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  1. I would have to live close to the ocean to be happy, AS for Hammond, ITS rural, Very country and I think that oak tree is down now. I don't know.
  2. What area are you in? I wish I lived anywhere in Nor Cal, well except Tahoe and snow areas.
  3. Thanks for sharing your photographs. I have watched this building being built. IT IS amazing. If I could afford one of those "homes" you can bet I would be there now.
  4. I used to work in in the Old Mutual Call Center. The System we used, was called Remedy or ARS. I can honestly say, we had no problems with it. Let me know if you need more info.
  5. I have received my money from OM. Well my brother did. I filled out some paperwork, giving him power of attorney etc and he has had the money in his account for a few months or so.
  6. MsMoo

    GO BOKKE!!!

    My brother made this for me a month or so..
  7. Hairdresser - Beauty Salon Cutlery - silverware Serviettes - napkins
  8. MsMoo

    What do you do?

    I was a Network Tech in SA, Moved here and did nothing for 2 years while waiting for my Work Auth. Ended up working in a local Hospital and now work in a billing office for a group of local Radiologists.
  9. MsMoo

    RWC '07

    So its a SA VS England Final.
  10. St Louis Missouri!!! Gateway to the west.
  11. MsMoo

    Divorce in USA

    I got divorced in 2006, the best decision I ever made.. I also chose to remain in the US as opposed to returning to SA. PM me if you need help.
  12. I don't live in Phx, but have visited a ton of times.. Its an awesome place. Tons to do, see etc. And its only a few hours from Vegas. Its really not that big.. its small and spread out.. of course, Mesa, Scottsdale and other all surround it.
  13. MsMoo

    Army Days

    I would join the US military in a heartbeat. I tried to join a few years ago, but Due to a few medical issues at the time I wasn't accepted. I would be more than happy to fight for this country.
  14. MsMoo

    Army Days

    I happen to agree with Slaptjips, Many of the men and women that have joined, do so to serve our country, get an education, and make something of themselves.
  15. MsMoo

    Mahvellous Spring

    I just arrived in Denver and it wasn't as cold as I first thought. The snow was really pretty laying on the ground.
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