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    Welcome to the US, Tinjana! I hope you settle in soon. Take it day by day and don't be afraid to ask for advice. YOu don't have to take it if it doesn't suit you, but it might give you a start. There is a South African group near you on Facebook. (Many people are willing to help you find your way around.) https://www.facebook.com/groups/279318005415416/
  2. treverly

    Winter Hands

    I recently discovered coconut oil. I apply it after using lotion to seal in the moisturising properties of the lotion. It is also great on dry lips. Coconut oil is solid when cold and more liquid when warm so a little goes a long way.
  3. I wish you all the best on your return to SA. Your posts have always been interesting. I don't comment on posts so much anymore, but I pop in regularly to keep up with the chatter. I feel that I am in that no-man's land of having been here for quite a while, (16 years) but all the immigration processes have changes so much that my input is no longer valid. We were caught up in the 9/11 drama and had to wait a long time for PR, but citizenship is just around the corner. Good luck and as others have said - please do let us know how you get on and settle back into life in SA. Bev
  4. Fabulous and congratulations! Just by the way there is a great crowd of South Africans in that area. Reach out to them for help settling in and learning the ropes.
  5. Wishing you all a happy, healthy and prosperous 2016!
  6. Fantastic! I am so glad that you have settled in well and started your new life. May you have continued success!
  7. treverly

    Lest We Forget

    Mmmmm! Cold shivers Figjam! Mu grandfathers both fought in WW1 and WW2 and then I had husband, siblings, cousins and friends all in the border war. I watched the trains leave with young boys and return with young men and said prayers as the planes and helicopters flew over our house taking them to unknown places. Fortunately all my loved ones came home. I thank them all.
  8. Look at some of the sales fliers for the shops. Walmart, Hroger, Target, Aldi, Best Buy, Sears, Rooms to Go, Ashley Furniture For apartment rental Rent.com apartment.com
  9. Hope all goes well with your move.
  10. treverly

    6 Months On.

    Very sad for you, but I hope it all works out eventually and that one day you will be back.
  11. treverly

    World Cup Rugby

    Sorry that I only saw this after the game I saw this one on one of my FB pages. Just be careful when you close the popup ad windows. www.livestream.com
  12. I have had great success with this easy rusk recipe that my mother passed on to me. Granny's Rusks Rusks are delicious dipped in hot coffee, tea or Milo/chocolate. Granny got this recipe off the SR flour packet years ago and kept the biscuit tins (Yes! The Quality Street tins!) full to share with visitors. YOu can add raisins and other dried fruit or anise seed. 1Kg Self Raising Flour (2lb packet) 200ml Sugar (3/4 cup) 10ml Baking Powder (2tsp) 5ml Salt (1tsp) 250g Butter (1 stick) 500ml Buttermilk (1pt) 1 Egg 250ml Oil (1cup) Sieve all the dry ingredients together. Rub the butter into the flour mixture Beat the eggs, oil and buttermilk well Pour into the centre of the flour mixture Mix and knead thoroughly. YOu can add a bit more flour if the mixture seems too wet. Form into balls (slightly larger than a golf ball) and put into 9x13 pan plus a half loaf tin. Bake at 180C (350F) for 45 minutes. When cool enough to handle - pull apart - put onto cooling rack on top of cookie sheet. Dry in low oven (on lowest temp setting) for about 3 hours or until totally dry Store in an airtight tin. Dip into your favourite beverage and enjoy!
  13. They want your existing passport - and it's really scary to be without it. We did not wait very long when we last renewed about 8 years ago but I have seen and heard that the wait can be quite a while now.
  14. treverly

    Raleigh Tourist?

