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  1. Eli, thank you for the information you shared. I'll definitely take a look at the areas you mentioned.
  2. Thanks, Oscar. I'll be sure to work my way through the links you posted.
  3. We're relocating to Maryland in a few weeks. My husband accepted a position at Fort Meade (he's civilian - not military). Can anyone please give me specific advice on neighborhoods to look at and those to avoid. Hellooooo, Oscar? We'll be equidistant from Baltimore and DC. If you're in the area, and know of any good real estate companies to contact to find a rental house, please let me know. Surprisingly, I haven't been able to find much online. We'll be heading that way this Friday for the Memorial Holiday weekend. If you know of an affordable hotel/efficiency/B&B or another place to crash Fri./Sat.Sun. please let me know. Can you tell we're scrambling? ha ha. Thanks!
  4. jerseygirl

    Hello Again

    Spokie, so good to know all's well. Can't believe your little girl is heading to Pre-K already. The time has flown by! If you want to see pics, you can go to our SAUSA on Facebook group and post your real name there, and I'll friend you. Be sure to tell me it's "Spokie" and let me know on this thread... I don't typically keep an eye on the SAUSA on FB group. Eileen, great to hear you're doing well in Louisiana. Malamute, whoa from Atlanta to SF. That's quite the move! Good luck with all of the logistics. Amazing to think you're already halfway to becoming a US citizen. I feel like I've lost about 2 yrs somewhere along the line. Gosh, I wonder why. Bev, congratulations on your daughter graduating this year. I hope everything gets resolved with getting her into a university. Sheesh, the long GC waits you and Janneman are experiencing are hectic. Thanks, Bubba. The kids are sweet and smart and funny, but we certainly aren't special. We've just become used to a whole new baseline of chaos. It's actually remarkable how much you can handle when called upon to do so. Tok, I can't imagine you stepping away from (almost) everything electronic. How do you do it? I'll bet surfing helps keep your priorities straight, but still! Dankie, Hendie. Wow, dis groot nuus. Ons sal julle baie graag wil sien as julle weer hier verbykom. Hoe werk die skuif Amerika toe vir Kanadese burgers?
  5. jerseygirl

    Hello Again

    Ja, als gaan goed hierso, dankie, Janneman. Die klein mensies is nou 'n jr en 'n half en hou ons aan die hop. Hulle leer Afrikaans teen groot spoed, en hulle pa het hulle net gister 'n nuwe woord geleer, "Kwaai!" Soos in Afrikaanse slang vir cool. Sjoe, kan nie glo julle wag steeds vir GC nie. Dis erg. Jammer om te hoor daar is so 'n backlog. Hoe gaan dit met die 2ling manne? ** And how about the rest of you? Sam? Tok? Eileen? Malamute? Gman? Spokie? Grantmc? Deedz? Creature? John? Etc. etc. Get me up to speed, please, on all that I've missed!
  6. jerseygirl

    Hello Again

    Hey everyone, Just wanted to pop in and say "hi" to all of my old friends. I've been super scarce in this neck of the woods the past couple of years because our family size went from 2 to 5 in one fell swoop. Drieling! I do miss hanging out with all of you on the forum, and thought I should take a moment to introduce myself to those who joined after my absence. Please post to get me up to speed with all that's new in your lives.
  7. I've been across the Canadian border many times with only a GC and can confirm that no visa is needed. Of course, it's always good to double check as Janneman suggested.
  8. Durbs, wow, that's totally cool. Thanks for the YouTube channel link, Eileen.
  9. The cutoff numbers have been updated through June 2009 according to the current visa bulletin
  10. Thanks, Malamute, for posting this valuable information. I was wondering how the tax liability would work and now I know. This is great advice, and will certainly help new GC winners.
  11. Ouch indeed on the fine. Just heard today that very close friends of mine in SA have received their DV-2010 notification letter from the Kentucky Consular Center this week. So the letters are definitely in the mail. Good luck to everyone who entered.
  12. Suprerkruz, welcome and congrats on having your name drawn in the DV lottery. My husband (primary applicant in DV-2002) was previously married and divorced. We only needed to show an unabridged marriage certificate for our marriage, but he didn't need an unabridged marriage certificate for his first marriage. He submitted his divorce certificate he received from the court, and it was accepted by the Consulate during our interview. (We have lived in the US for almost 7 years and are now US citizens.) I hope this helps. I've always felt that when in doubt as you're gathering docs for the interview, go with overkill. So, if you're still worried about needing an unabridged marriage certificate of your previous marriage, then get it from Home Affairs just for peace of mind. Good luck.
  13. Hopeful, yes, when you receive your notification that you have won, there is enough time to gather everything you need. The police clearance does expire, so that is the one document you should not get too soon after winning. As far as the rest goes, it's a good idea to keep (paper) bank statements for *all bank accounts*, apply for unabridged birth and marriage certificates now, be sure you know where your vaccination certificates are, and get your documents (like matric certificate and university degrees) issued in English if they're in Afr. Good luck!
  14. Congratulations, Grant & family. 3 yrs is quite the milestone. Just 1 yr 9 mo to go to citizenship eligibility, eh? Marvelous!
  15. On the wholewheat and other rolls topic: The bakery in our town, the wholefoods store, and the more upmarket grocery store have all started stocking the most delicious wholewheat and organic bread and rolls in recent years. For the first few years we lived in the US, freshly baked wholewheat bread was hard to come by.
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