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  1. Tokolosi

    Hello Again

    Howzit JG. Good to hear things are still looking well. I myself have taken somewhat of a leave from all things electronic. Although admitedly I still check in here and on FB intermittantly. Lots going on. Will be nice too catch up again. Cheers.
  2. 1. Arrive in LA (duh) Enjoy the flight. After you land remember to make sure everyone is strapped in for you are about to embarked on the wildest roller coaster you have ever ridden. Hold on tight! 2. Rent a car as a tourist. I will pre-book - long term 30 days plus? Probably only need international driving license? Make sure you and whomever else you would like to drive the rental have both your South African and Int. drivers licence. The latter is not really required but as I recall they are easy to get and I suppose it couldn't hurt. As far as insurance for the rental. They will give you many options. Make sure you take, at the very least, what they call LDW (Loss Damage Waiver). If you have it and you get in a wreck the insurance picks up all damages. You sign a form and walk away. Personal experience! 3. Rent a long stay apartment. Any other considerations here? There are many options. You can look at Extended Stay hotels or you can look into renting a furnished apartment on a month to month lease. http://www.extendedstayhotels.com/ http://www.apartmentguide.com/ 4. SSN. Is there anything I can do to speed this up or remove this hurdle? We went to the local SS office and got numbers pretty quickly. Try that. 5. Bank Account You got me. I just cannot remember. I seem to recall having an account set up prior to me getting a SSN. 6. Postal Address You can rent a mailbox at various places. Once you find a spot to crash then find one locally and rent a mailbox. http://www.mbe.com/Pages/home.aspx http://www.postalannex.com/ 7. Rent a home You may want to consider an apartment or condo initially. At least until you start getting an idea of where you are, where you work, where you want to be. You will be asked for a months rent as deposit (shouldn't be more) and you can sign a month-month, short term or long term lease. The longer the term, the cheaper the rent. 8. Buy / lease a car Without a credit record you will most likely not be able to lease a car. And you will most likely not get approved for a loan either so you wont be able to buy one. Lovely catch-22. Ask your employer to write a letter stating that you are fully employed by them, and that you earn $X. And just keep on trying until somebody gives in. Remember you need proof of insurance before you even drive off the lot. Try AAA or Geicko. 9. I already have a job Lucky! 10. Credit None. Nada. Zip. Probably one of the most frustrating things you will encounter. Get a secured credit card from your bank and use it. Pay it off every month. Also try and get a card from a large dept. store like Target, Macy's or Home Depot. They are sometimes easier to get and will help to build up your credit.
  3. This should be an interesting topic to watch and I hope you post feedback about your experiences Fiela. You are about to enter the interesting place that is US healthcare. And coming from the UK with NHS I'm betting its going to be interesting. You have a few choiches here. You will probably receive some sort of medical benefit plan from your employer. This will allow you to go to a doctor, get checkups, emergency room treatment etc. The general stuff. Depending on the plan you will have to make a co-pay when seeing the docter or getting prescriptions filled. Like Oscar said, it could be anything from $4 to $30. I pay on average $25 for a doctors visit and about $15 for a prescription. All good. However, you will be constrained to certain docters, medical facilities etc. depending on your plan. Also, you plan will have likely have anual limits that if you exceed, you get to pay. A recent accident that resulted in a loved one getting surgery etc. cost me more than $10,000. And I have a PHENOMENAL medical plan, no joke. Also, most employer benefit plans do not always include dental or vision. You need to supplement that insurance by buying your own. The healthcare you will receive here is excellent. The system it functions in, is not. If you are self employed or your employer does not offer any benefits then you are responsible to buy insurance to cover you requirements. And like anything, what you pay is what you get.
