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  1. Hi Wendy try ExpatMailbox.com There's a post in Miscellaneous about our service but I'm sure you'll find it the most effective and cost effective way of managing your SA Post.... Regards Joe van Niekerk ExpatMailbox.com
  2. Hi Everyone my wife Elizabeth and myself recently returned from Boca Raton, FL and along with a colleague who has returned from a few years in the U.K. have started a new postal mail forwarding service for South African Expats. While we were in the U.S. we had our family and friends erratically forwarding our post and managing our rates bills and bank accounts really proved problematic. In one case we were relying on a tenant to pass mail to our family and invariably most of our post went missing. ExpatMailbox.com is a service dedicated to provide South African Expats abroad with a reliable Postal Mail Forwarding service where they have their own unique SA Postal Address and can control online where their post is forwarded to and how often it is forwarded. We have priced it as reasonably as we can to make it affordable to everyone. At less than $12 a month we believe it's great value for money. For more info please visit our site at www.expatmailbox.com If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to ask away. Best Regards Joe van Niekerk ExpatMailbox.com
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