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  1. Atlanta Braai Sept 17th 2006 We will be hosting another braai on the 17th Sept at Brook Run Park in Dunwoody. We will be offering Boerewors Rolls, pap and bredie. Also, there will be Castle, Windhoek and Savanah for those interested. Please call 770 395-1255 for further info. We will be charging $5.00 per head for the park rental.
  2. somph

    Atlanta: Spring SA Braai, 8 May

    Thanks to everyone who replied and let us know who will be attending. As of today, we are at 249 resivations.
  3. Spring South African Braai, Atlanta May 8 2005 10am TO 5pm with rain date of May 15, 2005! The Park: Brook Run Park 4774 North Peachtree Rd, Dunwoody, GA See Dekalb County website Park and Rec for details and map. SOUTHAFRICANS.COM INVITES YOU TO A COMMUNITY EVENT South African Foods, Inc Div. of Cape Food & Beverage, Inc 2080 Peachtree Industrial Court Suite 116 Atlanta, GA 30341 SouthAfricans 770 395-1255 (6 lines) 770 395-1253 fax PRESENTED IN PARTNERSHIP WITH: LUXESAFARIS Bring and braai or come and eat! We will cook for you or you can cook your own Entry Fees: $8.00 per adult, 16 and under free What to bring: blanket beach umbrella folding chairs Braai grill if cooking your own Positive attitude and willingness to meet other South Africans Menu: Approximate prices (subject to change closer to date) Plate of food $8.00 Childrens plate $5.00 We will be grilling and offering for sale: Peri Peri Chicken Beef Boerewors Turkey Boerewors Lamb Mielie Pap Tomato & Onion mix Bottled water, soft drinks Also for sale with be Biltong and Droewors Rules: Dekalb County does not allow open alcohol containers in the park. We will cater to a maximum of 500 people. We are required to have an off-duty police officer present Dekalb County Park Patrol will patrol in and around the event. If you wish to offer anything for sale, you will be required to have a Vendor Permit issued by Dekalb County. You may NOT place any braai's directly on the grass, must be elevated off the ground (grill must have legs or wheels) Remember to car pool in order to save parking spaces and walking 1/2 mile to the braai area. We are not a catering company, do not expect to be waited on, remember it's a braai. Produced, promoted and operated by SouthAfricans.com and Cape Food. This event is in no way associated nor sponsored by any political, religious or social club or group. Should this event be a success, we will plan for a fall event, possibly in September. IN ORDER TO ATTEND, PLEASE REGISTER BY FAXING IN OR MAILING IN THIS FORM TO THE FAX # OR ADDRESS LISTED IN THE UPPER LEFT CORNER: If you are planning to attend, please send us an e-mail at southafricans.com]braai and let us know how many. We can keep you updated on any changes Name: # Of Guests In Party: E–Mail Address:
  4. somph

    Atlanta Braai in May

    It seems now we will need some indication of who will attend, I have started to receive calls from TN and SC. We are only allowed 500 max in the park for the day. I will obviously be a first come basis, but maybe I need to also have tickets? The sale of items on the day will be limited, but none the less, we will be selling boerewors, biltong and a few other treats. We have also added a rain date of 15th May
  5. somph

    Atlanta Braai in May

    We thought about the Sunday/Saturday thing and it seems that too many people work Saturday or have to do things. It does not bother me either day as this is ok with me. So people will not show on Saturday because of the sabbath and some wont show on Sunday for the same reason. I dont know what the answer is, but if you want another braai on a saturday in June, nou praat jy my taal! I will be quite happy to arrange another braai for a Saturday so folks can travel from out of town. Clifford
  6. somph


    I have answered this question so many times before both in the store and my website, I have been giving out a name of a retired Judge who has helped a number to SA's in Atlanta after the last Immigration fiasco, other can tell you about that. Start with an e-mail to Judge Bill Riley at: lofters[at]bellsouth.net He offers a fixed rate immigration program that seems to work and will not take you to the cleaners. He has his name and reputation to protect, so he will not play games with you. Unless you can do things his way, dont waste your time or money. Tell him Clifford gave you his name.
  7. somph


    Atlanta is the same as any other city, it is changing fast. The new growth is moving back into the city. Its called regentrification. Maybe you need to decide how much you want to spend on a house. Most SA's live in the nothern part of ATL. I live in the hood, why because I buy house cheap and rent them to whites who move back into the city. A good way to start is with a real estate agent on line in the ATL area. They can always give you a good idea of where to buy.
  8. somph

    Immigrating with Pets

    The easiest part of moving to the US is your pet, an open door policy on animals. I have two Boerboels in Atlanta. Both from Cape Town
  9. somph

    SAfricans in Atlanta - Braai

    All the costs for the braai have been posted under the Georgia Events
  10. somph

    Atlanta Braai in May

    Hey!!! Hold on tight because here come the costs from Dekalb Co. Parks and Recreation Dept.\ If we have 133 cars (3 persons per car) at $10 per car minus 5 who will throw their toys out of the pram because they have to pay....jy weet wie! MAY 8th is confirmed..........will also pay for a rain day.... Estimated crowd +/- 400 4 x Porta Poties $80.00 each 1 x dumpster $100.00 1 x Park rental $120 1 x vendor permit $50 1 x cop $35 per hour Maybe we wont need a cop as julle nie mekaar moer nie.... Liabiltiy insurance waiver and Indemification (try say that after a few drinks) $ Dont know yet...... So it looks like me might just make it or maybe have to go to $12 per car. We can then use the same park in September again if this works out. Now its time for you to indicate who will like to show up and who wants to help. Ek gaan nie betaal en al die werk doen nie...being from Cape Town, ek is te slim vir dai :censored:
  11. somph

    SAfricans in Atlanta - Braai

    Check the EVENTS section for Georgia, braai information
  12. somph

    Atlanta Braai in May

    :ilikeit: Dekalb County has offered Brook Run park in Dunwoody for the braai. I am looking at May 1st or May 8th. Any suggestions on the date? The costs associated with this event are starting to mount, what is your opinion of paying $10 per car or $5.00 per head to attend. Or soemthing like this. The main issue is the $1 mill insurance rider needed by Dekalb Co. Also, who is interested in helping with the marketing? I have enough employees who will work the event, so it's just the front end where we need help. send me an e-mail at mambo7[at]gmail.com Clifford
  13. somph

    Tri-Nations Day in Atlanta

    Wooohooo! I just spoke to Dekalb County about Brook Run Park for the braai. They will have the supervisor review our application for braaing and drinking. If approved we could a day permit for open containers in the park as well as free standing bbq grills. This park if off I-285 in Dunwoody. We will be able to accomodate 500 persons and therefore will need to start a name list for attendance. The area is nice and private and it seems that there is plenty of parking. 4770 North Peachtree Rd, Dunwoody....remember, we are still waiting on final word. Cazz, please call me at work....770 395-1255
  14. somph

    Tri-Nations Day in Atlanta

    we are in the final throws of dealing with the counties and park registration for the braai in Atlanta. It seems it will be in late April or early May. We are not sure which park it will be as yet, due to various county rules and regulations. But we will have a braai no matter what. If any of you want ot help out, give me a should at the shop 770 395-1255