  4. The Annual Curry Cook-off for the ‘Del Mar Hoods Curry Cup’ Live music – The Beachwood Rugby Band INVITATION EVENT: Teams participate in creating their ‘perfect’ curry dish – no restrictions on ingredients. The winners and runners up to be adjudicated by 3 independent judges. The winner’s to receive the Dan Dworsky Curry Cup floating trophy as well as a cash prize. Runner’s up are also in line to receive prizes. As the venue is booked for the entire day, teams can set up in the morning and create their masterpieces at the venue. The competition will be stiff this year with many new teams in the running. This year’s event to be held as a fundraiser for the KwaZulu Old Crocs tour to Ireland in September 2010. A percentage of proceeds to go to youth rugby clubs. Based on last year’s turnout, it’s going to continue the proud history of excellent food and cheer. This event is open to everyone, we are aiming to have as many families and friends participate in grand fashion in a reserved area of San Dieguito park. Feel free to forward this invite to others who would be interested in participating or attending. During the day we will be showing top class rugby games and arranging touch rugby and other games for the kids or you can just relax under the trees with the family listening to good music enjoying fine fare. DATE: Saturday June 26th, Morning ‘til Sunset (the venue is booked for the whole day) The curry tasting will officially take place between 1 and 2pm. VENUE: San Dieguito Park, Del Mar: Area One at the Upper Entrance. Please be advised there is a daily parking fee of $3 per vehicle. Address- 1628 Lomas Santa Fe Drive, Del Mar, CA 92014 Map Link - http://www.co.san-diego.ca.us/parks/picnic/sandieguito_map.html COSTS: As this year’s event is a fundraiser the following entrance fees will apply: $10 per adult and kids for free – entrance fee will include free sample tasting of the curries entered in the competition, as well as free helpings to Oscar Dike’s famous curry, and a hotdog and cooldrink for the kids. There will be beers, cooldrinks and hotdogs. AUCTION & RAFFLE: During the day we will be holding an auction for some rugby & other sport memorabilia. Plus there will be a raffle held for various other prizes that have been generously donated. SOME OF THE PARTICPANT TEAM CAPTAINS (so far we have 10 registered teams) Theo Expats Team 1 Theo Expats Team 2 Theo Expats Team 3 Pingo’s – Bruce Tremearne & Craig Humphreys Krishna’s Corner – Krishna & Mark Abelkop Somali Pirate Green Goat Curry – Ed Petersen Curry & Nice – Tania Odies Alan Pickering & Friends Chopper’s Team Charles Rubin’s Team Awaiting confirmation from the following teams: Chetty Deano Graham (SA Deli) Dwarsky reserves – Jeff Jones & Peter Sertic Graydon Marty Phil Sheard Bosbefok Team There’s plenty of space for more teams guys & girls!!! Feel free to forward this invite to others who would be interested in participating or attending. Should you want to enter your own team please contact me or Oscar Dike at yahoo.com"]oscar_dike[at]yahoo.com or sbcglobal.net"]glenrhawkins[at]sbcglobal.net HOW TO PARTICIPATE: Form a team, appoint a captain and select a team name. Once you’ve done this, send your details to either Oscar or Glen, so we can add your team to the roster. The teams decide on their menus etc. Some teams may want to enjoy getting together the night before to prepare. Teams are able to set up at the venue during the morning as well (need to bring your own heating/cooking means). Should you not want to form a team of your own, you’re more than welcome to join an existing team, or alternatively just come along to enjoy the day as a taster. To enable as many people as possible to taste your curry we suggest each team makes 2 pots. Suggest each team also provides a pot of rice. Teams look after their ingredients costs. Please note, there are no cooking facilities at the venue, so if any cooking is to be done, teams should provide means to do so themselves. Team cooking/presentation areas will be demarcated, and at this stage, its 1st come 1st serve. Each team to bring their own paraphernalia, ie shade, tables chairs, etc. The organizers will be providing eating utensils and sample bowls with which to taste the curries on offer. Please contact Oscar or Glen right away with your preference of participation so we can establish the number of people attending. There will be 2 scoring mechanisms for the curries. 1. The curries will be tasted by all attendees and score tallied on a board to conclude who the ‘peoples’ master curry team victor will be….just as last year. 2. The 3 invited judges will make the final adjudication. NB- For non-participants and non-curry eaters, bring our own BBQ goodies, including picnic utensils for your family. A bag of BBQ coal would help. Tables and BBQ areas are provided for, but bring your own ground coverings if you plan to sit under the trees. SO PLEASE BOOK THE DATE, BOOK YOUR TEAMS SPOT AND LET THE ORGANIZERS KNOW THAT YOU’RE “BOK” FOR THE FESTIVITIES, MORE INFORMATION TO BE FORTHCOMING SHORTLY. Please contact Oscar [at] yahoo.com"]oscar_dike[at]yahoo.com or Glen [at] sbcglobal.com"]glenrhawkins[at]sbcglobal.com for more info.
  5. Tokolosi


