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  1. evyn

    We Want To Go Back

    I'm not back in SA yet. My family though, is making it pretty impossible to do anything, so I'm just spending my days sending job application after job application. Pretty soon, I think, I will just have to get a divorce and go to SA on my own.
  2. evyn

    We Want To Go Back

    Good luck Superkruz. I will be following you back to SA in about 8 months. I simply cannot sustain this level of unemployment any longer.
  3. Hi all, Can anyone recommend a good shipping company that ships from the USA to SA? I've found a couple online, but would prefer to use one that has provided good service at least once! The company I used to ship to the USA was pretty bad. E.
  4. Whiteloren, what didn't you like about Austin? It's on my list of places to escape to from Michigan.
  5. The economy in Michigan isn't good. For that reason, I would avoid it. It's pretty in autumn though.
  6. evyn


    Nick, I live in Grand Rapids, but visit Chicago 4-5 times a year. Next time I'm there I will PM you.
  7. I've applied for about 300 positions over 2 years now. I secured two interviews, and got both (part-time) jobs. One is remote from anything I have ever done before, the other is at the bottom of ladder in my field. It takes a lot of time, patience, and a measure of luck. In my case, it may be back to the SA or maybe the UK. Good luck.
  8. Ran across this... http://sa-festival.com/ South African Festival 1st Annual weekend event where South-African's or American's who love South African Culture gather to celebrate our Culture with family and friends. It's a full weekend of Camping, South African food, Music, Socializing, Traditional Competitions, Games and Relaxing by the campfire!
  9. Thanks for the responses. The law/regulations/tax etc is the easy part of running a business. It's that "entrepreneurial spirit" that's the hard part.
  10. Has anyone started a successful business in the USA? If so, would you care to share your experience? I am considering starting a technical writing consultancy, but I'm a pretty rotten businessman, so hearing from people who have "done it" will be inspirational and instructive.
  11. One issue with an actual cyberwar job is that I am not eligible for security clearance in the USA. This is a major obstacle. I have some contacts in the USA and UN and various other organisations, from the conferences I have attended, but they mostly give me the same story - clearance. I've applied at google, amazon, nasa, and some of the other bigger players in the field - no interest either. In fact, the only common denominator is me - so it must be my approach. Lol. I took a resume writing course from Michigan Works, but that doesn't seem to have helped.
  12. Ja, that comment has done a lot of damage, I'm afraid. I've wondered if MI is the problem - I liked the east coast when I was there, but that was as a tourist several years ago. I have an M.Tech in IT - my field was cyberwar, a very hot topic right now. I had a few publications and several higher certificates. Then I got a MA in ancient history. I got the Mtech certified through a company called WES. I didn't originally intend to get the MA certified, but last week I set that ball rolling.
  13. Superkruz and Malamute are speaking my language. I've been here two years, haven't made a single friend, I'm still unemployed (I deliver cars part time for $8 an hour. I don;t consider this employment), and see little hope of it in the future. I cannot afford even basic medical insurance. I cannot afford to insure my car. I definitely do not fit in here. UK, Germany, Singapore, Israel, have all been good to me. The USA has been a disaster. I have never felt so alone and utterly rejected and useless as here. A friend of my wife's (she's American) once called me a white niggar. It's pretty much the attitude I get from people - you're not one of us, but you can do some menial work for me. I literally cannot find an entry level IT position putting PCs together (because I don't have an A+ - I have taught A+ though, but doesn't count). In the meantime, I have had credible university offers (I am a CS lecturer by profession) in SA, Namibia, Botswana, and the UK. There are also doc positions in Germany that I can take. I cannot really see any point in staying here. Other South Africans I know have had great success here and they will never leave. For me, it's been a lonely disaster.
  14. evyn

    Us Job Market

    Start applying as soon as you can. Most Seffricans seem to meet with success, some don't. I have applied for 265 jobs in 49 states since Oct 2012. I am only having my first real interview in October of this year.
  15. Tax is a nightmare. Consult a tax expert.
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