    I am not familiar with the area but there are quite a few sites that have info about Raleigh if you go to Google. This one had some good info http://www.visitraleigh.com/ also search general NC info for other areas nearby. Bev
  15. I wish you and your husband all the success you deserve. Please keep in touch.
  16. Your USA employer would be your H1B sponsor so you will have to find someone willing to employ you. My husband found his employer in a trade magazine advert for a job fair in JHB. This was nearly 13 years ago so I don't know if they still do these job fairs. The magazine was an Information Technology magazine. Unfortunately the person who recruited my husband is no longer in the same business.
  17. Every state is different and it depends on the economy of the state. Bad economy could mean more crime. I live in Tennessee (also lived in Florida, Texas and South Carolina)and we have not experienced anything like load shedding. In winter we have ice storms and snow that can cause problems. Trees and traffic accidents taking poles down cause most of the disruptions, but ice settles on the above-ground lines and gets heavy enough to take the lines down. In some instances, it can take a few hours or a few days to repair. The hurricanes and tornadoes in some areas also cause service disruptions. We had a few outages during winter, but in general, we have not had any problems. (I brought hot water bottles from SA and we were glad to have them to take to bed with us when we had no central heating for a few hours!) We are fortunate to live in a nice area and we lock our doors. You have to use a bit of common sense! There are always those opportunistic people who will relieve you of your possessions given the chance. Cars left out are usually targeted for easy theft of contents like bank cards, lap top computers, wallets or phones. It's hard to believe that people leave stuff like that in cars - and the cars are often unlocked too. Most houses have a door from the garage into the house and some people carelessly go out and do not close the garage door. We have done it and been lucky! Most times it is not a problem, but you just never know who is in the neighbourhood! We hardly ever use our front door so it is usually locked. Sadly I think the days of unlocked doors in our area is fast disappearing. Kids leave toys and bikes in the garden and they can stay there for days without disappearing. Parcels are delivered and left at the door and are usually pretty safe. We had a TV delivered and missed the notification and it was still there a day later. We are able to walk the streets comfortably, even late at night. However as a woman, I would not put myself in a dodgy position by walking alone at night. Common sense says it is just stupid with all the crazies out there. My daughter can happily go to a restaurant in town at night with a crowd of boy/girl friends and drive home on her own late at night. For our own peace of mind, she still lets us know when she is leaving town if she is late. Letting us know her movements was a requirement when she started driving and she feels safer continuing to do so. Should she be involved in an accident or have a breakdown, we will know to go and look for her. I don't know much about motor bike laws so someone else will have to tell you about that. It is law that you stop at red lights and STOP signs. It is considered a moving violation if you don't and it carries a hefty fine and points off your license. However if you are turning right, you may (in some states) turn against a red light after STOPPING first, to check traffic. If you know where you are going to live, you can go to the local DMV site and download a learner drivers manual. (https://www.tn.gov/safety/dlhandbook/menu.shtml Tennessee drivers manual) Skate Parks are not as common as neighbourhood pools.There are usually cement sidewalks in the neighbourhoods and the kids use them for skating/skateboarding. In Boca Raton, Florida we lived near a 25 acre lake. The kid next door used to let their dog tow him around the lake on a skateboard. The dog was locked up while the boy was at school so he had plenty of energy to expend when he was let out! Many neighbourhoods have a pool for the use of local residents. You pay for it via your Home Owners Association fees. Many apartment buildings also have a pool.
  18. Oh gosh! You sound like you need a good hug! (((hug))) I know it won't help your situation and there is not much advice I can offer, but believe me, we all care! Is your daughter studying or working? Sometimes making friends at work can make life a bit easier and having some spending money also helps. It sounds like the SA connection in her life is being a bit 'otherwise'. Perhaps you can convince her that once you are settled, she can think about getting him here too. That might make him happier about her being here too. It will give them a goal that they can work towards together. Perhaps they can both work towards saving money for him to have a holiday here to see if he would like to live in the US? My daughter struggled to make friends, but once she started work and college and made friends, she became a different person. Bev
  19. The lawyers have little to do with what you know about your status. Your employer pays the attorneys so you are nothing to them really. You should get copies of anything that changes - although we have heard of employers 'forgetting' to pass on information. If you have a decent employer/HR Dept., he will instruct them to send you copies of all documents and to keep you informed about changes.
  20. It has been a crazy ride, but we think it has been worth while. Admittedly, on some days we have had doubts. We feel as you do - that we could not comfortably go back to SA without very good reason. Getting our work permits and PR certainly made life feel a bit more stable. Not having to worry about our daughter aging out was also a relief.
  21. We did the H1B to PR and got caught up in the whole change of how they did things. Fortunately our offices didn't change but a lot of people had documentation lost and families had some members that got their PR eventually and some are still waiting and have had endless trouble. It took us 12 years almost to the day, to get or green cards and believe me, there was much panicking going on as our daughter's 21 st birthday loomed at the end of the year. She arrived here as a 9 year old and really only knows the US as her home. On top of it, right when our PR was due, we made 2 moves in 6 months so we upped the chances of lost mail 100%! Fortunately my husband and daughter's cards arrived at the correct address as dh needed his for a new job and dd needed hers to get into a new university. Mine went to the old house address and fortunately was returned to USCIS and I got mine about 10 weeks later. We also would not go back to SA, but there have been times when I could have packed my bags and walked to the airport! Missing family and having things go wrong when we were so far away and could not help has almost killed me. Aging parents and sick family has been very hard to bear sometimes. The wheels have also fallen off here now and then and not having support and a shoulder to lean on has not been easy. I don't know if living in a bigger city is easier or not. Even Dallas had 'rules and regulations' that seemed crazy to us. Maybe TV gives you a false impression of the US. We have learnt to laugh at the oddities and either work with it or find a way around it. We have often wondered how some other opportunities that were on offer may have worked out. We had on offer in Belgium as well as the US. We often wonder how that would have turned out. Hang in there - it is worth it in the end.
  22. Very often the jobs advertised are fishing expeditions on the part of recruiters or they are long expired but are being used by recruiters to build up clients. If you can get past the recruiters and contact the HR manager of a firm directly, you stand more chance of an interview. So often we have found that resumes are never even submitted to companies because a recruiter makes a decision that you are not suitable, when actually you are a perfect fit My husband is also on the lookout for a new position. We searched (Googled) all the relevant companies in our area and have been steadily working through a list. Most have a 'careers' link somewhere on the site and available jobs are listed. You may have to try other larger towns nearby too. Linkedin is a great help. Have a look in different categories too. I have seen quite a few accountant type jobs advertized in the healthcare category Remember that until you find a job, it is your 'job' to keep looking everyday - all day! I say this because as you become more despondent, it gets easier and easier to sit in front of the TV watching movies or playing on Facebook!(I have the T-shirt!) Bev
  23. Welcome and I hope you land something soon.
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