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  1. On the Heathrow website, it suggests that you can transfer between terminals without having to clear secuirty and passport control, but I'm just not 100% sure
  2. There is one potential problem I see with using the DATV exception to transit through Heathrow on a single ticket without a UK transit visa. As you said this works provided that you don't have to clear passport control, but as far as I can remember you have to clear passport control between Heathrow terminals. Ie you have to leave the 'security' area, then travel to the other terminal, then re-clear security to enter. So although you might technically be traveling via Heathrow on a single ticket with a US visa and you are not changing airports (like Gatwick), you might still need a transit visa if you need to change terminals within Heathrow. Can anyone confirm this from experience?
  3. Mickey

    Know The Costs

    Costs look like they've gone up a bit. I got green cards for our family in the DV2005 program and our cost before leaving SA totaled about R25,000 for a family of 3. That included the same things you listed (medicals, interview travel to JHB, visa's etc) After the flights to the US, and shipping our stuff over, the total cost of immigration was just over R109,000 It might be free to enter the DV program, but it sure as hell isn't free when you look at the overall process!
  4. That's a great point! I hadn't thought of that. So I know the UK is pretty sticky about things tlike this, but I would have thought that as long as you are in transit and don't have to clear customs then you would be ok in countries like Netherlands etc. I'll look into this. Thanks all !
  5. Hi Guys, I need to make an urgent trip back to South Africa, and I'm embarrassed to say that have been negligent and allowed my SA passport to expire. I applied some time ago, but did not allow for the 6 month turnaround time, so I'm currently without a valid passport - not good, I know! I can apply for a temporary passport which will take 3 weeks, but my question is does anyone know if I can re-enter the US on a temporary SA passport? I am a green card holder, and I know I need to re-enter with my green card. I assume the answer should be 'yes', but just wanted to check if anyone has experience entering on a temp passport? Thanks all !
  6. Mickey

    Car Insurance

    I got insurance with just my SA license. I contacted every major company and the only one that would insure me was Progressive, and as with Malamute it was at a higher premium, but they lowered the rate as soon as I could provide my US license. Progressive has been great to me, I would highly recommend them.
  7. Mickey


    I have friends in SLC. They live in Draper and are very happy there. I don't know much about the schools, sorry
  8. Mickey

    Reston Va

    Thanks Oscar! Good info. I'll post updates as I get them
  9. Mickey

    Reston Va

    Anyone here ever live in the Reston VA / Washington DC area? I am interviewing with a company out there next week and I'd love to hear opinions about the area - lifestyle, schools, congestion, infrastructure, entertainment and amenities, cost of living etc. I know DC has great sighseeing and it's alot warmer than Wisconsin! Thanks in advance
  10. Hi Charles Congratulations!! Have a look through some of the previous posts of meeting the "Public Charge" provisions and I think you'll see that it should not be an issue. My wife and I did not have much money in cash (about R25,000 in Money market), most of our equity was in our property and other fixed assets We had no problems on this issue. What we did was take 3 separate estate valuations and proof from our bank of our outstanding bond to show our net equity in the property, and together with the money market account, they seemed perfectly happy with this. Good luck with all the preparation!!
  11. About the Hyatt - There is the Hyatt and then the Hyatt Place both in the same area. The Hyatt is more traditional full amenity hotel. The Hyatt Place offers more basic facilities, but has everything you need, it's clean with chic decor, and you can't beat it for the price! If you get a hotel closer to O'Hare, you can probably get by without renting a car. Most of the hotels in close proximity of the airport offer complimentary shuttles to the terminals and from there you can ride the train right into downtown (and thereby avoid the horrid traffic and cost of parking). You will find that the train or 'el' does not cover the city quite as well as in cities like New York or London. There will be some walking, particularly for areas like Navy Pier and N Michigan Ave (Hancock Building). Taxi's are the other public transport option, but I expect that you will rack up charges pretty quickly that way.
  12. We are in Madison WI and have traveled to Chicago a number of times. I don't know the city all that well, but I can tell you that traffic can be a nightmare! The road systems and off ramps are a bit crazy. We've stayed in Schaumburg which is an area close to the airport, and is about 40 minutes into downtown depending on traffic. We stayed at the Hyatt place which I can recommend. Modest but clean and it had an indoor pool for the kids and it was close to the Woodfield Mall which had lots of dining options, including the Rainforest Cafe' and the Cheesecake factory. Depending on the weather, I would highly recommend a river tour and a visit to Navy Pier. Michigan Ave is the main shopping strip and is a hub of activity. A visit to the Hancock building or Sears Tower (currently the tallest in the USA) is worthwhile giving you great views of the city if it's a clear day. I would only do one or the other. The Shedd Aquarium and the Planetarium are favourite Chicago attractions. Be aware that the aquarium is undergoing some renovations , so their main ocean tanks are closed until July I think, but check the website to be sure. Without the main ocean tanks, it's an 'ok' aquarium and I think Cape Town's one is probably better. Chicago also has plenty of great museums if that interests you, and at least one of them is located near the Aquarium and Planetarium. If you like Oprah, you can drive past Harpo Studios, but they don't do tours, so there's not much more to it than that and maybe a quick photo op.
  13. Congrats Pomp joggie, I'm glad to here that things are moving forward to you. The US always seemed to me to be a place where there are "possibilities" for those who are prepared to try, work hard and persevere. Thanks for the update and well done, I know what a relief it must be
  14. Mickey

    Visa Interview

    Welcome to SAUSA Superkrus! I'm not sure I have the answers to your 2 questions unfortunately, anyone else have ideas on that? One other thing to mention is that I was a recipient under the DV2005 program and I understand there have been some changes since my interview back in 2005. For one I believe there are now proper appointment times and my guess is that the fees would have changed by now. Also take a moment to read through the posts of some of teh more recent winners under the DV program (if you haven't already ) Welcome once again Mickey
  15. Thanks for sharing Durbs :ilikeit: I'll definitely try that Oxtail one. I did an oxtail potjie once and it came out a little bland, this one looks great!
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