    Você pode usar ferramentas de idioma do Google. Google dil araçlarını kullanabilirsiniz. At least for the Portuguese and Turkish.
  6. Welcome to SAUSA. I hope we can assist in answering some questions or just provide support for you in what will prove a trying, albeit exiting, time. Good luck with everything.
  7. Komaan mense. Afrikaans asseblief. Julle weet ek kan nie engels praat nie.
  8. Please post if anyone recieves additional notices from this person (or similiar). Include when you received the email/PM and what SAUSA username it came from.
  9. Dont even get me started! ;(
  10. Tokolosi

    Lunch Anyone?

    Would have loved to meet up but I am a little out of your way (California). Good luck and enjoy your trip.
  11. Hi Kwan and welcome to SAUSA. You didnt give a lot of info so before I answer let me ask a few questions first; Do you plan to come here to work or retire? Are you both South African citizens? Have you researched immigration procedures to the US before? What type of timeframe are you looking at? Oh, and last question (and no, its not a joke, bear with me); Do you have $1,000,000.00 (one million USD) to spend?
  12. Depends on your visa. 6 months is the norm for a tourist visa. I think you have to state the arrival and departure dates when applying and while the visa is valid for 6 months your I-94 will have your futyre departure date recorded on it based on what you appplied for. You can extend this time (as long as its less than 6 months) but not without letting them know. If you dont you could be considered to be here illegally. Yes. I did it this way. Remember that you may not actively pursue employment while on a visitors visa. If offered to you unsolicited its ok. Also, there was a very short and critical time period where I had to apply for a change of status. If you dont do this right you will never get approved because you will be out of status and considered to be in the US illegally and will only get a shot at a visitors visa in another 10 years. Once I received my visa I just started working. No re-entry was required. However, the processing time is a lot longer and you cannot leave the US while the application is being done. I suppose with enough money you can do anything. You will have a tough time getting any kind of loan so I suppose it would need to be cash. I dont know. Having done it myself, I would not reccommend this way either. It takes longer and there is some time critical issues to know about. Should you do it this way make sure you use a good immigration attorney. However, there is nothing illegal about it. I was here on vacation, someone offered me a job etc. I was never out of status and did everything by the book.
  13. When my Grandfather passed away a few years back I learned that he willed to me a beautifull engraved side by side double barrel shotgun and a 308 hunting rifle. I started enquiring about getting them here to the US. Its like Hagar said, easier said than done. After talking to various gun shops around town I could not find anyone even remotely interested in importing the pieces. Well one guy said he could but the costs was just stupid. I gave up on trying and told my cousin he could have them. If the revolver have some immense sentimental value or is gold plated with diamonds in the grip then you could give it a go, otherwise I agree with Hagar. Make sure it can never be fired or repaired so it doesnt become part of the problem and then hand it in to the cops.
  14. Wow, I cant believe that this has gone undetected by SAUSA for so long. It looks fantastic. I read through the food menu and are now practically salivating. Hmmm boerewors roll and slap tjips. I wish it was closer, I would have gone!
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