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  1. Hi gman, I put down my friends address, but when I arrived I already had an apartment, so I changed the address at point of entry. I told the immigration officer and he changed it. We got our green cards within 2 weeks at the new address. Hope this helps. Good luck, its a great journey, just make sure you check all your application forms and documents.
  2. Hi Everyone, I am looking for people in California who would like to become insurance producers for me. I will provide full training, help with licensing and get prospects to call in for insurance. My marketing system has put me and 2 other agents in the top 10 in Southern California. You can start part-time and than go full time. Call me on 909.266.9273 or Toll Free: 877.312.4560 (Farmers Insurance). Sincerely, Vince Chetty vchetty[at]farmersagent.com
  3. Chetty

    Chetty: Introduction

    Thank you for the great welcome. We won the green card in a lottery and had an American friend visiting us who arranged an apartment in this area. We had six months to activate our green card so we had to move fast. It was not too difficult getting the Life insurance license but the Property and Casualty license was more difficult. I was selected by Farmers Insurance to open my own agency since I have previous business background. I also like them since they give South African drivers the benefit of their driving experience. In order to get a license you must be appointed by an insurance company. One needs to attend 92 hours of class and write the state board exam. It was not my profession in South Africa, I owned a frozen food manufacturing company so my experience is more in manufacturing and construction. So if anybody out there needs my services feel free to contact me. And by the way they have Ceres mango juice in Costco at a good price.
  4. All types of insurance available through Farmers. We take into consideration SA driving experience. Vince-909.579.7118 vchetty[at]msn.com
  5. Chetty

    Green Card Lottery

    We tried a couple of times and finally won the lotto. I think it is good idea.
  6. Chetty

    Phoning to SA

    Check out Lingo's VOIP service $19.95 free to UK, Europe, Canada. If you use thru Cable high speed internet no need for telephone line. Other services AT&T callvantage, Vonage, Verizon Voicewing. Rates to S.A 8c with Lingo Excellent voice quality. Carry your telephone adaptor anywhere and use your nunber wherever you get high speed internet access. With this the telephone as we know it will soon be outdated.
  7. Chetty

    Investor Visa

    Hi Steve The best way is to do an inter-company transfer which is an L-1 visa. You would not need to show assets of $500 000,00 or $1m and employ a minimum no. of people. You will need to buy or start a new business which is a branch of the business in S.A. The business in S.A and the branch here must be owned by somebody other than yourselve and you must be in a managerial position. The best way to buy a business in the U.S is when the owner finances by carrying a note and thru a business broker. In Southern California you can look at Sunbelt business brokers of Southern California. If you cannot get them to return your call give me a call since I am associated with them. They do many businesses for visa purposes Good luck
  8. I am new to Southern California. I am a licensed Insurance agent with Farmers Insurance in Covina, Los Angeles county. I do Property and Casualty and Life Insurance. (Auto, Home, Boats, Medical and Life). We take your S.A drivers experience into account. Anybody requiring my service can email me at vchetty[at]msn.com or call me 909.579.7118 Vince Chetty
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