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  1. My turning point came with the Olympic Games... I watched the SA men's team win a swimming relay. I was proud. Of course. But I didn't feel that fuzzy pride that I used to when I first arrived here and SA achieved something. I find myself routing for the American athletes in Athens and get the goosebumps when the play the US national anthem. Not really so with Nkosi Sikelele... This is home now. I can't really identify with all the changes in SA that I know that have taken place since I moved here. I will always have fond memories of the country... but I feel I'm truly growing where I'm planted... right here in Texas!
  2. Hello everyone, I live in Magnolia, TX, and I'm working on a website for all SA expats in the Houston area. I'm making it informative and plan to organise a few get togethers through the year at a central point. If there are any SAfricans in the area, I would love to hear from you! I am also working on a website for SAfricans who find themselves in the same situation as me - I met my hubby online and moved to the USA to be with him. The best decision I could have made! The adjustments were immense and often I felt lost... which is why I've decided to do research and put together something really informative for women who meet their husbands online and then move to his country and immerse themselves into a new culture. Would love to hear your stories and get your input! My e-mail address is foreigncall[at]hotmail.com Best wishes, "Liefie"
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