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  1. Hi there, Won the greencard lottery the 2nd time I am now a US citisen as well as a SA citisen. You do not have to give the one up for the other. One you have your US citisenship, you have to apply with the SA Consul to keep your SA citisenship and you have a great reason - your boys - and wha-la. good luck !!
  2. Haai Mr. Mulder, Hope your plans come together. I was poking around SAUSA again and found you. We've been in contact before on sa-austin. Take care and good luck - don't give up !! :ilikeit:
  3. Well... as always, SA'ns in TX has another fun event to go to. We sure have a lot happening here in Texas, don't we ? To All South Africans PrimaDonna Productions is holding the Second Annual SA to SA (San Antonio to South Africa) Festival. A festival from which all proceeds benefit The Long Distance Book-Mobile, which ships books to schools and township libraries in South Africa. We would like to invite anyone who has South African merchandise for sell to come and participate. Last year all of our vendors had a great response and a very successful, and profitable, day. We expect an even bigger crowd this year as it is the only South African festival in San Antonio and has received a large amount of media coverage. It will be held Saturday, October 4 at the Continental Cafe. Please inform all of your members of this wonderful opportunity. If anyone has questions, please contact us at info[at]PrimaDonnaProductions.com. You can visit their website for additional information, www.PrimaDonnaProductions.com.
  4. ... sorry - ek bedoel ons bly tot Maandag !!! :ilikeit:
  5. Sien julle daar Hendie !! Ek kan nie wag nie. Ons ry al die Vrydag aand deur tot die Sondag toe ! They are expecting a lot of Safricans this year, with the white elephant stores and all. With all the foods, drinks, campfires, breakfast, cheeses and wines, games etc. I know it's going to be fun fun fun event. We even have SAfricans from CA, AR, LA and FL coming to our great state for this weekend. Suidwester :cowboy: :ilikeit:
  6. :cowboy: Hey everyone, I have been inputting the past few days, but though I shoud intro. myself. Originally from Suidwes and also went to highschool and univercity in Jo'ies - RAU. Worked at Damelin College and then moved to PE for 6 years when we were engaged. Loooovvveee PE !! My family still in Namibie on the farm, but also live in Jo'ies in the hot summer months. Been in the US for 8 years. 2 years in San Fransisco, and 6 in Austin, TX. We won the greencard lottery and have never looked back. Visit SA about every 3 years, and it's funny, we always want to come back 'home'. Texas is awsome. My husband is a webdeveloper and I run my own Mary Kay business from home - excellent !! My two boys (10 and 5) are great and my oldest son (2nd degree black belt) is a World Champion in TaeKwonDo while my 5 year old a World Champ in goofing off !! :jester: When we arrived in the US, I used to be on the BB several times a day - every day. It was a lot different then (lots of fighting) but it's good to see that is not happening anymore. Went off for a few years and then started browsing again. The format of the BB has changed soooo much, that I almost find it hard to keep track. It was good to see Cazz was still here. I remember that name from 4 years ago !! What I have learnt most in the US is not to be so sensitive - as a lot of SA'n can be. We grew up with not every saying anyting or doing anything that might hurt someone feelings. Well... I have learned (thanks to my many great US friends) not to take everything so personally. Be tough and take the critisism with a cup of laughter !! As a family we are so happy and thankful for the opportunities - specially for my kids - that the US provide. We are all US citizens now - but also kept SA citizenship. Like someone said the other day (was it Teacher ?) - in our hearts we will always be South African - but my head is American. I am enjoying the Olympic tremendously, and will support US fully, unless a SA athlete is competing... Well.... that about that. Talk soon Suidwester
  7. suidwester


    It's almost like white corn and I have seen in in Wal-Mart. Just not sure what it is called in English.... "stampmielies" (afr). is wonderful with brown gravy !!!! yum-yum :cowboy:
  8. this will be our 4th annual potjie, and it's going to be bigger than ever !! By popular demand, the organisers have decided to have it over the whole weekend of September 3,4,5,6. 2004. For more detail and registration and other info, go to www.sa-austin.com reply soon !! :ilikeit:
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    hello there

    Hey guys, yep Peren, they all moved to Austin, TX. haha We were in the Bay area for 2 years and then ventured to TX. Since then, 6 other SF families came to the Austin area !! You are also right about the groups in SF. Pitty, but the Angel Island braais are ALWAYS a success.
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