke huh?

    Yah it will be great. Just sad that my skopgat is not gonna be with me to enjoy the win. We love watching rugby together and this weekend i won't beable to. Good luck to your little boy. I know how it is to drive around with kids to games. We used to do it with my little brother all the time.
  2. boeremeisieUSA

    What about those Bokke huh?

    Isn't it a blast Knersus. I was up doing the toy toy when Habana intercepted the ball and ran for that try. My brother looked at me and asked me if I had some tribal blood in me...haha. Well to Cazz yah it will only be $25 to watch the match LIVE, instead of paying $ 40 for 2 people. Clean up is not too bad we got paper plates. Looks like it is only going to be my brothers and I watching the match since Skopgat is out of town for 2 weeks, and my parents are in south africa visiting. No doubt that a couple of our friends will show up same as last time. Enjoy the win with some friends. Well enjoy the game. Oh and Knersus don't have too much fun...lol.
  3. boeremeisieUSA

    What about those Bokke huh?

    Im glad to see that we were not the only ones that were out of our seats yelling at the tv. We make our own boerewors, and biltong so we have a supply. BTW what is a rugby match without yelling at the blind ref? Im not sure what we are doing for the finals this weekend. Most probably just gonna watch it with my brothers, since my bf and my parents are out of town. Just have some boerewors rolls again or have some pap en braaivleis.
  4. boeremeisieUSA

    What about those Bokke huh?

    The pub is not south african, it is an irish pub and you don't have boerewors and biltong. The braai was by personal invitation, that is why you didn't know. Even people that used to go to the pub no longer goes there because it is what it is, a pub with re-runs. Why wouild anybody want to pay $20 for a head when you can watch it on a big screen, have a braai and not have to put up with drunk morons. I live to far away to go to some pub in anyways, plus I spend most my time with Skopgat here at my home where we can watch the games for free. At home you have just South Africans cheering with you and not a mix of everything. We speak afrikaans and enjoy time with people that are friends. Obvisouly we found out that most South Africans here are just like thery were in South Africa, back stabbers. We tried to invite people that we met at a pub that is South African. Plus it wasn't a personal message to Cazz or anybody. Just a general message to everybody who responded to the post on "whats wrong with south africans in ATL?". Well enjoy your time at the pub. BoeremeisieUSA
  5. boeremeisieUSA

    What about those Bokke huh?

    Hi bok supporters. Man my family and I have been watching the rugby like crazy. So we are going to the finals, hopefully they won't play like they played the past few games. Lets face it England is not Argentina, ok I also got to give credit to the ref, nice job buddy but it sure didn't help the Argentinans any. Couple of late tackle blows froms the ref awarding the Argentinans some advantage. Come on even my blind dog could see the tackles were by the Argentinans. I bet there are lots of celebrating going on, but during the game I bet alot of anger and swearing at the tv. Heck even tossing biltong at the tv. So I wonder what will happen next week. Will our bokke put the red flowers to shame again? or will we have a good match on our hands like world cup 1995 against the Kiwis when we won by Stransky's wonderful drop kicks? Btw south africans can still not stand together all these people saying that people don't organize events. We had 30 south africans say they would show up for the Semi final game, some boerewors rolls and biltong, only 2 people showed up. So we don't want to hear people saying that it takes alot to organize. It does but when you are not paying anything and the klipdrift,boerewors and biltong is paid for and all you have to do is show up, you have no excuse. Well enjoy the finals. BoeremeisieUSA
  6. boeremeisieUSA

    JaLiNi: Moving to Atlanta June 2007

    Hi Jalini Well schools are a big thing. I moved here with my parents in 1999, im 23 now, went through school here and I regret every day of it. First off how old are your kids? Chazz's kids are still young and can still fit in, but if your kids already started high school, big uh problem. In high school the kids already have their little groups set up, they are eager to learn about south africa and where you're from, but the minute they know everything they kinda just ignore you. Also the school levels here are alot lower than in south africa so expect lower much lower standard. I was bored in high school here, since I went to Afrikaans Hoër Meisies in Pretoria for 2 yrs. I basicly was bored with all the school work, alot of south africans we know actually send their kids to either pvt schools or home school. If your gonna be a stay home mom, home school might be a better idea. There are also home school get togethers and field trips. But like Cazz said, if I was you I would deffinately check up on test scores, graduation percentage and the teacher ratio. Out of all the counties in GA, Gwinett is basicly the highest education level in GA, or atleast one of them. But seriously take it from somebody who went to school in south africa and then switched over. Not that great, I actually felt smart, and i wasn't one of the smarter kids in Affies. About the appliances and stuff, you are way better off getting rid of it. Things over here are so much cheaper than getting your stuff shipped. The electricity over here is different, different voltage and systems, so you are going to end up having to buy new stuff in anyways. Like they said bring sentimental items, like pictures, african sculptures or whatever it is that you have in your house that makes it your home. I wouldn't worry about any furniture or anything, it is cheaper here than you can ship it. As for chocolates and things like that, i know that was a joke, but there is a south african store right in ATL you can get it at. Might be a little expensive but yah well worth the drive from where we are at. Well I hope you get everything packed and I hope that we were of some help. Good luck to you and your family. boeremeisieATL
  7. boeremeisieUSA

    History of the Green Card lottery

    My family have friends that won the greencard lottery. Just because you win it doesn't mean you will get it. A family that lives not to far from us, has been settled here in the states for a while now. They won the greencard, but the numbers ran out before they could get theirs. In other words, they either had to pay to get their papers started over and start from scratch with a lawyer and do it the other way, or go back to south africa. With luck the lady got sponsored by the school she was teaching at. So wouldn't set my hopes on the lottery. Earlier when they first started it was great, but now...too many people are applying and trying to win it. So becareful if you win it, just keep in mind your not gaurenteed to get the greencard. Good Luck to whoever is attempting to win. Just a friendly little information. BoeremeisieUSA
  8. boeremeisieUSA

    Any Events this Year 2007?

    Hi Skopgat I just joined SAUSA yesterday. Saw your comment on here and thought I would say hi. I Live about 2 hours from Peachtree city. If you want to feel free to contact me. I hope to hear from you. En ek praat afrikaans...lol. Just thought it would be appropriate to type in English. Hope to hear from u soon. BoeremeisieUSA (23/f/GA)